(Iceland vacation on the way home!!!!)

hello x
it’s mid june 2011. the summer has begun in the north east. i’m preparing for a perfect trilogy of summer music festivals next month SEE SUMMER FESTIVAL NEWS but first i must recap the sweet spring holiday tour of fun we experienced with some of you.

it started, back in my homeland of schwyz switerland. the small town in the alps, that my grandfather and our line of Auf der Maurs have been born and bread for 100’s of years. i first became acquainted with the town and some of my distant relatives during my the tour for my first album. it was very brief day trip and walk through the Auf der Maur family tree book and town but it left an impression. so i planned my return last november during the OOOM 2010 tour, we had a day off, so we made the bus and band take a detour to the picture perfect land again…. 2010 Schwyz Day Off
NOW it’s 2011 and we returned to celebrate an Auf der Maur love union: my second cousin Fred married Nicole, a local musician and music journalist – they met during my visit last year. we joined them for their wedding party, then they organized a show for us to play in neighboring town of Brunnen. a beautiful 90 year old female Auf der Maur was in the crowd and came to meet me after the show with photos of her and my grandfather to prove the relation. cousin veronika! very very sweet indeed.

next stop ROMA! we had the luxury of having 2 ays off to walk the streets and endless churches of rome…..

back to the music. rome show was at beautiful venue circle degli artisti, it was only our second show of this experimental set stripped down to just bass, guitar & synths. we were still finding our musical footing, but as always the roman open hearted, expressive passionate ones, made us feel great. gratzie my roman clan of lovers of sound. there was an honorary polish lover of sound there, przemyslaw! same video man who made the BEHIND THE OOOM IN POLAND tour report in 2010. this time he flew to ROMA and made MAdMRome document for us!

next! sardinia! this was the most southern and isolated parts place i’ve played in a long time…. getting there was old fashioned and surreal: 17 hour ferry ride, each way! there and back! amazing late 80’s kind of Shining-esque boat. we went a bit loopy, watched a polish thriller POSSESSION (isabelle adjiani’s fist film, holy fuck!!!!) anyhow – the people of sardinia were warm and appreciative and we played a brand new modern community performance space . great facility. gratzie!

please imagine what a week in italia means, primarily! amazing food, pasta up to three times a day and lots of jokes about their absurd president’s sex life. it was my first time in TUSCANY too! wow. livorno is an interesting port town. within an hour of being there we went for a walk on the beach, and a young man recognized me, welcomed us and said “you will like it here, the history is all pirates and prostitutes” i do love a freaky transient place! the venue “THE CAGE” was amazing, an old art deco era theater on the grounds of an abandoned fancy old tuberculosis hospital. toto was the fun promoter, who filled us with delicious food and wine and told us about the left wing socialist history of the city. shellac was playing there the following week….

next stop! italian swiss land! ascona, lovely community theater: teatro de gatto. hosted by not a concert promoter, but a music fan architect! ALEX CROW & JEFF LOUCH joined me on this experimental sound spring vacation. they were perfecto blond twins with great chops, good attitudes and matching slick hair! thanks guys for coming on the trip x

next! germanic zig zag. in and out of austria and germany before you could even stop us from getting ticketed on the austrian freeway for not having a “highway pass”… oh no actually they did stop and fine us for that. too bad. VIENNA was a grand highlight of the tour. we played a classy jazz club called “porgy & bess (not sure what that means…) and the crowd was as intense and fantastic as we remembered them from the OOOM TOUR – VIENNA danke! i also learned that fleischer means butcher in german! also, very talented rock photographer RENE HUEMER joined us to document the show. this black & whites are thanks to him that night x

BACK INTO SWISSLAND! yes this was a swiss heavy tour, very very interesting for the family roots research… x in st gallen we played switzerland’s first punk club. still funded by government arts & culture grants, but looking more like a perfect high end music venue by north american standards… amazing organic foods, juices, gear and all that a musician can want. we learned that the sweet bartender next door came from a town that did not grant women the right to vote til the 1990’s…. excuse me??????????????????? ouch. conflicting feelings in my swiss blood right now.
the next day was DAY OFF W/ HR GIGER & QOTSA! what would your redhead writer call a dream day off? picturesque french switzerland countryside, intimate 1500 person outdoor festival with Queens headlining (with perfect loud drone of the SWANS playing before them) – playing their first album head to toe, then an hour of diverse other songs from their catalogue – all happening 40 minutes away from my favorite sci fi fantastical visual mastermind HR GIGER’s (see ” i need i want i will” from my first album) museum in a small castle in the historic town of Gruyere. 24 hours of perfect sound & visual inspiration affirmation.

(i love giger’s BABY MACHINES above)
leading us to the last of the swiss shows – to carry us over to the end of the mini tour: LONDON. our show ended up being the same day as the BIG deal final football match (ever heard of manchester united? well they got beat by barcelona that night) not far from BUSH HALL, the beautiful baroque small theater we were playing. this did not affect or penetrate the intimacy and sweetness of this show. london town, you felt like even more of a home coming than a tiny town in switzerland. so open. so receptive and attentive. aren’t brits supposed to be highly intelligent, emotionally chilly, really clever funny pup dwellers, with little time for romanticism and emotional stuff? not this crowd… after i sang “father’s grave” a woman from the crowd said “your father would be proud”. thank you for sharing the intimacy of music with me.

end of the spring tour………
next icelandic 3 day detour of amazing landscapes, people, lambs & horses. within the first 6 hours of being in reykjavik, i got me an icelandic wool poncho and had a bjork AND jonsi sightings! we rented a car, saw baby spring lamps everywhere, small fishing villages with nothing but a dock and church. rented a car to visit the small, but the most “cosmic” of the glaciers : snaefellsnes. day light for 23 hours. we are seduced to return for more one day.

beyond the amazing viking history lesson, the highlights in the icelandic museum were the old icelandic woman’s riding outfit and an ornate drinking horn… heaven!

it was time to fly home, after a perfecto sonic experimento and spring vacationo…

while flying over greenland, i had time to reflect on my first time alive and playing music with a second heartbeat inside…. i am building a creature child in my center! mother to be, just in time for October Rust… Libra / Scorpio cusp.

happy to expand and ready to love x but FIRST ….


13 Responses to “BASS – SYNTH – VISUALS TOUR 2011”

  1. Mark S says:

    Wonderful blog summary Melissa! London Bush Hall was a magical evening and fascinating to hear the songs in a different light. Thankyou for signing my Tinker Receiver album and congrats again on the baby!

    Mark xx

  2. Alistair 'Bloodnail' Dyson says:

    Hey Melissa, I’ve always had the Giger museum on my list of places to visit, but seeing QOTSA too!, I’m jealous ;).

    Your gig at Bush Hall was exceptional, in particular I loved your revised versions of ‘taste you’ and ‘Isis speaks’, and doing Danzig, Type O, and Killing Joke songs just blew my mind.

    Thank you for signing my poster for me (I was the guy in the leather jacket and Type O t-shirt who smiled too much), and also for bringing to my attention the band who supported you at the Scala in London, the Japanese Voyeurs, a band I now adore, and are looking forward to seeing again at the UK Sonisphere :).

    I wish you all the best and as soon as you tour again I shall be there, singing loud and out of tune as always.

    With blood and honour

    Ali 🙂

  3. Kittiebadluck says:

    It is always a pleasure to read your blog Melissa!

  4. Janaina says:

    Rene Huemer took amazing photographs, his b&w are amazing.
    And Iceland is the true DreamLand.

    Congrats and all the warmth and love to you & baby.
    It’s funny how you always talk about Scorpios.

  5. Mariano says:

    I’m having my own european adventure right now! Too bad we didn’t cross paths. I’d love to go to your show in Montreaux, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it. Anyway, I’ll be sending good thoughts that day all the way from London.
    Congratulations again on your inminent motherhood! That kid will be a genious, judging on his parents =)
    So, enjoy these coming weeks and rock on! I got me my first european festival on July 2nd. Just the perfect way to start saying goodbye to my twenties.
    Have fun and thanks for the great review!

  6. patricia says:

    Congrats on being a mother to be! 🙂

  7. Violetta says:

    The club Porgy & Bess is named after a opera by George Gershwin. 🙂

  8. Congratulations on the baby!

  9. Hueycuff says:

    Melissa, thinking about you becoming a Mommy fills me with happiness. I’m smiling right now!

  10. Dominic Gauthier says:

    A baby = A boyfriend.+ toutes ces conneries de mystères…= You are losing me!
    Alors J’aimerais que tu me remets mes paroles de ma chanson. Il me semble que C’est la moindre des choses.

    Ta juste a me poster ça. merci

  11. Therim says:

    Melissa, please please please do the “Celebrity Skin” hair again and I’ll just marry you right away! 🙂 Seriously, you’re the #1, but you’d even defeat yourself on being the most beautiful woman on the planet if you consider my humble request… <3 So, bring back the good ol' hair! :)) …please…

  12. Dominic Gauthier says:

    Je suis confus Mel.. Je t’aime mais je ne te connais pas vraiment. Je ne sais plus quoi faire quoi penser car tu es enseinte… Cela me fais peur… et je suis jaloux…
    J’aimerais te connaître mieux…
    J’aimerais Travailler avec toi…
    (J’aimerais aussi avoir des news de mon texte.)
    Désolé pour mon attitude…
    Pitié pour moi Melissa…. J’étais en amour avec toi et je le suis toujours mais je ne sais pas comment faire avec toi….
    Pourais tu avoir la gentillesse de me montrer.

    Sans toi mes rêves sont fini.


  13. Tilman Müller says:

    So you loved Gieger’s BABY MACHINE so much that you got one on your own now? That spares any question about the lucky father. Let’s see what becomes of your kind of female SPECIES, if it gets as beautiful as Natasha Henstridge -and I guess at that wonderful belly of her mother, it will. Maybe we have a new fast rising star for Ridley Scott’s upcoming ALIEN movie…

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