dearest YOU.
i feel alive. i really really do. this year has been a revelation so far. to have put in all my heart and time into OOOM in the last few years, then to be able to release it directly to you (with some RR love in euro thank you!) and establish my expanded artistic ways AND my independent DIY approach, has been a life changer. really. really. really. first, i was born to a mother and wore a pink bonnet….
… then, thank you for following this, being here to show support, and proving that a girl can go out on a limb, escape under the radar and hide in the woods for a few years in the name of witches, vikings and HE|ART, fumble a bit with her new venture of her own artist run label (damaged vinyl, volcano delayed mailing, etc..), only be able to play a few shows so far (but one was really special in honor of a volcano and my finland clan!) AND at the end of the day, although exhausted, she feels proud, accomplished and honest. that is what happened between ME and YOU so far this year… and it’s only going to get better!

at this point some of you must know about the key summer festivals coming up next month, MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL, HEAVY MTL, BELGIUM, AUSTRIA, GERMANY, ITALY and a few more TBA SUMMER SHOWS

this fall however, we will get real deep. the OUT OF OUR MINDS TOUR North America, then Europe, is in development. it will start intimate and experimental just how we like it. diverse music / people, mixed media, local and global. in the spirit of being “in it together” as we like to be…. more soon, but know that i am planning.

meanwhile, my experimental HEARTLine! moon cycle webcast was born last month, still needing to “find my voice” but will…. i am packing a car right now to go on an amazing adventure for a week involving: canada, vikings, ocean, cliffs, helicopter, filming, battery operated guitar amplifiers, sleeping under the moon and more! (i will be away from most cellular & internet signal, so there will be less of me now, but MORE to share later). i will be lucky to be in those extreme elements for the FULL MOON next weekend, so i will do my first pre-recorded HEARTLine, i still have loads of questions from last round… then i’m off to my AUF DER MAUR homeland Switzerland to play the honorable MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL with ROXY MUSIC!!!!!!!!

summer has arrived, and between these on-line adventures and travel to other places, i try to find time to walk along the tracks of life….. some images from that…. I LOVE LIFE #ILOVELIFE

so last week i was in TORONTO for IDEACITY a fascinating conference of the minds, in fact all women’s minds, and i talked about being a woman and tried another one of my experimental stripped down BASS sets- when they pod cast it all, i will link to it. was very very different for me, and i had a great time….

got to drive in a silver convertible dressed as a woman who sings “meet me on the dark side”…

went to pay respect to my HEALING GRAVEDIGGER Glenn Danzig AND give condolences to Type O drummer johnny Kelly all in one go……. I LOVE PETER STEELE R.I.P.

got home, took a walk along the tracks with some friends…

and…. it was FATHER’S DAY.




13 Responses to “SUMMER 2010 = HOPE!”

  1. Ray says:

    what a nice thorough update and ENJOY getting offline sounds great. #ILOVELIFE -you should. your mom looks like the most beautiful woman on earth and I’ve had the privilege of one Finnish room mate in my life.

  2. Kittiebadluck says:

    I shall thank you because I feel more alive than ever since I have discovered OOOM. it gave me back my faith in music and art. Yes I can say it gave a beating heart to my own art…
    I can’t wait to see you play in Birmingham and I mean it!

  3. Mariano says:

    I had never been so excited about the power of Technology, but then 2010 came and you released OOOM into the world.

    What can I say? I’m truly happy I am able to share and connect with an artist who has influenced me over the past decade (and even more!). Even though we’re distant in space, it doesn’t feel like it.

    The only thing missing is another of your magnificent concerts, but I’m hopeful it’ll come. I mean, I dreamt about it for ten years, and then it all came together and I was able to see you. Why wouldn’t it happen again? I know it will.

    We’ll also share four days of summer, because I’m in Mexico right now, so I’ll try to make the most of it before I return to my homeland.

    Have a great summer, Melissa!

  4. Jen/ "Brooklyn BASSed" says:

    Thank you for the update Melissa! Loved seeing those young photos of your parents. Are you making a Meet Me on the Dark Side video?!?!
    I can’t wait for your North American tour. I hope you’ll do more small bass-and-synth (or bass alone? acoustic bass+vox?) sets too! *Here’s a random story: There is a group of unfriendly guitarists who gather in Washington Square Park. I say they are unfriendly because they’ve told me to stop singing once (and they say they are a community group that welcomes everyone to join em). Anyway, that night they told me to put a sock in it, I was SO sad, and I wandered across the park, and under the arch I encountered a lone cellist! A wonder man named Peter Lewy. He was playing under the moonlight. I listened for about an hour- his music cheered me so! Then I asked if I could play the cello while he started packing up his stuff, and he was kind enough to do so (it was his “street cello”- but still, it had to be worth about $500 I would guess), but I played it and felt so inspired. I hadn’t touched a cello in over a decade, but it all came back to me. Well, it turned out that this great park cellist (who is actually a professional, plays in several orchestras in the city) played a gig with Jaco Pastorius in the 70s. Jaco had spotted him performing on the street in the Village and invited him to play at some club. Peter had no idea who Jaco was at the time- he thought he looked like a potential robber actually! Anyway, explore the possibility of a cello-electric bass show!! Ultimate f clef. (Though in your case you’ll be on a p bass not a jazz bass like Jaco– even more thunderous, I should think!)

  5. dan says:

    Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for you to come to the states!

  6. folias says:

    I just wanted to wish you a good internet-free time on the woods! they are so inspiring …
    And i’m anxious for you return to Portugal! After 6 years 🙂

  7. Gavin says:

    Your mum was really cute.

  8. tom says:

    might i suggest that you come play the Paragon (Marquee Club) in Halifax on your fall tour and get these dudes to open


  9. A belated Father’s Day comment:

    I remember a wonderful column your father wrote, where, after the doctors had caged him into some sort of contraption made out of medical aluminum, he mused that he had finally, in truth, become a tête carrée. He was a very funny man, courageous, and a fine writer. He’s still missed.

  10. Bud Seamon says:

    Thank you for the advice! I can give it a try.

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  12. Tempest says:

    I am happy that you are also a TON fan–I started listening to them in 1997.

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