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MAdM Summer Festivals 2011 from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.

so happy to be invited to play the following summer festivals. all very different and special in their own right.

Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland – July 4th :
Established in 1967 by legendary founder and director to this day Claude Nobs (not to mention old friends of Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis and Frank Zappa). Held in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with an impeccable artist friendly reputation, this festival invited me back again this year, after the HEART BREAKING EMERGENCY LIGHT FLIGHT CANCELLATION NIGHTMARE MERCI, see you next week!!

Festival d’Ete de Quebec – July 13 :
Quebec’s BIGGEST 10 day long festival hosting Metallica to Elton John has invited me to participate for the first time. It’s a pleasure to share the stage with fellow fantasy freaks and European label mates, Coheed and Cambria. As a native Montrealer and Quebecoise, it took me until last year to play Quebec City for the FIRST TIME! Hole, The Pumpkins, my first solo tour never made it up there, so was i ever blown away by the support and enthusiasm when i arrived there for the first time last fall. MERCI Quebec, je me souvien et va etre de retour bientot!

HEAVY T.O!!!!!!!! – July 24:
Where to i begin????? i am so honored, excited and exploding with i-can’t-fucking-wait energy, to participate in a mirror of the same incredible bill from last year’s HEAVY MTL: SLAYER – ROB ZOMBIE – MASTODON – ANVIL and more…… and what’s even more…. is that i, again, am the sole female front person of the day. representing the feminine love of all things HEAVY and the universal love of magic, myth, metal and mayhem. it’s beyond gender, it’s music. for those of you who missed it last year, please take a peek at MAdM TV Meets Heavy MTL – a half hour of interviews and backstage footage of Team MAdM exploring and loving the grounds of Heavy MTL. stay tuned for the next episode… post HEAVY TO…. this time, not only will i be the only WOMAN on the bill, but the only person capable and currently building life inside. METAL Meets THE MYSTERY OF MOTHERHOOD at HEAVY T.O………… more life coming soon!


hope to see some of you there – as these will be my last shows before i dive into writing my next album and experience true metamorphosis.
2012… around the corner! x




A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

we could almost stop here…. but impossible. the man matt & his camera feasted on the unbelievable and unstoppable scenes that unfold around every corner.
THE ISTANBUL FOUNDATION FOR CULTURE & ARTS were the most gracious hosts a team of people could ever hope for. an impressive institution in the heart of the TUNEL district, this foundation hosts local and international arts of all kind, and we were lucky enough to be part of the program. we were assigned two perfect dream like hosts to guide our enthusiastic wide eyed OOOM team around day and night activities… introducing, honoring and thanking our hosts: ZEKI AND AIDA

we asked questions and favors for over 48 hours of heaven… like any tourists we wanted to see the most famous of the mosques Sophia & Blue Mosques, the mysterious Cisterns with upside down Madussa head and the Palace Museum …. here’s a slice of what we saw

after the ancient mysteries were visited, the day unravelled into the streets towards the grand bazaar. as if to push my heart into its final longing and withdraw of my felines waiting for me at home 48 hours way…. there were the FELINES OF ISTANBUL (thanks for the book!!!), not the mention the dogs, which will live on a canine lovers blog somewhere one day (will?) ….

and the “children” and endless hallways and stuff of the grand bazaar bazaar…

he barely had time to jump in the air for the ritual of jump split, but he did. the rest of the time was devouring the streets, et voila…
MATT’S FEAST ON ISTANBUL STREETS: smell the Raki and split dive in…

THEN THERE WAS THE SHOW…. the music as our magic carpet ride to turkey…. and our SPECIAL VIKING GUEST! BLACKJAZZ ANYONE? JORGEN MUNKEBY, MASTER SAXER, FRIEND & VISIONARY took up our invitation to join us for the weekend. SHINING played istanbul a couple of years ago at club babylon, and left the city, as we have, with a special feeling for it. we always have room for jorgen on stage with us, so this weekend was a perfect final show of 2010 and encore for all.

the weekend was as magical as we dreamt it would be…
to share it with friends and musical peers was PURE HEAVEN HEAVEN HEAVEN
… i can barely stop… this tour, this weekend, this team, this life are pure bliss heaven on earth. thank you to all who took part of this chapter with me. i am in love with life and refreshed after a long leave of hibernation and recreation. i am alive in the outside world and back from the underworld. ancient cultures helped me get here, swelling deep inside. isis the feline and the goddess helped poke me awake along the way. i have visited beautiful places this past year, that have meant more than any trips i’ve ever taken before. this year was the year of drinking the fruits of my deepest labor. feels so much better when it goes directly from my bloody fire heart to yours. thank you for receiving. i will be back again and again and hopefully EGYPT (and south america!) for a first time… if i play my desire deck cards right.



not the fastest turn around… but these feeling can grow fonder with time!
Finally PART DEUX of the show YOU filmed…….
as i explained the first time around…..

“Due to Icelandic Volcanic Cloud,
Shows in Oslo @Mono and London @Cargo,
were cancelled…. Underworld spoke, and we were grounded in Finland.Can’t fly? Then play where you are. Put out a call for Space, Gear and video cameras and fly onto the waves of the Internet.
Last Minute Lo-Fi Volcanic Cloud Show – April 17 2010
Shot by YOU! Attention! Class of Hope 2010 – Peace & Party forever!!!!”

MAdM FINLAND from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.

just in case you missed PART ONE

being grounded by a Viking Volcano, is a good thing x


Volcano, Twit & Gifts


not only does the power of magic mountains dwell in the underworld, but she tells us what to do.
(to say nothing about the fire and lightning that hails from the explosions! see above)
just landed home, still electric and sleepy from the freak of nature event that occurred on my european mini tour in support of OOOM release….
as there was no life casualties, the end result of this chaos, is a beautiful gift for us mere humans. a wake up call from the earth goddess.
check us out with our little plans; trading goods, music tours, airlines to run… we don’t stand a chance if she says “when”. in the midst of the mayhem, in my little world we cancelled a important OSLO, London & chicago shows, lost some sleep and some cash, created delays in Full OOOM mail outs… BUT things of much deeper value came with the chaos: Class of Hope 2010 was formed in Helsinki and a collaborative lo-fi video / rock show made. the wonder talent & force of Amanda Palmer and I were brought together through the volcanic ash and twitter- in our chaotic schedule we had magic time for tea, sleep and guest appearing on one another’s shows in london … well worth landing upside down and walking from Finland to England.


A & M on stage at KOKO doing “Would for You” by Jane’s Addiction -iPhoto by Katie Harkin!

now spring is here and lots of plans being hatched for future OOOM missions…. please stay tuned. i am making plans to come to YOU YOU and YOU x (montreal just received 5 inches of snow today!)

some other fun MAdM Stuff coming down the pipeline..

i have joined forces with some of my FAVORITE music tools, and we’ve created gifts for you!!! please enter to WIN NOISE MACHINES!

HOT TOPIC, the bringers of GOTH to people in need, invited us to play their lunch break at their headquarters in los angeles and it was FUN! here’s the session …. MAdM on SHOCKHOUND!

art work from “Crack the Skye” by Mastodon….
Today i was rushing to pack my bags to leave for toronto via a MASTODON show in a city on the way. crack the skye- mastodon’s concept album about astral travel and much more, is one of my favorite albums of the last decade. i have traveled out of my way to see these guys play this album a lot this year…. i kissed isis goodbye, and the minute i got in the car to drive- i got a text saying the show was cancelled, due to guitar player bill, being hospitalized. i hope he gets well soon- i feel for him, as touring is NOT an easy place to heal the body… that last minute chaos and wrench in my plans, felt familiar… similar to the volcano. disruptive, last minute, unknown, confusing, and something that you have to submit to. i decided to use this extra time to get to this long overdue blog and catch up on emails…… the moment i sat down, this odd email was forwarded to me from my coffee friend NORA. i guess she knew it would resonate. i don’t know much (yet) about this fellow human who claims he is transmitting communications from an alien force in another dimension… but it also felt familiar. this self called “SOUND HEALER” is reporting that we are entering a CHAOTIC NODE in the celestial planes, which is affecting our bodies and earth. he speaks of an energy flow similar to our human body meridian nodes (chakras), that are paralelled in the earth and her energy lines. as volcanoes and earthquakes occur and travel through those energy lines, they are reflected in our own bodies… some of his words:

“The Earth has her own grid or grid-work of subtle energy channels. Some of these are called ley lines. They are conduits for the flow of subtle energy through Earth’s body, similar to your own subtle energy channels. But, of course, the energies that move through the Earth’s subtle energy channels are much more massive than those energies that move through your body. But there is, nonetheless, a relationship between your meridians/nadis and the ley lines of your planet.”

he goes on to explain, that despite the difficulties on our 3-D planet, there are inner opportunities happening within the chaos….
“We understand and appreciate the dire consequences of earthquake and volcanic activity on your three-dimensional reality, but we wish you to know that these same events create energetic openings, evolutionary portals that you can enter.”

and gives advise on how we can connect / benefit from these profound portals and times….
“These are times when Earth herself is shifting levels of planetary consciousness, and you can ride on her coattails, so to speak. Since the planet is shifting consciousness herself, you can enter into deeply profound states of consciousness in these moments. Our advice is to let the world go and surrender to the experience of falling into yourself. Some of you will enter inner worlds of reality that have immense healing and nourishing effects.”

he ends with describing some sounds he has been channeling during this, that are available on a CD called “Ascension Codes”, that reflect and can help us with this passage into the chaotic node ….
“With this communication we are releasing the Heart Dimensional Attunement. This is an unusual attunement, for it comes from the future and an energetic of Earth that is not yet in your present time.
This ascension code will help your heart to stabilize and find solace and comfort from a future aspect of your Earth. It’s purpose is to help sustain you through the chaotic and volatile events that are unfolding before you. ”
hmmmmmm. again, i just came across this newsletter today. i do not know this man, nor to i endorse what he is saying, i am simply saying, that it felt very familiar. more info:

i am always looking for the connection. since i was a young girl trying to comprehend infinity in the sky, i have understood that one of my favorite things to do, is find ORDER in CHAOS. writing a song among endless available chord progressions or words, taking a photo, and seeing systems and a clear emotional grid work in life decisions. it’s the way i am wired. this odd newsletter sent chills down my spine and made me think. connect the dots:
i just released an album and film that start with a HEARTBEAT, and act as invitations for you leave your mind behind, and transcend into the inner heart and language of dreams world … an invitation to join in a collective multi media experience called OOOM in 2010………. possibly even find some healing in it, as i did while making it.
pure bliss – holding mic for “amanda-does-radiohead-on-ukelele” number…. photo by FAYE LEWIS

i do not mean to alienate any of you realists out there (no PUN intended) with this NEW AGE Futurist blog entry, but i am just being transparent and honest in this here blog of mine ….. that’s why it’s here. xoxo

the future has arrived. it’s a pleasure to see you again.