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PostOOOMTour Lunar Eclipse WinterSolstice Live #HEARTLine…

that is a mouth full, but it’s NOW!

in HONOR of the Full Moon, End of OOOM Tour, the coming of 2011 and YOU!!!

although matt and i haven’t even managed to upload the end of OOOM tour blog (day 3 of italia, luxembourg, paris AND istanbul weekend still pending arrival of his hard drives lost in transport via casablanca!) the FULL MOON, Lunar Eclipse 1638 AD vs 2010 AD, Winter Solstice, finally home after 8 weeks, xmas holidays means stop the madness, calls me to START UP THE HEARTLine AGAIN! although i only ever got ONE down this past year, after instigated and inspired by Willing Enabler and Kamil in the UK, i have been planning on returning to it, once i returned to sanity post all OOOM, all the time in 2010 x
now this lunar madness and post ooom natal longing calls for it! the last 8 weeks of OOOM have been the best music exchange moments of my life, really. thank from the bottom of my bloody fire heart to all that put it together with me and all of you who came out… just because i am back home, does not mean i am gone. thanks to YouStream i can reach for the OOOM and me to be in your homes tomorrow, Dec 21 at 9pm EST. see what came of it last time…. you ask me questions in advance, i answer them live in my HEARTLine Studio!
HEARTLine #1

i still have pending questions from last MAY which i will address, but i am thinking there may be a new round of OOOMTour Specific questions which may be fresh in the minds of US now – you have 24 hours to send in your question:

via Twitter xMAdMx – include #HEARTline in your tweet

Or ask the question on my Facebook Wall

Or comment on this NEWSblog entry

Reach for the full Moon with me this Tuesday.
Now all i have to wash my hair, dust off my harp & dagger TVstudio, remember how to use YouStream and dream with ISIS under a Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse… Heaven until we meet again x

Huntingly yours,


P.S. What I love about you out there is, you are EVERYWHERE, so I picked a time that is comfortable for me, but may not be for all of you. If your are sleeping or working at that time, it will be up on the blog after the fact. Get working on that time machine someone please!!!


not the fastest turn around… but these feeling can grow fonder with time!
Finally PART DEUX of the show YOU filmed…….
as i explained the first time around…..

“Due to Icelandic Volcanic Cloud,
Shows in Oslo @Mono and London @Cargo,
were cancelled…. Underworld spoke, and we were grounded in Finland.Can’t fly? Then play where you are. Put out a call for Space, Gear and video cameras and fly onto the waves of the Internet.
Last Minute Lo-Fi Volcanic Cloud Show – April 17 2010
Shot by YOU! Attention! Class of Hope 2010 – Peace & Party forever!!!!”

MAdM FINLAND from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.

just in case you missed PART ONE

being grounded by a Viking Volcano, is a good thing x


October Rust, a Must!

Type O Negative: if you do not have the 1996 album October Rust, i give you ’til halloween to get your ears around it and give me a report.

they’ve been living in their own world of melody, goth, metal, norse mythology, wolf and women themes for a long time now. Type O walk to their own march down a dirt path as i witnessed at Northern Lights club just outside of Troy, NY this past weekend. weird venue in an shut down strip mall, but the crowd and show took it to surreal heights of heavy and demented.
born from a brooklyn 80’s thrash metal band, Carnivore, Type O gave birth to their first album Slow, Deep and Hard in 1991. they have not stopped since, despite the controversial legend of type o’s frontman, peter steele.

STEELEMAdM from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.

he is pretty much unrivaled. who else is a 6’7” rasputin look alike singer bass player with a voice an octave below bass?!¬†who has graced the cover of playgirl and has done time at rikers island jail – an extreme life, born a true blue freak from out of this world, with a great ear for melody, endowed with fangs and wizard green eyes and embodying a wit that would blow anyone out of the goth ball park. it’s freak flesh and blood that makes the world of rock music what it is. music accepts all humans of any shape, size or type. she has no judgement.
not to mention he is one of my few signer-bass-player role models. he and phil lynott sit neck and neck with lemmy hanging over their shoulders of course… (and who really has shoulders like this guy? not me!!!)

thank you goddess music for inviting everyone into it. no matter how “good or bad” you’ve been, if you commit to her, music rewards you with eternal gifts.

last night was- MASTODON – converge – high on fire and dethklok….. thank you.
report coming your way soon… a whole other universe, MIND BLOWING.
still trying to formulate my ode to the new masters….



i knew 9/9/9 would be a big day, and an opportunity to use the upside down 666 for good… so here i sit watching a live stream of Obamas Health Care reform speech. it has been dicey as of late, he seems to be taking the wimpy route as opposed to the roaring lion route that teddy K would’ve liked…. but we must give him tonight, to turn around. on my road trip last month, while bathing in the glory of this country’s landscapes, history and people, i listened to chapters of Obama’s “Audacity of Hope”. his positivity, idealism and intelligence shines through in his book. it filled me with hope AND information. so here we stand, still unsure if this backwards system will turn around in the name of the people and their needs. As a dual citizen of Canada and the USA, i have a clear perspective about the disadvantage american citizens have when it comes to health care. The statistics prove it, and individual witnesses stand by it: USA has the one of the most inefficient and corrupt health care systems in the world. I choose to live in the USA for the love of it’s spirit, it’s history and it’s people, but i have always been floored by how blinded the people are to the lack of basic opportunities they have, like MEDICATION and GOOD EDUCATION. i don’t understand the fear of spending tax dollars on health but how “they” are willing to go into debt for war and banks, but not our health? truly backwards.
when Obama was elected it was the first time I had genuine hope for change in this country – and EXTREME pride. he sets the bar that leaders around the world should rise up to (you hear me Canada!?) …. but this health care issue is a make or break for this country’s health and prosperity. i want to believe these massive changes can happen here in this country, and that hope the skeptics will be properly informed….



(“Rue des Moulins: The Medical Inspection” by Toulouse- Laudrec! now that’s some wild victorian party times!)

i am listening carefully to this leader speak. PUBLIC OPTION ! he just said it!!!!
YES THAT IS CHANGE that teddy k and teddy R would be proud of!
now he is addressing a letter that ted kennedy wrote to him upon learning his cancer was terminal and requested to be delivered to Obama upon his death. words of SOCIAL JUSTICE and CHARACTER OF COUNTRY! that resonated with O, during this crucial time. loosing Ted K during this crucial time was heart breaking, but hopefully invigorating to this county and it’s destiny…
WE CAME HERE TO SHAPE IT!” YES YES YES XOXOX that was an amazing speech! THANK YOU!
may we stand together for that fellow humans.
Wherever you live! DONT FEAR IT, SHAPE IT!

Clues to OOOM- Part 1

Life After Death from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.

the question of life after death x