anyone visiting this blog, would know by now, that i have a thing for scandinavia. although they say there we no vikings in finland (i say there were vikings everywhere!) i still feel the connection with the finns, which was then emphasized further by the viking volcano incident. in the spring, i was stranded in finland (PLEASE visit VOLCANO BLOG ARCHIVES for proof!) and things got even closer between me and the unique bread of humans that hover in the north. for most of the world, OUT OF OUR MINDS tour is bringing me back for the first time in over 5 years. i’ve played 4 shows in helsinki in the last 2 years x go figure. i feel at home there, and the great people receive me as if i was there own…. and it was SNOWING, but cozy backstage at NOSTURI!

finland’s own MANNA played her final show on our MAdM MANNA scandinavian run together (earlier in the day, we braved the snow together for some soup, heart to heart and a dress, kittos) their show was fantastic. MANNA joined me later for the new ‘BECAUSE THE NIGHT” tradition that Harkin and I established at the top of this tour x

We played a show, where i was challenged with with some technical oddness climaxing with breaking my LOW E string at the top of Followed the Waves. my first string break since 1995 – but thankfully it happened, where i feel most at home x

…. and of course, there was the CLASS OF HOPE 2010 REUNION!!! lovely lovely faces, those that i picture in my inner minds eye, when i play music inside. thank you for being YOU! x REACHING FOR HOPE!

til next time Helsinki, any summer festivals next year interested in having me?!
thank you for your true support finland x

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6 Responses to “OOOM TOUR BLOG #13 – HELSINKI!!!!”

  1. Jarno says:

    Wonderful that your blog got finally to Finland. This weekend has been mixed with joy and mourning if I recognise my feelings and others’ messages correctly.

    You were here again unbelievably and now you are again elsewhere passing on the good things. Thanks for being the heartful you and safe tour for the whole crew.

    Behalf of Class of Hope 2010 and myself.


  2. tommi hatinen says:

    your idea of returning to joensuu for ilosaarirock was great ! and so was your show last wednesday, thanks for that.

  3. Emilia says:

    I’m SO bummed out that I couldn’t make this gig due to immense personal busyness (I know, such pesky little things we have in our lives, preventing us from having real fun), I was so looking forward to seeing you perform again! If only the gig would have been on Thursday instead of Wednesday, then I could have made it. The very same thing happened in the spring and I was heartbroken that I couldn’t make the show then, especially with the Class of Hope activity that followed.
    But I’m still so incredibly grateful that I managed to see you here live in late 2008, I have such fond memories of that show. Hopefully I’ll get to see you and your mighty bass again soon! Maybe the next time you come back you could perform two gigs in Finland, one in Helsinki and one in Tampere? We sure would love love LOVE to receive your music here in Tampere, too.

    I also have to mention that I’m really enjoying reading your blog, these tour entries are fascinating and Matt is doing an amazing job with all the photos! I wish I could follow you around on tour – how I’d love to say “I followed the waves to you”~ Good luck with the rest of the tour and hope to see you back here again soon!

  4. Jarno says:

    Emilia: That’s what I tried to say to Melissa in April and now in November. She should definitely see Tampere. I’d love to see Klubi, YO-talo or perhaps even Pakkahuone explode in her hands.

  5. Taija says:

    I’m so happy that you came back to us even though you visited Finland with your amazing tour already in spring. I couldn’t make it in April and was sad about it -especially because I couldn’t become a member of the awesome Class of Hope 2010. However, I got to enjoy your live music now and I’ve been whooping, humming, and singing along to the OOOM cd ever since! And as I already told you, your show (musically, visually, in every aspect..) was really inspiring and I got a lot of new energy for my studies. I also loved how you interacted with your audience in a warm-hearted way: we got a lot from you, hope that we in our greediness gave something of that warmness back. 😉 Hope you’ll be back soon!

  6. Emilia says:

    Jarno: Well done and big thanks for your valiant efforts in marketing Tampere – that would indeed be utterly perfect! 🙂 Hopefully this beautiful dream will come true one day!

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