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ok… so i need to get on a plane within the next 24 hours to get to this city in the rockies, but i must tell the story first. WHY AM I GOING TO DENVER?

To Share OOOM Film & Live

But also because of my special connections there…

Considering that i have never played in Denver with my own project (other than The Curiosa tour in 2004, but the magic of The Cure may have blinded most of the locals to the fact that i was there) and considering that i live in the North East and just came back from about 3 months of zig zag-ing east coast, west coast, europe and Volcanos, i do crave rest… BUT Denver is the place i want to be this weekend!

Years ago, i came across this magic six piece rock band from Denver, playing in a punk rock parking lot basically. they were VAUX and i’ve loved them ever since. an amazing band who toured harder and played harder than most i’ve ever seen, with HEART, great SONGS AND entirely and inspiringly self initiated DIY!!! we remained in touch over the years, and when i heard they had disbanded after an unfortunate wrestle with, YES a MAJOR LABEL…. it broke my heart, BUT i was determined to cross paths with them again…
Three of these six dedicated musicians, have been touring with me as my band, for the last year. We’ve been from Rome to Finland and Paris to Halifax. They are the best Holy Trinity i could’ve ever hoped for to help me out of my creative cocoon and back on stage. I feel supported and musically in tune with them- which inspired the recording of 22 Below on the album, AND spawned ISIS Speaks- a direct result being so inspired by our union. it’s the first song we wrote as a band- and the last song written and recorded for the album, one of my favorites. thank you….. and now:

Officially Introducing, all the way from Denver, Colorado:
The International Men of Leisure…

Christopher Jay Sorensen: on the guitar and race bike….

Adam Michael Tymn: on the other guitar and dirt bike…

and Michael Joseph McCahn: on the drums, paint brushes and tattoo needles (AND head of RED!)

We are playing Denver cause we WANT TO! we love to play music, there are friends and family to hug. sharing the stage with us at the Hi-Dive Saturday night is, The Swayback that Adam plays with AND Glass Hits, that another of the six VAUX-ers, Greg Daniels, plays in. This is our very own I LOVE VAUX AND DENVER PARTY… you should come!

for more amazing VAUX stuff check out greg’s impressive art books devoted to the magic years on the road…COOL ASS ART JOURNALS

(back in the punk rock parking lot days, the leisure boys WITH greg second from left)

meanwhile, watch the video for ARE YOU WITH ME, a song from their last album “BEYOND VIRTUE, BEYOND VISE” that made it to the end credits of a Travolta film this year (beating out my song THE KEY that was up for it too oddly!). here are the Intenational Men of Leisure virtually mingling with Grease Lightning and Paris!

more good vaux INFO HERE

enjoy and see you soon DENVER!

p.s. BONUS BONUS! OOOM film & video director TONY STONE is coming to denver for the occasion, cause he has a tribe of amazon women in his family climbing in those mountains! lots of colorado connections! x
p.p.s AND Lipgloss is hosting a fun friday night after FILM party for OOOM INFO HERE

Volcano, Twit & Gifts


not only does the power of magic mountains dwell in the underworld, but she tells us what to do.
(to say nothing about the fire and lightning that hails from the explosions! see above)
just landed home, still electric and sleepy from the freak of nature event that occurred on my european mini tour in support of OOOM release….
as there was no life casualties, the end result of this chaos, is a beautiful gift for us mere humans. a wake up call from the earth goddess.
check us out with our little plans; trading goods, music tours, airlines to run… we don’t stand a chance if she says “when”. in the midst of the mayhem, in my little world we cancelled a important OSLO, London & chicago shows, lost some sleep and some cash, created delays in Full OOOM mail outs… BUT things of much deeper value came with the chaos: Class of Hope 2010 was formed in Helsinki and a collaborative lo-fi video / rock show made. the wonder talent & force of Amanda Palmer and I were brought together through the volcanic ash and twitter- in our chaotic schedule we had magic time for tea, sleep and guest appearing on one another’s shows in london … well worth landing upside down and walking from Finland to England.


A & M on stage at KOKO doing “Would for You” by Jane’s Addiction -iPhoto by Katie Harkin!

now spring is here and lots of plans being hatched for future OOOM missions…. please stay tuned. i am making plans to come to YOU YOU and YOU x (montreal just received 5 inches of snow today!)

some other fun MAdM Stuff coming down the pipeline..

i have joined forces with some of my FAVORITE music tools, and we’ve created gifts for you!!! please enter to WIN NOISE MACHINES!

HOT TOPIC, the bringers of GOTH to people in need, invited us to play their lunch break at their headquarters in los angeles and it was FUN! here’s the session …. MAdM on SHOCKHOUND!

art work from “Crack the Skye” by Mastodon….
Today i was rushing to pack my bags to leave for toronto via a MASTODON show in a city on the way. crack the skye- mastodon’s concept album about astral travel and much more, is one of my favorite albums of the last decade. i have traveled out of my way to see these guys play this album a lot this year…. i kissed isis goodbye, and the minute i got in the car to drive- i got a text saying the show was cancelled, due to guitar player bill, being hospitalized. i hope he gets well soon- i feel for him, as touring is NOT an easy place to heal the body… that last minute chaos and wrench in my plans, felt familiar… similar to the volcano. disruptive, last minute, unknown, confusing, and something that you have to submit to. i decided to use this extra time to get to this long overdue blog and catch up on emails…… the moment i sat down, this odd email was forwarded to me from my coffee friend NORA. i guess she knew it would resonate. i don’t know much (yet) about this fellow human who claims he is transmitting communications from an alien force in another dimension… but it also felt familiar. this self called “SOUND HEALER” is reporting that we are entering a CHAOTIC NODE in the celestial planes, which is affecting our bodies and earth. he speaks of an energy flow similar to our human body meridian nodes (chakras), that are paralelled in the earth and her energy lines. as volcanoes and earthquakes occur and travel through those energy lines, they are reflected in our own bodies… some of his words:

“The Earth has her own grid or grid-work of subtle energy channels. Some of these are called ley lines. They are conduits for the flow of subtle energy through Earth’s body, similar to your own subtle energy channels. But, of course, the energies that move through the Earth’s subtle energy channels are much more massive than those energies that move through your body. But there is, nonetheless, a relationship between your meridians/nadis and the ley lines of your planet.”

he goes on to explain, that despite the difficulties on our 3-D planet, there are inner opportunities happening within the chaos….
“We understand and appreciate the dire consequences of earthquake and volcanic activity on your three-dimensional reality, but we wish you to know that these same events create energetic openings, evolutionary portals that you can enter.”

and gives advise on how we can connect / benefit from these profound portals and times….
“These are times when Earth herself is shifting levels of planetary consciousness, and you can ride on her coattails, so to speak. Since the planet is shifting consciousness herself, you can enter into deeply profound states of consciousness in these moments. Our advice is to let the world go and surrender to the experience of falling into yourself. Some of you will enter inner worlds of reality that have immense healing and nourishing effects.”

he ends with describing some sounds he has been channeling during this, that are available on a CD called “Ascension Codes”, that reflect and can help us with this passage into the chaotic node ….
“With this communication we are releasing the Heart Dimensional Attunement. This is an unusual attunement, for it comes from the future and an energetic of Earth that is not yet in your present time.
This ascension code will help your heart to stabilize and find solace and comfort from a future aspect of your Earth. It’s purpose is to help sustain you through the chaotic and volatile events that are unfolding before you. ”
hmmmmmm. again, i just came across this newsletter today. i do not know this man, nor to i endorse what he is saying, i am simply saying, that it felt very familiar. more info:

i am always looking for the connection. since i was a young girl trying to comprehend infinity in the sky, i have understood that one of my favorite things to do, is find ORDER in CHAOS. writing a song among endless available chord progressions or words, taking a photo, and seeing systems and a clear emotional grid work in life decisions. it’s the way i am wired. this odd newsletter sent chills down my spine and made me think. connect the dots:
i just released an album and film that start with a HEARTBEAT, and act as invitations for you leave your mind behind, and transcend into the inner heart and language of dreams world … an invitation to join in a collective multi media experience called OOOM in 2010………. possibly even find some healing in it, as i did while making it.
pure bliss – holding mic for “amanda-does-radiohead-on-ukelele” number…. photo by FAYE LEWIS

i do not mean to alienate any of you realists out there (no PUN intended) with this NEW AGE Futurist blog entry, but i am just being transparent and honest in this here blog of mine ….. that’s why it’s here. xoxo

the future has arrived. it’s a pleasure to see you again.



OUT OF OUR MINDS, my new album is OUT now.
FULL MOON overhead.

I am taking a 24 hour vow of digital silence, in order to not interrupt the real listening.

Portable Music Robots
will allow you to play the sounds,
to Spread the OOOM. It’s yours to Pass on.

In your favorite nooks and crannies of the WEB,
cozy bedroom, private digital dungeons or public FACE page x
OOOM as soundtrack,
Yours to Spread…..

Click here to Spread the OOOM and get a bit of S33cret Art

Thank you to all who’ve visited the early OOOM fire x
I am on the hunt for you



MAdM,Fred Tomaselli

it has been so full and so extreme i’ve barely had time to sleep, reflect or eat, let alone blog it. so making up for lost lost time…. mini novel would have to be written to express the range of emotions that have been soaring through the first wave of 2010 … i can only hint at them here, beginning with I AM STILL INFUSED AND INTOXICATED WITH #ILOVELIFE BLUE MOON…. then the story began (almost in chronological order) completed the MASTERING of my album, had the best japanese food, i found a much needed proactive agent to book MAdM OOOM for LIVE events in USA, took part in a circular group talk between 40 women, NYLON mag came to my house to observe my life, told the NME where i’ve been hiding and what i am coming out with, premiered the OOOM music video with the support of quicktime, participated in a discussion of “ART AS DECISION MAKING” at the DONALD JUDD foundation, saw marianne FAITHFUL perform, went to LA for the first time in over a year, while there: i went to a KINGS hockey game, did a signing for AMPEG at NAMM music convention, got reconnected with long lost allies: AMPEG, FENDER, DUNLOP, witnessed one of my dearest friends go into LABOUR!!!! did an interview with the BBC about being a bass player for an interesting series on comparing the different roles in bands, caught up with my parts of my ’90’s life left behind in that strangely melancholic sunny city, saw a magic cat crawl into bed with my two friends and declare it his new home, drove by where a used to live and waved goodbye to my past.
back EAST, visited my mother on her retreat near the ocean, donated to RED CROSS HAITI RELIEF (in USA text “Haiti” to # 90999), sang ozzy’s CHANGES for my friend jason under a WOLF MOON, experienced the epic beauty of KATE MCGARRIGLE’S LIFE at the most beautiful 24 hour funeral event in MONTREAL- where my old friend RUFUS sang a song in NOTRE DAME cathedral with the voice of a GODLY created ANGEL, finalized the art work for my new album, did a photo shoot for the cover of premiere woman’s music magazine VENUS, went to see OOOM FILM for the last time at the MONTREAL MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS (bye bye lady of shallot and the magic circle – an honor to have shared a physical space with you) and last night, went to an opening of FRED TOMASELLI listened to him speak with great delight and connect then had my mind blown by his work….
MAdM,Fred Tomaselli
(more can’t believe my eyes TOMASELLI)
now skipping the SUPERBOWL party to write to you and try to schedule and master plan the LIVE EVENTS for me and ooom in 2010…. HOMEWORK for the LIFE I LOVE.
MAdM,Fred Tomaselli

thanks for following, and showing support in the early stages of OOOM!!!

Memories in Alberta of The Cure…

Curiosa Tour '04

ok, these memories albeit are from the best tour ever to happen in my life, The Curiosa Tour 2004, and the specialness may never happen again BUT the Mountains played a role. these photos are from the last night being on that tour and it was a BIG hurrah in Denver, Co (they are our photos, but i’ve since missed placed them in the world of time, but a stranger on flickr has resurfaced them- thx for the memories!)
ANYHOW. me, steve and robert. that alone makes me want to join the party FOREVER! really…..
meanwhile, i am  near the Northern tip of those same mountains years later, today to prepare to unveil new MAdM OOOM sounds to Edmonton and Calgarian heads and hearts x
with me on stage this weekend, will be the magic TRINITY of CHRIS, ADAM and JOE the best band members a girl could ever dream of. THEY heil from the the Mountains of Colorado … which beings me back to my Curiosa Memories and the forever party with my best mate steve… and Robert Smith dedicating “Close to YOU” TO MEEEEE.
Curiosa Tour '04 MADM
(that’s me celebrating that fact after a few wine and orange juices later..)
we are eager about sharing the stage with AFI this weekend… but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of The Cure, Interpol, Muse, Cooper Temple Clause and Mogwai being there too…. thanks for the memories friends of music. we will make new ones soon …..



as you can see the new xMAdMx site is aLIVE and MAdM SHOP has first official OOOM limited edition goods for sale! it’s been a long time coming and i actually experienced growing pains in my expansion beyond my simple BLOG format i’ve had for so long…. but have no fear, my blog will always be near. so REACH FOR THE OOOM!

..:: MAdM :: OOOm ::.. Comic

Site Map break down for you:
-the NEWS section, is so you can cut to the chase, and see what is happening in my music “reality” and not say, in the lunar cycle (no offence to the MOON!)
-the VISUAL VAULT is where lots of photos and videos will live and breed- both official and a public selections
-the COMMUNITY section will host an ever growing list of inspirations and web alliances
-the OOOM section, is for those who still can’t figure out if this is an album, a film or a comic (and for my own sanity and clarity) …. but come 2010, this section will lead you into the hidden mysteries and content of OOOM. so stay tuned.
-the new MAdM SHOP is where i can distribute my music and goods directly from ME to YOU VISIT NEW SHOP!

please note all the media Players and Sign up Widgets on my site are embed-able and share-able, thanks to the magic of intelligent programmers who work hard for us to connect! so share ’em! use ’em!

beyond the web world, all is fantastical on my side of the autumn season- the short run of east coast canadian show dates with STP and M for Montreal went by wonderfully and way too fast and i am knee deep in planning the next waves of all things OOOM.

Also wanted to thank everyone helping spread the word of the OOOM Free download on Twitter- as promised the OOOM Lucky Three will be rewarded with a package of OOOM goods coming to them soon. Not sure how, but the blind Witch chose folks from the Americas for this round- but next time she will reach across the Ocean to the rest of you x

Thiago aka fernn, from Porto Alegre, Brazil
Kirsten aka Unkownbinaries, from Stone Mountain, USA
Haydee aka Hada_Verde, from Mexicali, Mexico

(honorable mention: Sarah Fitzgerald aka Misfitzpdx, from S.F. USA)

Long live international LIFE, LOVE AND MUSIC
thanks for following and see you soon

p.s. there was a delay with the OOOM video premiere, it’s a long story involving a Tower and harmless curse, but i will notify you when it’s ready to be seen. in the meantime keep your senses tickled and please check out my backwards TOUR VIDEO BLOG

MAdM Live Video Blog


MAdM Tour Peak Nov 09 from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.

it was so satisfying to get this ship rolling last week, thank you to all the canadian ears and hearts that were pried open with our sounds and sweat. i want to share some backwards memories of it with you ALL. i of course plan on getting to you all soon enough in 2010, but here’s a taste in the meantime x


p.s. my MAdM Music Shop will launch later this week, and the OOOM EP will be available there. i will keep you posted …
p.p.s meanwhile deep in the night, as promised, the full OOOM Music video will creep into these here players soon. however the robot ghosts have held her hostage in a tower, where she can only watch the world through the reflection of a mirror… when she is freed you will be notified. sorry for the unexpected delay sweets…… x


Back in the outdoor world, the crisp North Eastern air has tempted the leaves to turn and there are so many MAdM OOOM activities this Pagan month, I dare to say it’s Hunt for the Heart season… Let’s start our communal Fire here:


October 17th 2009, first show in NYC in 1007 years, and the first official USA Sneak Peek to the new Live MAdM (wait ’til my new live band kicks you in the virtual gut!). We were invited by the Royal Flush Festival to participate in both the Film and Live show sides of things.

Saturday October 17th MAdM LIVE at the new Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. You can buy tickets here.
Sunday October 18th OOOM SCREENING at the Anthology Film Archives. You can buy tickets here.

More show info HERE. Please pass it on to all Witches and Vikings you know on Metropolitan Blvd! (anyone in a Witch’s cloak gets to telepathically heal with me)

Our European debut of OOOM the film, happened this week at the fantastical Sitges festival in Spain and we’ve got a screening in the goddess city of New Orleans this week, and more to come. Keep hunting HERE for a screening near you!

OOOM is screening for five months within an honorable Pre-Raphaelite Fine Art Museum exhibit. The opening went on without a hitch but with plenty of witch. “The Lady of Shallot” has a siren song for you and we encourage anyone who plans to indulge in Montreal between now and February to see HER! Hunt for more info HERE.

The season has finally come, pushed by the fire of desire and nurtured by the patience to fight for independence. In the months ahead, the evergrowing world of OOOM will open to you. Thank you for your receiving heart, open ears and hungry eyes!



Back to school season crisp air always whispers a rush of unknown sexy things! I am excited to report lots of MAdM OOOM activity, it’s hunt for the heart season!
My dear hunters and healers, no matter how long you have been connecting with this here blog, you must know by now, I long to connect you with OOOM. It’s been quite a journey of connecting dots, talking a lot, secretarial duties, steeping ideas and traveling here to there. It’s been far too long, but it is finally coming via my own independent MAdM run portal. First round of events were due to the early showing of the film portion at Sundance earlier this year. The film is riding a wave and promises to commune with more of you soon….
Starting with you, my fellow Montrealers, The fate of muses and star aligned destiny, has brought OOOM to The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. As if it wasn’t enough to be presented in such an honorable establishment, but the company that we will keep, lights my heart fully a fire! The occasion is a long awaited retrospective of the great British Pre-Raphealite painter, John William Waterhouse. His work has been a huge influence on me since before I even played music, he was one of the first (along with his renaissance soul mate Botticelli) to introduce me to myself. His exploration of women, magic and myth have played a big part in my work throughout my photography, music and into my new OOOM multi media project. A pair of daring and innovative museum director and curators, declared OOOM to be a contemporary response to Waterhouse and the Pre-Raphaelites, inviting us to live within his exhibit opening October 2nd, and running until February 5th.behind black velvet curtains, with church pews as seats, you are be invited into OOOM for our longest rung yet!

In addition to that, OOOM and I have been invited to the Royal Flush Festival in NYC later in the month. MAdM Live, for the first time since 2004, (oh my!) at the new improved Knitting Factory, and our film playing the film portion of their festival as well. We are having our European Premiere at Sitges in Spain (Euro’s leading Fantasy Film Festival) Also this month New Orleans, Woodstock, Henry Miller Library …. For those who are no where near these places, I am concocting plans to get to you right now!

Please see SHOWS for more info!
The hunt has begun

Clues to OOOM III

Take the Chains Off from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.