As I said at the show, after not coming to you since my first album over 5 years ago and since our reunion this summer at Rock Herk & Dour, I’ve been reminded of our like-mindedness and will not wait so long to return again next time.
Thank you to the Belgium listeners, viewers, writers, photographers and promoters for your support.

MAdMSoundcheck This is how our show unfolded, as documented by OOOMPhoto Master Matt x SOUNDCHECK FIRST…

The BASS brought the light blast!

MAdMBIRDPEN Lovely Birdpen joined the bill to kick off the tour, and they were FANTASTIC. Army of truth coming from their songs.

MAdMAftershow We, the OOOM Team were very very happy directly after the show.

As I will every night on this tour, I came out to meet YOU. These Dutch girls are the dutch wing of #CLASSOFHOPE2010. Thank you and work your dear asses off on that music ladies!

After the Belgium nurse party next door and before we knew it, we were embarking on a 6 am ferry to the DOVER white cliffs….

Matt whipped out OOOM SUPER 8 before the storm hit.

The ferry was stuck in the water for 3 extra hours due to rough seas. After my ferry English breakfast I slept on a chair, while the boat turned sideways, was covered in waves twice it’s height and then needed to be tugged to shore by TWO cute tugboats! Although we all have shaky sea legs and a new fear of ferries, I have DEEP love and admiration for the crashing waves (as I do volcanoes… but that’s another story….)

Can’t wait to see all of you!


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13 Responses to “OOOM TOUR BLOG 2010 #2 – BELGIUM”

  1. Mariano says:

    Great stories! Now I’m off to work with a huge smile. It’s gonna be a great day.

    Have a blast in the UK!

  2. Kristof G. says:

    A daily blog. Sweet.

  3. Awesome- keep it coming!

  4. BrooklynBasses says:

    Awesome blog post! Thank you Melissa! I took the ferry to Dover (from Calais) in 2003 and it was so stunning to see those white cliffs- reminded me of Michael Arnold and long-gone college years! *Thank God you made it to Angleterre despite the rough seas! The Mistress of the Sea must have been excited about the OOOM presece!

  5. Tempest says:

    Not to sound shallow, but I loved how you had on red boots to match your red scratch.

  6. Leonie says:

    What a nice surprise to read your blog and stumble upon a picture of ourselves! It was a great pleasure to meet you, and I enjoyed the music so much, I’ve been all but flying because of it these days. Already looking forward to a next time, much love and thanks, xx

  7. Miss Fitz says:

    There can be ZERO pleasure in taking a ferry to England, except for that moment you step off the ferry and onto land (my experience traveling from Dublin to Holyhead, Wales!)…!!!

    Team OOOM, rock the UK– they need you in their ears/hearts!

  8. Dominic Gauthier says:

    salut mel.
    Je regrette énormémemt de ne pas t’avoir vu après le show du 6 nov. (mtl). J’aurais aimé te voir mais un trou de cul D’ une suposé “sécurité” ma dit qu’il ne pouvait pas me laisser passer. Je lui ai dit poliment s’il ne pouvait pas appeler ou t’appeler pour que je puisse te voir. Je lui es aussi dit que j’avais remis une chansons a ton guitariste et que je voulais en avoir des nouvelles. enfin rien n’a fonctionné et je suis désespéré… si c’est pas possible pour moi de te voir et bien dit le moi et je stopperais tous en ce qui nous concerne.
    le temps passe je vieillis mais toi aussi tu vieillis donc on a plus de temps a perdre…

    j’ai 35 ans aujourd’hui je me suis senti seul, très seul toute la journée comme a toute les autres journée de ma putain de vie d’ailleurs….

    Je ne suis Qu’un esclave car je torche et je torchais des salauds (centre espoir, di Batista, L. grisé), J’en suis épuisé, écoeuré. Ce n’est pas tout il y a aussi ceux et celles qui mon volé des idées artistiques comme: S. stallone (ds le dernier Rocky, les 50 ans sont encore bon ds leur sports),
    les black eye pease 🙁 I’ll travel all around the world, universe and galaxies, 7 seas to find you), madonna, katy perry(la phrase: les filles changes de vêtements comme elle change d’idées (ds Hot & cold)) etc etc etc James blunt: you’re beautiful est une copie de mon travail a L’université. etc etc etc
    Je déteste de plus en plus Hollywood et les anglophones.
    Je T’aime Mélissa et J’aimerais que tu m’aide a régler ces problèmes. Hollywood C’est vrai que c’est de la merde, alors il me reste juste de les poursuivre et de les ridiculiser.
    Tu fais bien MÉlissa D’être a ton compte cela T’évite de te faire exploiter comme moi.

    Je T’aime Mélissa xx

  9. Dominic Gauthier says:

    je ne veux pas trop te mêler a mes problèmes mais je suis au bord du goufre de la mort tellement que je suis au désespoir… alors s’il te plait facilite moi la vie en étant compréhensive et aussi en te rendant accesible.

    J’aimerais que l’on deviens amis pour mieux ce connaitre et pour peut-être plus si tu veux!

    🙂 xxx

  10. Tempest says:

    Sorry, MAdM, I meant I love how you had matching red boots with the red scarf.

  11. Amanda says:

    Glasgow gig was amzing!The music and your voice is enchanting and you made my partners night, after waiting 16 years and finally getting to hear you and meet you she’s on a high.Many thanks 🙂

  12. Anne Lampshade says:

    Your show in Hasselt meant and still means a lot to me and my sister. We are so happy to have exchanged a few words with you after the show: about Pearl Jam, Mastodon and my enthousiasm about your new album.
    You’re a true witch and i recognize myself in a lot of aspects of your art.
    Thank you for sharing and for being true.
    I love you!
    ps: we’ll meet again i’m sure!

  13. Maciej says:

    Show in Hasselt was Amazing. Thank You MAdM 😀 You Are the ONE 😀

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