MOTHER OF THE TREES embracing Bizantine era mosaic basilicas! small italian town with a lot of heart, pasta and wine in the historic region of ravenna italia…. end of our italian perfect weekend. thank you all for coming out to receive the music and give love x

hot hot show full of much energy, then came meeting the real flesh and blood madonnas face to face. italian women are a passionate dream x gratzie

no italian weekend is complete without a 2am home cooked meal by a rock music inspired chef! CHEF DAVIDE did just that.. brought us home to mama, the sister, the brother and dog to feed us! thank you italian hearts! too good to us, so we will be back sooner than you’d think. in the meantime happy winter solstice, christmas and new year!


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9 Responses to “OOOM TOUR BLOG # 28!!! MADONNA DELL’ ALBERO”

  1. Lee says:

    You continue to be the not so secret lust/love of my life BUT what’s up with the photo of the light fixture (#6) ? Or is the meaning so deep that my simple hunter mind can not grasp the importance?

  2. Lee says:

    Apparently I can’t count or read either. I meant 7.

  3. I’m fine that you had the opportunity to get the real Italian lifestyle and kindness. Fortunately we’re not known in the world just for Berlusconi (thank God 🙂

    You’re always welcome here. See you, sooner or later.


  4. Lestatus says:

    I see the third photo with Melissa’s forefinger and i hear: “Come sit by my fire” 🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    Melissa, thanks!!! it’s always a pleasure to meet you and your music! hope to see you soon again. A big hug to you and your lovely felines!

  6. Lisa says:

    I love our photo!!

  7. Pietro says:

    Hi, Melissa. It’s me. Pietro. I was in Bologna and I was in ravenna, too. Hearing your music and meeting you is always an extraordinary experience. You and your guys have been great and your show amazed and touched me deep in the heart. I will always thank for playing “When the music is over”. I really love that song and It means a lot for me. The Malleus poster is on my wall now and I will take care of it as of all the other thing I collected during this beatiful experience called OOOM. You gave us one of the most brilliant and great record of the last 20 years and you’re a very unique and great person. I hope to see you again soon in Italy and to have another occasion to meet you and speak about macig and interesting Italian places. I’ll bring you and your guys in the heart forever. Keep care of my bracelet and come back here soon. As I said before, You’re Italian now 😉

  8. Tempest says:

    Pasta and wine sounds great! Italy has fascinated me since I was 12 years old.

  9. Todd Hill says:

    All I know about you is what I’ve seen on Hole and Billy Corgan videos and, drum roll please; Neil James’ book. I’m a normal guy. I am, however, willing to fly to whatever part of the world you and your partner are in to take you out to dinner, just so I can have a cool story to tell my grandkids.

    No weird shit, no groupie bollocks, I just think Canadians are northern Australians and I’ve never met one I didn’t like (except Messier when he went to the Islanders). I’m a happy bachelor with more money and time than good sense, and I’d love to spend a couple of hours with you and your partner to talk shit and see a different world.

    My email is Give me a month’s notice so I can arrange leave and flights and such; and I’ll meet you anywhere, except Paris, Paris sucks cock.

    Congrats on the soon-to-be, if you don’t respond, I won’t take it personally.

    Enjoy your one-off existence on this planet.



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