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Memories in Alberta of The Cure…

Curiosa Tour '04

ok, these memories albeit are from the best tour ever to happen in my life, The Curiosa Tour 2004, and the specialness may never happen again BUT the Mountains played a role. these photos are from the last night being on that tour and it was a BIG hurrah in Denver, Co (they are our photos, but i’ve since missed placed them in the world of time, but a stranger on flickr has resurfaced them- thx for the memories!)
ANYHOW. me, steve and robert. that alone makes me want to join the party FOREVER! really…..
meanwhile, i am  near the Northern tip of those same mountains years later, today to prepare to unveil new MAdM OOOM sounds to Edmonton and Calgarian heads and hearts x
with me on stage this weekend, will be the magic TRINITY of CHRIS, ADAM and JOE the best band members a girl could ever dream of. THEY heil from the the Mountains of Colorado … which beings me back to my Curiosa Memories and the forever party with my best mate steve… and Robert Smith dedicating “Close to YOU” TO MEEEEE.
Curiosa Tour '04 MADM
(that’s me celebrating that fact after a few wine and orange juices later..)
we are eager about sharing the stage with AFI this weekend… but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of The Cure, Interpol, Muse, Cooper Temple Clause and Mogwai being there too…. thanks for the memories friends of music. we will make new ones¬†soon …..