OOOM Music Video


revealing the woods, the collision, the water and the sound of OOOM.
the doors between you and i are opening, slowly but surely.
along the way, from this song to you, came a week of hard labour in the rain and a man named stone dove into those woods with the song, to bring it to life. linking car crashes to fireballs.

as i type this in my friends los angeles guest room, a band of coyotes are howling outside.
i take that as a good sign. they are with us, but didn’t hunt me down in the woods of OOOM.

thanks for tuning in, looking forward to sharing more.


9 Responses to “OOOM Music Video”

  1. Superbe vidéo, glauque à souhait et en totale harmonie avec la musique!

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  3. Miss Fitz says:

    I could spend all day watching it rain from earth to sky…

    thank you mister stone & miss auf der maur!

  4. ambroise says:

    its amazing melissa, congratulation! you did a great job.
    wish you the best
    and when are you coming to Argentina, uh?haha

  5. Marcela de Leon says:

    Melissa!! you’re as amazing as ever!!! my fab female bass player fo all times!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see you live!!!! 🙂

  6. Pietro says:

    Great video! Great song! Great music in general (22 below is amazing) … If you’re trying to do your best and give us something unforgetteable … well, you’re on the right way! all this is wonderful! keep on doin’ what you do and get soon in Italy. I am terribly unpatient to see you live! 😉

  7. hatedpig says:

    Great song! I´m waiting for the album, the first was great.

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