POLAND! DAY 2 X unfortunately, due to snow, and venue being a bit far out, we only saw the inside of the venue! i flexed my muscles and made the most of though and the crowd were great! thank you POLAND it was a pleasure meeting you for the first time. it will not be the last!

as always, i went out to meet the people. a with the a wonderful older gentleman, came to my show with my father’s book in hand. turns they were roommates in the 1960’s in montreal. nice montreal memories …. thank you warsaw!

p.s. then dan did this…..

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6 Responses to “OOOM TOUR BLOG # 18 WARSAW!!!”

  1. Loffa says:

    You are a scarily beautiful force of nature…in all the best of ways! 🙂 x
    Thank you for your OOOM powers!

  2. Curlying Iron is always a good pal.

  3. Michal says:

    Too bad you didn’t see Warsaw’s old town – it’s beautiful! So there’s another reason to come once again to Poland 🙂 And too bad I missed meeting with you because I even took your CD to have your autograph and I regret that I didn’t wait… 🙁 However I never thought that I will ever see you, I remember when I was a kid watching Hole’s Unplugged and I never dreamed that I will see you live, but this year we had Hole (let’s say Courtney & sidemen) and you (and your show was better ;)). Thank you for a wonderful time and music, I will remember it for a long time.

  4. Artreyu says:

    Thank you for this beautiful show! Please come back to Poland, to Warsaw! It would be great if you would come on one of the polish rock/metal summer festivals.. for exemple Sonisphere or Heineken Open’er!

  5. BrooklynBASSed says:

    I love these tour blogs! Not only can I keep up with MAdM, but the photography is gorgous. Such interesting sights y’all get to see on your tour! I doubt I’ll ever make it to most of these places, so thank you for capturing these images and sharing them with the internetterati. I surely do hope that you are coming back to the Northeastern USA (specifically NYC) in the coming months!! I bought my new bloody hand OOOM shirt because my 2008 tee (Melissa-in-long-skirt silhouette) was worn out.

    xoxo Jen

    Happy Holidays from NYC, where it feels like it is 22 Below!

  6. Tempest says:

    Great that you met your dad’s former roommate!

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