but playing for POLAND was a new first! i always had a feeling, based on the bit of insight i got from my mother who visited poland in the 1980’s for work in the theater and from my polish artist friend, maciejk szczerbowski (half of genius animation team CLYDE HENRY that there was something special and passionate going on in those cold cities…. WE WERE FLOORED by the love, moving, screaming, enthusiasm and openness at our first show in POLAND. WROCLAW was the first of the two cities, it is a beautiful city, over a 1000 years old. beautiful old part we walked through, in perfect fluff snow…..

introducing TROY VON BALTHAZAR on this leg of the tour with us. the inspiring one man show, joined us in Hamburg, and will be with us through my homeland of SWITZERLAND. he is a dear old friend of mine, who has followed his poetic and unique musical innards whole heartedly. he just released HOW TO LIVE ON NOTHING, a beautiful new album. honor to have him with me for the OUT OF OUR MINDS Tour x

ANOTHER THING ABOUT POLAND & THE KULTOVA Club, is their LIGHTING RIG IS CRAZY! the ceiling was too short for our OOOM projections, and the lighting rig too plenty, so Ross had the night of OOOM his life playing with lights. in turn, MATT had optimum shooting canvas…. here comes an epic photo docudrama of MAdM OOOM WROCLAV LIVE SHOW – NOVEMBER 29 2010 X

then there is you, the POLISH PEOPLE!



p.s. matt thought this was funny on the streets of poland….

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14 Responses to “OOOM TOUR BLOG # 17 WROCLAW – POLAND!!!!”

  1. Piotr says:

    Melissa! – it’s nice to be here – on your wwww 🙂 XOXO
    Thank you once again! We’re still listening your music – 24/h 🙂
    See you next time – summer? We will miss you!!! XOOOMX

  2. Max says:

    Melissa! Hope to see You in Wroclaw in summer again! Thank You for Your love and music! Can’t stop listening your CD’s! And remember: “Love and music can save us..” xoxo

  3. ambroise says:

    ohhhgreat pics, thax for sharing theem, you are awesome!
    best wishes ohh i wish i were there!following aeound europe!

  4. Mariano says:

    It’s almost 4 am and I just got home. I really don’t know what to say without turning into a kiss-ass, but your adventures and your documentation becomes better each day. Fucking perfect tour.

    By the way, I’m kinda (actually, I should say “really”) tipsy, and I came all the way home listening to OOOM. I’m amazed that I keep discovering more layers in it. Like, I had a couple of (drunk) intense conversations tonight, most of them around the topic of passion, and then, as I listened to 22 below I discovered a whole new level in the phrase “the fire deep inside, spinning us through time, the heart of the matter, I hear it getting louder”.

    I don’t know if this makes any sense at all. Anyway, it’s great to share these experiences even in this digital format.

    Have a great week end!

  5. Marcin says:

    Meeting you was a terrific experience.! I hope to see you soon in Poland. We’ll wait for you! :*

  6. what a great morning to read of your adventures through poland & see these super killer pictures of you, la auf der maur!!!!
    hope you will bring some of this magical vibe you are creating in europe back to bless us here in the village of the damned.
    ***to be sure, we want to make heavy coffee for you!! your only chance to reach for the dark heavy beans, will be here at!!***

  7. Rafał says:

    I’m very happy watching the OOOM film, it has many beautiful meanings and amazing pictures. Your show in Wrocław and meeting after the show are living in my mind with colours from OOOM film! I know how is my english, but the art is not discribing by words….this is a feeling, and a sensual emotions.

    P.S Thank so much for a great covers! When the music’s over…I don’t put the lights – still hear the music…

    P.S.S Pozdrawiam kolegę na czwartym zdjęciu (wciąż czekam na obiecane zdjęcia) oraz kolegę z Żagania!

  8. Marcin says:

    Did you see the movie? I want to see it, but I had not enough money to buy it in Wrocław :/
    Dzięki za pozdrowienia 😉

  9. Piotr says:

    Kolega z pierwszego zdjęcia również pozdrawia kolegów z pozostałych zdjęć 😀
    I jako że mam kontakt z kolegą ze zdjęcia czwartego to mu przekażę pozdrowienia i powiem, że kolega czeka na zdjęcia 😀

  10. monah says:

    first things first – thank you so much for visiting Poland at last. I am so happy to read that you have enjoyed this “first”…
    which I was unable to witness… because I didn’t make it.
    who the hell would have known that this really heavy snowfall and quite unexpected “winter wonderland” weather would strike so hard that almost all of Poland will be virtually paralysed?
    well, not me…
    I live in Poznań, about 200 km up north, and I couldn’t make it by car. I couldn’t make it by train. I couldn’t make it by airplane. all I could do is Travel Out Of My Mind… And Into YOUR Hearts, you happy people who DID make it to this gig…
    and I was really really sad. devastated, actually, until the next morning – I was more than happy to read that you’d be visiting Poland again during your the summer leg of your tour.
    so PLEASE, PLEASE – do! I really hope you will… nothing can stop me this time around… 😉
    thank you for sharing your impressions from Wrocław and I’m really happy that your “first” in Poland was good for you 😉 I would have loved it too, I’m sure… 🙂
    good luck with the rest of your tour – and SEE YOU SOON 🙂
    ps. – KILLER pics!
    ps.2 – no, this is NOT normal end-of-November weather in Poland :)))

  11. Aleksandra says:

    When this big snow started to fall on Monday I was terrified. My car didn’t start in the morning, news about the road to Wroclaw (from Swidnica about 50 km) was horrible. But I made it! It was magical, wonderful evening with you and your beautiful music. Looking forward to see you again, your songs are here with me.

  12. Madea says:

    It was really hard to move through the city that day… I’m really glad I was there. The songs tastes differently now 🙂


    P.s. What are full names of the guys from the band? I can’t find it anywhere… :/

  13. Tempest says:

    I am also glad that you got to make your first trip to Poland. I also agree that the live photos of you are amazing.

  14. lakiery says:

    Super napisane .Paznokcie to ważna sprawa polecam allepaznokcie strone fajnie opisane wszystko

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