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too many beautiful moments of OOOM Tour 2010 to embody on this here blog, but thanks to amazing people we met along the way, and our own inner team, we managed to capture a lot of it to share with you at home… and the ones who have not yet seen OOOM in flesh and blood. the beauty of the snow and cold sun in january 2011, is building up inspiration for the next chapter of sounds, but for now, we still have ooom songs to listen to loud and clear…. a few shows left in her for 2011 too!

take a look at what the lovely polish friends we made put together…
thank you weronika & przemek & poland!!


MAdM in Magic Church on TV!

dear ooom tour blog followers!
remember OOOM TOUR BLOG #10 ~ KOLN ?!?!
the amazing church show, the little chairs acoustic performance et all…
well the TV crew which shot and recorded the show impeccably for ROCKPALAST, germany’s leading live rock tv show, televised the show last week, and you can watch it on their website! team OOOM, the pastor THOMAS and the whole TV crew did a fantastic job that night. one of the highlights of the whole tour (that i am still reeling with magic energy in my blood!). watch it … feel it … reach for it!

living in the past and loving it!



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

we could almost stop here…. but impossible. the man matt & his camera feasted on the unbelievable and unstoppable scenes that unfold around every corner.
THE ISTANBUL FOUNDATION FOR CULTURE & ARTS were the most gracious hosts a team of people could ever hope for. an impressive institution in the heart of the TUNEL district, this foundation hosts local and international arts of all kind, and we were lucky enough to be part of the program. we were assigned two perfect dream like hosts to guide our enthusiastic wide eyed OOOM team around day and night activities… introducing, honoring and thanking our hosts: ZEKI AND AIDA

we asked questions and favors for over 48 hours of heaven… like any tourists we wanted to see the most famous of the mosques Sophia & Blue Mosques, the mysterious Cisterns with upside down Madussa head and the Palace Museum …. here’s a slice of what we saw

after the ancient mysteries were visited, the day unravelled into the streets towards the grand bazaar. as if to push my heart into its final longing and withdraw of my felines waiting for me at home 48 hours way…. there were the FELINES OF ISTANBUL (thanks for the book!!!), not the mention the dogs, which will live on a canine lovers blog somewhere one day (will?) ….

and the “children” and endless hallways and stuff of the grand bazaar bazaar…

he barely had time to jump in the air for the ritual of jump split, but he did. the rest of the time was devouring the streets, et voila…
MATT’S FEAST ON ISTANBUL STREETS: smell the Raki and split dive in…

THEN THERE WAS THE SHOW…. the music as our magic carpet ride to turkey…. and our SPECIAL VIKING GUEST! BLACKJAZZ ANYONE? JORGEN MUNKEBY, MASTER SAXER, FRIEND & VISIONARY took up our invitation to join us for the weekend. SHINING played istanbul a couple of years ago at club babylon, and left the city, as we have, with a special feeling for it. we always have room for jorgen on stage with us, so this weekend was a perfect final show of 2010 and encore for all.

the weekend was as magical as we dreamt it would be…
to share it with friends and musical peers was PURE HEAVEN HEAVEN HEAVEN
… i can barely stop… this tour, this weekend, this team, this life are pure bliss heaven on earth. thank you to all who took part of this chapter with me. i am in love with life and refreshed after a long leave of hibernation and recreation. i am alive in the outside world and back from the underworld. ancient cultures helped me get here, swelling deep inside. isis the feline and the goddess helped poke me awake along the way. i have visited beautiful places this past year, that have meant more than any trips i’ve ever taken before. this year was the year of drinking the fruits of my deepest labor. feels so much better when it goes directly from my bloody fire heart to yours. thank you for receiving. i will be back again and again and hopefully EGYPT (and south america!) for a first time… if i play my desire deck cards right.


MAdMOOOM heads North West!


alright, it’s true. i got so carried away with my love of MAdMTV that i failed to update my blog for a little too long… between then and now, i was pretty busy falling in love with ITALIA (with a could mini affairs with AUSTRIA, GEMANY AND SWISS HOMELAND prior) then straight into loving quebec for the first time, then celebrating my hero DAVID SUZUKI at TORONTO TIFF. had not secretarial time to update this here story… but NOW i must tell you…. it is with great joy and excitement that i announce, i will be heading NORTH WEST with me and my inner world, for the first time in YEARS!!!! i’m talking 5 years!!!! imagine the beauty i’ve been missing out on… no more!
sorry sweets of the mountains and fresh air, you may have thought i’d forgot about you, as you may have about me, but i am here to reinitiate our friendship, in form of MUSIC & FILM !!! so the cities that will receive my bloody heart and loud feelings are

OOOM SEATTLE! Friday Sept 24th 2010
Late Night Rock Show @ HIGH DIVE w/ The Hounds Below

OOOM VICTORIA! Saturday Sept 25th 2010
Live Show @ Riflandia Festival w/ Hot Hot Heat and more!

OOOM VANCOUVER! Tuesday Sept 28th 2010
Screening followed by Q&A @ The Pacific Cinematheque
hatching a special music thing in VAN, stay tuned to MAdM Tweets! for more info!
NEWS FLASH! Playing rare, live stripped down set at John Fluevog Design Center
Tuesday September 28th – 3 PM 65 Water St. Vancouver (Gastown), BC

OOOM PORTLAND! Wednesday Sept 29 2010
Screening followed by Q&A @ The Clinton St Theater

OOOM SAN FRANCISCO! Saturday Oct 2nd 2010 >link to show page
Live show @ Cafe du Nord

it’s been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely time… without you!

a bientot!

MAdMTV Meets HEAVY MTL (test!)

MAdMTV – Heavy MTL 2010 from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.

I was the lone front “woman” on the heaviest music bill in north america this summer. i arrived with bass in hand, camera in the other, and, uh, a beer sometimes in one of them and a couple of pals at my side. in honor of the great magic men in the house, we created MAdMTV! interviews were made and still a lot of editing left to do, but THIS IS A TEST: Melissa Auf der Maur meets HEAVY MTL!

(under looming cranes, a fast hang with robb with two b’s and b hinds)

amazing and unique, exposes, episodes and interviews coming soon!
that was soooooo much FUN!
not to mention comic con at the top of my weekend….
…my leather face man and i had an amazing time!


If it’s not a Volcano, it’s an Emergency Door light…

Schermafbeelding 2010-07-02 om 06.09.24-1 (dragged)

I sit on my couch, with my sad tail between my legs.
I should be in Montreux Switzerland right now, enjoying one of the most prestigious music festivals in the world, on what would be the day after playing one of my most anticipated shows of 2010. when the invitation came up a few months back to play the Montreux Jazz Festival w/ Roxy Music, i was honored and thrilled. “YES” i said right away. from my family’s swiss roots, to french being my second language, to a feeling of being acknowledged as an established artist in my own right by an important music festival

Due to an Emergency Door Light malfunction, my Air Canada flight from Montreal to Geneva, was delayed hours, then when it was too late to find an alternative route, CANCELLED. heartbroken, i stayed up all night, waiting for morning to come to see if the festival promoters could find another stage or bill to fill the next day… they tried, but as they are such an organized festival with months of preparation, they could not find a way……

DEVASTATED….. in the last 24 hours, i have gone from numb to tears and back again.
my emotion fueled imagination brain kept orbiting around these three major LIFE issues:


i know it’s just a missed show, but the emotional side of me sends me reeling into the big picture symbolic stuff when these disappointments occur…. first of all, last time i was in europe, just a couple of months ago all was stopped due to VIKING VOLCANO. in my 15 years plus of touring around the world, i’ve never missed a show. never run into a volcano or had a flight cancelled. for both things to happen in such a short period of time, is shocking to me. so being held back from playing my swiss show, i got instant flashbacks of watching my oslo and london show pass me by…. that time was due to act of god AKA MOTHER NATURE, IN FORM OF ICELANDIC VOCANO.

so naturally it was again, that feeling of things being out of my hands… but this time was because of a DYSFUNCTIONAL CORPORATION: the failing airline industry that do not have back up planes, parts OR pilots. while my artistic fate sat in a holding pattern in an airport for 6 hours, i learned that there is a PILOT shortage and crisis, with airline pilots making as low as $19,000 a year. the unions in that industry have been destroyed, so there is little protection for pilots. this then leads the mind back to 9/11, when the industry took a huge hit (not to mention the other devastations), then a few years later, the price of fuel went soaring up: ENERGY CRISIS, we find ourselves in a non sustainable way of life, that is not only polluting our planet, but is in dire need for alternative energies systems. scientists have beein warning about both sides of the issue for decades, but corporate greed was only thinking about TODAY> well TODAY, we have a leaking oil rig environmental disaster looming over us. so the least of our worries, but no surprise, is that the airline industry has been tanking …. so flights are overbooked, no back up plans in place etc… that brings up the issue of FAILING CORPORATIONS of the world. not only did these beasts take the power away from individuals and independent companies, but now their greed has caught up with them and has shot them in the foot.. limping along, screwing the people who work for them and the people who depend on them for their work… this is a basic corporate frustration rant…. BUT the volcano flashbacks also lead me to….
THE MOTHER NATURE. when a volcano tells you what to do, you have no choice but to be humble and listen. she does have the final say, and our jet setting modern day ways are weak and ridiculous in the wake of her. which brings us back to the unsustainable way of life that’s been created around us, and the slaves to corporations and the economy we’ve become. then we think there’s no time to think of such small things, but all these issues do bring on a lot of pain to the hearts of ART- not that the ART suffers, because that energy is eternal no matter what the external reality is, but the act of SHARING THE ART INSIDE, with the outside real world, is affected by the rise and fall of technology and the economy.
we may have forgotten by this point of my long rant, but i began talking about my cancelled show at the montreux jazz festival and how an emergency door light on a plane broke my heart. 2010 saw the release of my first independent music and art undertaking. i’ve never worked so hard, and i’ve embraced all the changes and challenges in the landscape, from dying record companies, to volcanos, but truth is, it’s tough out there. most nations and people are struggling in their own ways. however, i do believe the struggle inspires harder work and opportunity for the heart to take over (why must i find that falling down, brings my hopes so high?) – this is when the intangible CREATIVE SURVIVALISM kicks in… the golden web of love, imagination and hope begins to spread. wrapping every struggle and cancelled flight into a poetic song of life. luckily, that source of magic is endless, and in all of us. even still, on my way home from having done all i could to get my self to switzerland, i cried in defeat. it wasn’t a beautiful volcano that stopped me from sharing my heart, it was an emergency light in an aircraft, then a long delay while the humans tried to fix it, then by the time it was fixed, it was too late for the scheduled pilots to fly, and they did not have any pilots on hand to FLY MY HEART TO MONTREUX. my heart aches because of it, and my little brain tries to make sense of it…………………… my brain relies on the magic stuff from the heart to get by. if i did not have that golden web to spin, i guess i’d be depressed and would probably not write songs… or long winded blog entries.
golden web
to get you through your day and your disappointments.
HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON (in particular, the people of french switzerland, i owe you x)
have a great weekend, wherever you are sweet person x




SUCCESS! WE LOVE LIFE and SHARED THE PROOF WITH EACH OTHER via PRIMITIVE LO-FI ON LINE COMMUNICATION! I had a fantastic long night of friends, music and celebration. it makes me so happy to compile the effort to spread the word, to spread the LOVE and communal determination to walk into this new and ominous decade together in LOVE. global makes me happy and this is the impressive list of countries that participated with us in our LOVE CHANT:


i feel that’s an impressive testimony to good LIFE LOVERS all around the world.
i am on the hunt for you via song, show, blog, twit, thought, dream and hope. we are in this together, and a collective good attitude will only improve our future x
we are not alone x



this is officially my first true connection to “it”!
my friend jason was offering me inspiration and guidance into the land of 21st century social media today, and i just had a TRUE FELT CREATIVE TWITTER BREAK THROUGH! it unfolded into my idea of a communal 2010 “I LOVE LIFE” UNISON CHANT PLAN! it all started while i was having a causal dialogue with some strangers about their new years eve plans, while i was day dreaming of mine. then this idea came out of my eager finger tips:

xMAdMx on TWITTER: DEC 29TH 2009 8:19 – 8:33 PM

wait! while i have your new years attention! let’s make a #ILOVELIFE unison chant plan! at midnight, we will chant it, together wherever …
#ILOVELIFE i am planning this as i type, but i can feel it’s right… if we spread the word, and make a pack to do it alone or with masses..
#ILOVELIFE or with dogs in snow, monkeys in huts, snowboarders in lodges, drunks in bars, costumes and lady gaga, USA or Turkey, up or down
#ILOVELIFE we will chant it together at the top of our lungs, and MEAN IT! SCREAM IT TIL IT HURTS!!!!!! join together in POSITIVE CHANTING
#ILOVELIFE you can scream it in your language or whisper it with an accent, let’s please do this together on thursday dec 31st midnight
#ILOVELIFE we can ALSO DOCUMENT IT! photo or video or audio or write a report. i am already giddy for my friends and i to do it together
#ILOVELIFE it would be an honor to collect the documentation for US and post it on my blog in the early days of 2010… we will be witnesses
#ILOVELIFE to our commitment to MEAN IT AND SCREAM IT AND BELIEVE IT AND SHARE IT ! proof to ourselves and to each other. no FAKING
#ILOVELIFE hunters, healers, team ooom, lovers, screamers, cryers, runners, bummers, scaredy cats, dirty dogs, jokesters, believers, do you
#ILOVELIFE read me? i am serious. i am picking out my outfit and charging my mode of documentation as soon as i step away from this tweet xo
#ILOVELIFE UNISON CHANT PLAN – MIDNIGHT 2010 – PASS IT ON. WE WILL SCREAM IT AND FEEL IT! i am serious! more on this coming soon …

already THREE on board:
MISSFITZPDX: @xMAdMx team OOOM is in your pocket on this one, MAdM–we await the midnight toll!!
SATANERS: @xMAdMx Sure! Have a great new years party! Listen out for my call!
AXESTATIC: ASP call to arms! Join @xMAdMx at 12am on NYE to scream chant yell rejoice #ILOVELIFE ! Snap a pic, take a vid, Tweet it out loud! You in?!

join this TRINITY and me!
i am going to document my midnight, with my people, where i am, to prove the LOVE WE MERE HUMANS HAVE for this great LIFE. IF you can do the same, wherever you are, then post a link to prove it. be sure to tag or mark it with #ILOVELIFE so i can find it, and post it either here as a comment on this blog entry, or on my facebook group page:

MAdM Facebook Fan Page

then i will take on the pleasure filled task to compile them all for us to see in the early days of 2010.

2010 will hear US COMING LOUD AND PROUD !!!!!!


2+8=10 into 2010

it’s that in between day, the 28th of december. just over the eating x-mass hump and oozing into the best night of the year! NEW YEARS EVE is the page turner into the second decade of this wild new millennium we are sharing. so far the 21st century has been what i expected. a fuller and faster digital extension of the last one…. the extremes seem to be ramping up full speed. the more crisis’ on the horizon, the more efforts towards progress develop and the stronger the opponents of change become. the stronger the good, the stronger the bad….
BUT HAVE NO FEAR! as always there are wicked humans making AMAZING things out of love and hard work. there is an endless sources of inspiration to engage with.
this is what i found…
2010 AGAIN
… reclining on a snowy dune on xmas eve, submitting to 2010 and reflecting on some of my favorite things of 2009~

~ Fever Ray
~ Mastodon “Crack the Skye”
~ Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America
~ Julian Plenti “…Is Skyscraper”
~ The Entrance Band
~ My Yellow Stone Road trip
~ JW Waterhouse Exhibit
~ Amanda Palmer’s Overall Expressive Ways
~ We Were Monkeys Video for Land of Talk
~ The Hope for Change

as far as the leaders of north america goes, this past week in particular has been most concerning. i am a dual citizen engaged in both the canadian and american system. the climate crisis and health care crisis have been at the fore front of this years end, and what a tragic closing statement it’s been. canada was ranked by far the worst western country at the copenhagen climate change conference. one of the worlds worst creators of fossil fuels, while being the least willing to make a change. how horrifying (not to mention canada’s engagement in the afghan war and blind eye to torture that came to light this past year) i’ve never been more disappointed in my homeland than now.
meanwhile, 2009 brought the USA loads of HOPE for CHANGE, but at the end of the momentous battle for health care reform (one of the countries most corrupt systems), NOT every american will have their health cared for and the lobbyists, got what they payed for ………… so, the biggest let downs of 2009, are that north of the border, they are willing to actively and shamelessly participate in the rapid deteriation of our planet and everyone on it, and the USA continue in their tradition of not caring for their own and allowing corporations to have final say. BRUTAL.

that being said, this has been an amazing year in the arts…. and all of this beautiful, weird and tragic will be translated into fantastical work made by we mere humans. we are beautiful vessels that harbor beautiful sounds, thoughts and visions. that’s why i wake up every morning, excited to be alive and why i go to sleep excited to dream at night. i have no real complaints, i LOVE the life experience we are sharing. the possibilities are endless, and the bussier we are, the more we will get done, and the further we reach, the more we will connect.
thank you for receiving my transmissions, and i could not dream for a better time to give birth to my new project. 2010 is a time for OOOM …

hug your family and animals for the next 3 days straight,
and see you in 2010!