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DID YOU KNOW THAT THE FULL OOOM WILL BE OUT ON MARCH 30TH !!!!? on that day the album will be avail world wide on i-tunes for your convenience, BUT for those interested in the FULL OOOM, in all of it’s tactile glory (VINYL, DVD, PRINT, T’S AND MORE), it will be available, EXCLUSIVELY here at ….. many goods to have and to hold, and MOST excitingly OOOM FILM to see! you will finally meet Carol Ann, the eternal female force, who can travel through time… she’s waiting for you on the other side! MARCH 30th… she’s calling you.
the lone wolf CD version will be avail in stores near you, world wide within the following weeks – very excited to partner up with legendary label ROADRUNNER RECORDS for the rest of the world outside my north american homeland. they have longer arms and better reach for YOU international listeners.. MORE ON THAT SOON TOO!!!


i am en route home from toronto after a super fun CMW HORSESHOE / CHARTattack weekend! (no offense pals of the T dot, re the photo above, but we all have to pick a team!) it was a great great show- thanks to all who came out and shouted. it was great to be back on the stage with my HOLY TRINITY (DENVER boys in the band!), and we will meet again at my B-DAY SXSW MOTORHEAD SHOW!!!! AUTSIN MARCH 17TH – i am just oh too thrilled to be spending my birthday warming the stage up for LEMMY, one of my top bass-playing singer role models ( thin lizzy’s LYNOTT, type o’s STEELE and GEDDY rush are up there with him!). ! we are trying to cook up a THIN LIZZY cover for the set for proper homage. ALSO on the bill is MONTREAL’S own fantasy metal freak legends VOIVOD!!!! perfect birthday. hope that any of you in TEXAS will start your long weekend of music with us x i will also be part of a photographers and music panel with other music & photo lovers like danny clinch x then there’s the absinth album party… then after texas comes a little Los Angeles and much more…

last week i had a fantastic, yet surreal experience on a QUEBEC late night talk show in “TOUT LE MONDE EN PARLE”. i’ve never done much of the talk show circuit, and never seen one like this. it was a bit like a demented revisitation of the 1950’s show ‘THIS IS YOUR LIFE”- the charming host, Monsieur LePage, dug up all kinds of songs, quotes, clips and stories of my past & present that i needed to react to, IN FRENCH of course~ there was a bit of the legendary Hole and Pumpkins questions, (which are really picking up speed as of late ! side note. wow, just as i thought i was a decade past my past, it’s right back at me…. very interesting- i guess billy, Clove and i will continue to orbit around the same moon as we did back then …. very interesting time, quite poetic in many ways.) ANYHOW then there were questions of OOOM and just WHO is OUT OF THEIR MIND- they suggested, perhaps the girl who cheered at the loss of record deal, and stole money from banks to start her own fantasy production company, and dress up as a WITCH to rip a VIKING’S HEART out. YES. me. present. c’est moi. merci le QUEBEC!

the show was taped in front of a live studio audience and airs this sunday on CBC in quebec (Radio Canada)… i got lost in the maze of the public broadcasting building on my way out of the taping, and ran into these sweet props and tricks from our GOVERNMENT FUNDED ARTS, NEWS AND CULTURAL portal (IT’S LIKE PBS ON STEROIDS MAINSTREAM / MULTI GENERATIONAL, as OPPOSED to the majority of our USA expression and news sources being owned and controlled by private corporations!?!!) ANYHOW, the CBC employed both my parents in their early careers as journalists, and they both did phenomenal things there:

my MOTHER, Linda, conducted interviews for a radio show called “BRINGING BACK THE FUTURE” where she interviewed the likes of Ken Kesey (“one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” & star of “electric Kool-Aid acid test”) , Frank Zappa (!), Neil Cassady (from “on the road” of the Kerouack beat generation!) AND Timothy Leary!!! holy psychedelia!!!!!!

meanwhile, my FATHER, Nick, had his very own TV show “QUELQUE SHOW” (funny play on words for our bilingual city of MONTREAL). the show was SOOOO ahead of it’s time: MAN ON THE STREET REALITY TV, CIRCA 1969! experimental talk show where my father NICK (the charming ladies man) and his right hand man LES (the portly balding sweet heart) would plant themselves on an active street corner or farmers market in montreal and TALK TO THE PEOPLE “what’s on your mind?’ “what are you frustrated about?” “where are you from?” – from immigrants, to draft dodgers, to chicken farmers, to 100 year old judges, to drunks – the CAST OF CHARACTERS documented in this time capsule TV show- is sacred. human’s in a time before obsessive documentation and cameras. PURE , UNEDITED and HONEST reports on what it was to be human, on a street corner in 1969. i swear i will share it with you some day….

now, my tribute and photo essay of my late night walk through of some of CBC’S nick knacks, props and hallways – the same ones who nurtured my parents to EXPRESS themselves through their voices and of OTHERS. thank you CBC / RADIO CANADA.



2.22, Waterhouse, OOOM & You


i write to you from the bay area, on the eve of my lucky day 2.22, the good luck number has been following me since an eerie and memorable night at the age of 13. it’s a good day to introduce OOOM to some special people from the magic Apple world. then on flight to the UK for lots of talk and action, more on that soon….
before laying my sleepy head, and taking off for a busy couple weeks of promotion (of up coming album release, finally!), i wanted to recap the OOOM / WATERHOUSE exhibit that closed this month.
(the sign to the right says “not suitable for children”, but i do not agree)
for those of you who’ve been following this blog, or any version of me in the last many years, you must know what a PRE-RAHAELITE era fan i am. the inclusion of OOOM Film as contemporary response to that era, and in particular the painter, J W Waterhouse, has really been the greatest honor in my creative life to date. to share a Fine Art Museum with a Master from the Victorian era, and to be sharing wall space with his muses, whom have been mine for so long, is HEAVEN. HEAVEN. HEAVEN.
don’t even need to time travel to get there!
the black velvet womb projection room with church pews, was the ideal way to experience it. now we know, and i will aim to frame it that way again one day.
for now i will get some rest, and in lieu of museum installation, i will prepare to spread the message of OOOM via talk and conversation for a while. an equally sacred exchange… just not enough black velvet.

happy happy happy

OOOM Music Video


revealing the woods, the collision, the water and the sound of OOOM.
the doors between you and i are opening, slowly but surely.
along the way, from this song to you, came a week of hard labour in the rain and a man named stone dove into those woods with the song, to bring it to life. linking car crashes to fireballs.

as i type this in my friends los angeles guest room, a band of coyotes are howling outside.
i take that as a good sign. they are with us, but didn’t hunt me down in the woods of OOOM.

thanks for tuning in, looking forward to sharing more.


as you can see the new xMAdMx site is aLIVE and MAdM SHOP has first official OOOM limited edition goods for sale! it’s been a long time coming and i actually experienced growing pains in my expansion beyond my simple BLOG format i’ve had for so long…. but have no fear, my blog will always be near. so REACH FOR THE OOOM!

..:: MAdM :: OOOm ::.. Comic

Site Map break down for you:
-the NEWS section, is so you can cut to the chase, and see what is happening in my music “reality” and not say, in the lunar cycle (no offence to the MOON!)
-the VISUAL VAULT is where lots of photos and videos will live and breed- both official and a public selections
-the COMMUNITY section will host an ever growing list of inspirations and web alliances
-the OOOM section, is for those who still can’t figure out if this is an album, a film or a comic (and for my own sanity and clarity) …. but come 2010, this section will lead you into the hidden mysteries and content of OOOM. so stay tuned.
-the new MAdM SHOP is where i can distribute my music and goods directly from ME to YOU VISIT NEW SHOP!

please note all the media Players and Sign up Widgets on my site are embed-able and share-able, thanks to the magic of intelligent programmers who work hard for us to connect! so share ’em! use ’em!

beyond the web world, all is fantastical on my side of the autumn season- the short run of east coast canadian show dates with STP and M for Montreal went by wonderfully and way too fast and i am knee deep in planning the next waves of all things OOOM.

Also wanted to thank everyone helping spread the word of the OOOM Free download on Twitter- as promised the OOOM Lucky Three will be rewarded with a package of OOOM goods coming to them soon. Not sure how, but the blind Witch chose folks from the Americas for this round- but next time she will reach across the Ocean to the rest of you x

Thiago aka fernn, from Porto Alegre, Brazil
Kirsten aka Unkownbinaries, from Stone Mountain, USA
Haydee aka Hada_Verde, from Mexicali, Mexico

(honorable mention: Sarah Fitzgerald aka Misfitzpdx, from S.F. USA)

Long live international LIFE, LOVE AND MUSIC
thanks for following and see you soon

p.s. there was a delay with the OOOM video premiere, it’s a long story involving a Tower and harmless curse, but i will notify you when it’s ready to be seen. in the meantime keep your senses tickled and please check out my backwards TOUR VIDEO BLOG



Back to school season crisp air always whispers a rush of unknown sexy things! I am excited to report lots of MAdM OOOM activity, it’s hunt for the heart season!
My dear hunters and healers, no matter how long you have been connecting with this here blog, you must know by now, I long to connect you with OOOM. It’s been quite a journey of connecting dots, talking a lot, secretarial duties, steeping ideas and traveling here to there. It’s been far too long, but it is finally coming via my own independent MAdM run portal. First round of events were due to the early showing of the film portion at Sundance earlier this year. The film is riding a wave and promises to commune with more of you soon….
Starting with you, my fellow Montrealers, The fate of muses and star aligned destiny, has brought OOOM to The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. As if it wasn’t enough to be presented in such an honorable establishment, but the company that we will keep, lights my heart fully a fire! The occasion is a long awaited retrospective of the great British Pre-Raphealite painter, John William Waterhouse. His work has been a huge influence on me since before I even played music, he was one of the first (along with his renaissance soul mate Botticelli) to introduce me to myself. His exploration of women, magic and myth have played a big part in my work throughout my photography, music and into my new OOOM multi media project. A pair of daring and innovative museum director and curators, declared OOOM to be a contemporary response to Waterhouse and the Pre-Raphaelites, inviting us to live within his exhibit opening October 2nd, and running until February 5th.behind black velvet curtains, with church pews as seats, you are be invited into OOOM for our longest rung yet!

In addition to that, OOOM and I have been invited to the Royal Flush Festival in NYC later in the month. MAdM Live, for the first time since 2004, (oh my!) at the new improved Knitting Factory, and our film playing the film portion of their festival as well. We are having our European Premiere at Sitges in Spain (Euro’s leading Fantasy Film Festival) Also this month New Orleans, Woodstock, Henry Miller Library …. For those who are no where near these places, I am concocting plans to get to you right now!

Please see SHOWS for more info!
The hunt has begun

Clues to OOOM III

Take the Chains Off from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.



sorry for the delayed declaration of love.
immediately after MAdM~OOOM met WorldCon,
i was asked to play a witch in the belles of the black diamond fields HD silent film…
so i had some women to possess and convert to the dark side, read tarot cards in a watch tower and woke up at the crack of dawn to throw lightning bolts at the ocean… furthermore, real witches don’t use blogs but now i am back home, and going to tell you a thing or two….
the intelligence of the participants and audience at the sci-fi convention was truly inspirational. from the great minds, like neil gaiman or cory doctorow among many others… to the general public that attended my riddled with technical disasters, turn stand up comedy routine. despite the inability to play the film from top to bottom smoothly (mercury technology demons in the house, creating glitches, usually near a full moon!) the audience followed the waves with me, and showed such open ears and minds! i also experimented with a solo bass and voice only set, as i have always been terrified to do so, but figured it was time to face my fears, step up to the challenge, and no better place to do it than with a clan of sci-fi maniacs! the discussion panels were also phenomenal, made me want to go back to school or at least attend these conventions regularly (for now i will dig into boing boing and american gods…)

here is a peek into others interpretation of my coming out party-
these wicked people and blog had this to say about it my visit into the new world
this could be used for all future OOOM calling cards from here on out! fantastically supportive and well written,
thanks hellbound – FOR THE LOVE OF METAL!

as a further bonus, the kingly guest of honor himself,
gave me my very own click through shout out in his journal! thank you neil!

all in all, an amazing experience and intro to a new community of inspirational people and activities…
may i walk hand in hand into the future, outer space, dreamscapes and time machines, with my new like minded community.
(sorry mister kling, i do not remember your name- but hi!)

p.s. thanks sister cecil for recommending me to your sci-fi friends!



it is an honor and a pleasure to be invited to present portions of my new project at the 67th annual (yes, that’s right since 1939!) world science fiction convention, that happens to be taking place in my hometown of montreal, canada this week.
the event happens in a different city every year (last year it was in denver, next year it’s in melbourne, australia), and attracts sci-fi enthusiasts from all over the world.
although i am a virgin to this community, i have always sensed a deep sisterhood between the sci-fi / fantasy world and the alt / metal / goth music world.
people who believe in the unusual and fantastical,
who long to be challenged and “escape” into other worlds,
who believe in the magic of story, sound and imagination…
i will be presenting OUT OF OUR MINDS, the film,
as well as making a general presentation of my
“21st century concept album” –
how a song turned into an album,
album turned into a film, which then turned into a comic,
nurturing endless potential for web portals along the way,
and then will finds it’s way to in live, in flesh venues:
film festival, sci-fi / fantasy festivals, rock clubs,
art galleries, bass player festivals, red head festivals,
full moon festivals, etc…
give us a space, and OOOM will fill it.
the aim is to commune with the fellow humans,
and OOOM is the magic carpet ride that will help me do it.

hope to see you there,
or at another in the flesh venue near you!

p.s. ooom, is basically opening up for neil gaiman’s coraline,
i am humbled and grateful!
see SHOWS section for full schedule details.

Clues to OOOM – Part II

CHAIN CRASH from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.




a full moon eclipse happened today.
humans and creatures alike bathed in lunar force,
day or night, clouds or clear skies…
we all lived under the influence today.
the tides of the oceans,
planetary movements and human breath, we stepped in her honor and light, wether we knew or not.

full moons make me hungry and want to receive something-
the wholeness, the light, the dark side, the surface, the core…
it makes me just want more.

todays full moon was in capricorn –
the moon embodies all things feminine, the mother, the goddess, the emotion, the magical…
the capricorn, ruled by the planet saturn, is a gentle, yet extremely masculine sign, representing, the father, the provider, the warrior, the practical …

today these two energies were at play in a high and mighty way, further intensified with an eclipse; which is when the moon passes behind the earth and for a moment the suns’ (the PAPA bear provider) rays are blocked, making it a dark moon. so for an incredible moment, we mere humans, on this greenish blue planet earth, at our computers here, were standing between the two parental forces of masculine and feminine- which has got to make us FEEL in the deepest wells of our pores and guttural emotions and if we are lucky, even our conscience minds!
i apologize, as i am simplifying it all to my elementary school girl comprehension, but what i take away from this event is, that today ,we were reminded of the dance between the eternal sources of creation: the sun and the moon – the extremes of the masculine and feminine, but reminded of our mortal selves and fleshy planet existing within that tango….

within my tiny world of creation, the MOON is a full time influence on me as a woman, and my new project OOOM –
as the central theme is an eternal feminine force on the hunt to expose heart in the matter, the freedom in the collision, the feminine in the masculine, the dark side of the light, the healing in the wound and wrapped in love and music …

i am attempting to unveil more than my little words can say…. so please let NASA do the talking: 

the beauty in the eruption,
i want more!
off to the moon i go

hope you have a full moon hangover tomorrow…..