TROY STILL ABOARD WITH US! SLEEPY BY THE LADY AT THE HELM OF 59:1 CLUB… matt invited some snowboard birds too!

THE SHOW WAS PERFECT CLOSE QUARTERS! packed, enthusiastic great crowd! i discovered the boverians move more than their germanic counter parts… the mystery of the black forest in the blood!??! DANKE! YOU WERE FANTASTIC XXXXX
AND we crossed path with KATIE LARKIN for the THIRD time in one tour!!! destined paths to be celebrated over roasted duck at famed beer garden!


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6 Responses to “OOOM TOUR BLOG # 22!!! MUNICH”

  1. Miss Fitz says:

    WE wish the hyper-real state of being on OOOMTour could last forever… ! Thanks for sharing every city with Team OOOM via this blog! If we could tramp along with you, Dead-Head style, we all would…if we could… !!!

  2. Thank you muchly for all the OOOM blogs. They’ve all been a joy to behold. At last! An artist who involves and allows their fans to be there every step of the way.

  3. Deep Ghosh says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks so much again for an unforgettable show and for bringing the OOOM tour down here…hope to see you on this side of the pond again soon (when it’s warmer perhaps!)…I’m behind on getting my photos and review up at the moment no-thanks to school, but they WILL be up soon!

    In the meantime..the videos:

  4. M.^^ says:

    Hi Melissa,

    what a great show in Munic, me and my sister (living in Munic) and 2 friends, liked it very much, okay, I loved it^^.

    All the way round from your newsletter, that you will play in Munic and than at last the concert, were accomponied by mysterious circumstances. That’s not unusually for me, because I know, that there are no coincidences, only synchronicities.

    As I read the date of show in your newsletter, 6th of Dec. and the name of the club 59:1, I knew, this is a must go. 6th of Dec. are some birthdays in my family and 59 is my year of birth.
    Between newsletter and show I ordered your Ooom cd.
    There were many another synchronicities: You had a song with title “22 below”, hey, 22 is my number all my life ( concerttickets, number of seat in aeroplane, important things like buying a horse, kissing first time my exex-girlfriend, always and always the 22, 222 or 2222!!!!
    blog # 22 for Munic^^

    Another song: Isis speaks, oh Isis I’m concerned with
    Agyptian Mythologie a little and read some wilson books,
    where always comes stuff like Isis or eye of the horus….
    As I read, one of your cats is named Isis. We have a cat here since some weeks. Since this cat is here, I think, some weird things are going on. For example, I painted a horus eye in the snow before going back to office The cat was following me in the office, jumping on the desk and typing a “23” on a blanket word.doc. Uuuuuuuups!!!! The 23 is an important number in the Wilson books, where from I was inspired to paint the Horus-Triangle with the eye !!!!

    “Lead horse”: I have horses..

    “Follow the map” : We also followed the map on the way to 59:1, there was snow and we needed 4 hours for 220 kilometers, normally this is done in max. 2 hours.

    Ok, back to Munic ! We wanted to go with the interurban train, but we were too late, as we picked up my sister at her home. So we went on with the car. At the place near the 59:1 club, their was a parkingplace with a parking meter. This parking meter only was able to receive 5 or 6 Euros, okay we did in this money and the digital screen of the parking meter showed: ” Parking time is over at 22:22!!!!! LoL^^

    At the 59:1 wardrobe I got the ticket number 769, which is in addition 7+6+9= 22 !!!!

    The show and music were excellent, also liked the “ironman/Black Sabbath” passage. Black Sabbath was my first LP with 13 years aged.

    As the show was over and you, Melissa was coming back autographing and went back in the backrooms, a guy said to me “Don’t look in her eyes, she is not good for you”,..
    My sister and my other friend and me had the opinion, that Melissa is a very cute, very likeable person and a great, great musician and beautiful of course.^^
    And I think, I had there a short “eye of contact” and I did not avoid this contact of eyes, but you will not remember, …all that many people…at all that shows…

    So far my little MadM-going-to-Munic-story, I hope I did not bore you with it.^^

    Wishing you all the best and please rock on !!!!

    (Virtual kisses, hehe, I know you have a boyfriend)

    M.^^ , from the dark forrests of bOvaria

    ( It must be “bAvaria”, but as you came from Prague, where are the Bohemians, Bovarians is a double-sense word, perhaps:)).

  5. marko says:

    Hi Melissa and team,

    just for clarification: The Black Forest in *not* in Bavaria, but in south-west Germany and is a totally different culture. Try to test in on your next tour and come to *Freiburg im Breisgau*. However, you’re right: Black Forest is magic!


  6. Deep Ghosh says:

    My photos are finally up from that awesome show…check it out:

    59:1 is not the easiest place to take photos….one has to get innovative 🙂

    Review still pending…but I got some words down nonetheless..

    P.S. I’ll second marko’s comment re: The Black Forest (Schwarzwald in German), it is a magical place :-), not, however in Bayern.

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