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UNDER A SUPER FULL MOON, TONIGHT, THE TIDES TURN AND THE NEW SEASON COMES IN. THE SYMBOL OF THE FISH GIVES WAY TO A FIERY RAM…. a new chapter, this time compounded with the biggest moon in decades. i feel the pulse of life inside fueled by the sun, the moon and a pounding heart. i have a blog report from the NYC and MTL shows on its way, but first let’s take this weekend to enjoy the turn.

our thoughts are with the people of japan who are struggling in a way that the majority of us cannot imagine. reports of admirable behavior and people working hard to help one another gives us all hope.



guys & gals
hunters & healers
i never claimed to be a computer wiz
in fact when i started this blog 5 years ago (will be turning 6 in JAN 2011!!!) i could barely send an email…. then i slowly learned photobucket so i could upload photos. i got a tiny shitty canon camera as a gift for spending so much $$ on my AMEX card for all of my first album & tour, that helped create content for the blog…. anyhow, i must say, i’ve really gotten my act together between here and twitter (facebook is still lagging, but after an ooom tour with 7 FB obsessors, i am slowly getting intrigued) ANYHOW, last night, fresh off tour, relaxing at home with the cats.. i had a flash back to I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO USE COMPUTERS! i did not press RECORD on the USTREAM HEARTLine episode. boo, as i know it was late for most of you, and a lot of the questions came from other time zones… sorry the intention was for you to be able to watch and learn from HARP & DAGGER TV Studio Wisdom, on your own schedule… but no. so only the folks who watched live were able to catch the answers to 2 of the 4 pages of questions and see Witchlet (grey small cat counter part to ISIS magic cat who speaks) jump on my lap mid show….
luckily GreenKitsune in tiwtter got a screen grab of when ISIS CAME BY!
THAT is lucky, as some of you asked to meet ISIS et voila:

behind me is my ode to the moon poster, representing my loyalty to her patterns, next to me were my faithful props of celtic harp and norse dagger…. i had a hot toddy to nurse the tour sniffles which i carried up on a purrfect kitten tray……….
it was a lovely hour HEARTLine with some great questions!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh to live in the memories of those who were there, although none of you were really there as webcast is virtual not natural, so we should be able to transport it into the future for those who were not there…. la la la. better tech next time. I HAD ANSWERS FOR TAKETOTHESKY,AMAL,OLIVIER,LESTATUS, MARTIN AKA TEAM OOOM MTL, FITZ, DAN CHARTRAND, MARIE NOELLE TEAM OOOM MTL, NASTASIA, AMBROISE, JP TEAM OOOM MTL, JAN, M.>>, SEBASTIANO,ALAISTAIR BLOODNAIL, LISA… let me know who heard their answers, and wo did not, i feel i amy have to repeat part of this lost episode…. post comment here…. THX
in the mean time REST UP ALL!
do what you love on your days off….
sleep, eat, love, kiss, read, play, listen, dance, celebrate….
#ILOVELIFE coming sooooooon!


PostOOOMTour Lunar Eclipse WinterSolstice Live #HEARTLine…

that is a mouth full, but it’s NOW!

in HONOR of the Full Moon, End of OOOM Tour, the coming of 2011 and YOU!!!

although matt and i haven’t even managed to upload the end of OOOM tour blog (day 3 of italia, luxembourg, paris AND istanbul weekend still pending arrival of his hard drives lost in transport via casablanca!) the FULL MOON, Lunar Eclipse 1638 AD vs 2010 AD, Winter Solstice, finally home after 8 weeks, xmas holidays means stop the madness, calls me to START UP THE HEARTLine AGAIN! although i only ever got ONE down this past year, after instigated and inspired by Willing Enabler and Kamil in the UK, i have been planning on returning to it, once i returned to sanity post all OOOM, all the time in 2010 x
now this lunar madness and post ooom natal longing calls for it! the last 8 weeks of OOOM have been the best music exchange moments of my life, really. thank from the bottom of my bloody fire heart to all that put it together with me and all of you who came out… just because i am back home, does not mean i am gone. thanks to YouStream i can reach for the OOOM and me to be in your homes tomorrow, Dec 21 at 9pm EST. see what came of it last time…. you ask me questions in advance, i answer them live in my HEARTLine Studio!
HEARTLine #1

i still have pending questions from last MAY which i will address, but i am thinking there may be a new round of OOOMTour Specific questions which may be fresh in the minds of US now – you have 24 hours to send in your question:

via Twitter xMAdMx – include #HEARTline in your tweet

Or ask the question on my Facebook Wall

Or comment on this NEWSblog entry

Reach for the full Moon with me this Tuesday.
Now all i have to wash my hair, dust off my harp & dagger TVstudio, remember how to use YouStream and dream with ISIS under a Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse… Heaven until we meet again x

Huntingly yours,


P.S. What I love about you out there is, you are EVERYWHERE, so I picked a time that is comfortable for me, but may not be for all of you. If your are sleeping or working at that time, it will be up on the blog after the fact. Get working on that time machine someone please!!!


OUT OF OUR MINDS, my new album is OUT now.
FULL MOON overhead.

I am taking a 24 hour vow of digital silence, in order to not interrupt the real listening.

Portable Music Robots
will allow you to play the sounds,
to Spread the OOOM. It’s yours to Pass on.

In your favorite nooks and crannies of the WEB,
cozy bedroom, private digital dungeons or public FACE page x
OOOM as soundtrack,
Yours to Spread…..

Click here to Spread the OOOM and get a bit of S33cret Art

Thank you to all who’ve visited the early OOOM fire x
I am on the hunt for you





a full moon eclipse happened today.
humans and creatures alike bathed in lunar force,
day or night, clouds or clear skies…
we all lived under the influence today.
the tides of the oceans,
planetary movements and human breath, we stepped in her honor and light, wether we knew or not.

full moons make me hungry and want to receive something-
the wholeness, the light, the dark side, the surface, the core…
it makes me just want more.

todays full moon was in capricorn –
the moon embodies all things feminine, the mother, the goddess, the emotion, the magical…
the capricorn, ruled by the planet saturn, is a gentle, yet extremely masculine sign, representing, the father, the provider, the warrior, the practical …

today these two energies were at play in a high and mighty way, further intensified with an eclipse; which is when the moon passes behind the earth and for a moment the suns’ (the PAPA bear provider) rays are blocked, making it a dark moon. so for an incredible moment, we mere humans, on this greenish blue planet earth, at our computers here, were standing between the two parental forces of masculine and feminine- which has got to make us FEEL in the deepest wells of our pores and guttural emotions and if we are lucky, even our conscience minds!
i apologize, as i am simplifying it all to my elementary school girl comprehension, but what i take away from this event is, that today ,we were reminded of the dance between the eternal sources of creation: the sun and the moon – the extremes of the masculine and feminine, but reminded of our mortal selves and fleshy planet existing within that tango….

within my tiny world of creation, the MOON is a full time influence on me as a woman, and my new project OOOM –
as the central theme is an eternal feminine force on the hunt to expose heart in the matter, the freedom in the collision, the feminine in the masculine, the dark side of the light, the healing in the wound and wrapped in love and music …

i am attempting to unveil more than my little words can say…. so please let NASA do the talking: 

the beauty in the eruption,
i want more!
off to the moon i go

hope you have a full moon hangover tomorrow…..