DID YOU KNOW THAT THE FULL OOOM WILL BE OUT ON MARCH 30TH !!!!? on that day the album will be avail world wide on i-tunes for your convenience, BUT for those interested in the FULL OOOM, in all of it’s tactile glory (VINYL, DVD, PRINT, T’S AND MORE), it will be available, EXCLUSIVELY here at ….. many goods to have and to hold, and MOST excitingly OOOM FILM to see! you will finally meet Carol Ann, the eternal female force, who can travel through time… she’s waiting for you on the other side! MARCH 30th… she’s calling you.
the lone wolf CD version will be avail in stores near you, world wide within the following weeks – very excited to partner up with legendary label ROADRUNNER RECORDS for the rest of the world outside my north american homeland. they have longer arms and better reach for YOU international listeners.. MORE ON THAT SOON TOO!!!


i am en route home from toronto after a super fun CMW HORSESHOE / CHARTattack weekend! (no offense pals of the T dot, re the photo above, but we all have to pick a team!) it was a great great show- thanks to all who came out and shouted. it was great to be back on the stage with my HOLY TRINITY (DENVER boys in the band!), and we will meet again at my B-DAY SXSW MOTORHEAD SHOW!!!! AUTSIN MARCH 17TH – i am just oh too thrilled to be spending my birthday warming the stage up for LEMMY, one of my top bass-playing singer role models ( thin lizzy’s LYNOTT, type o’s STEELE and GEDDY rush are up there with him!). ! we are trying to cook up a THIN LIZZY cover for the set for proper homage. ALSO on the bill is MONTREAL’S own fantasy metal freak legends VOIVOD!!!! perfect birthday. hope that any of you in TEXAS will start your long weekend of music with us x i will also be part of a photographers and music panel with other music & photo lovers like danny clinch x then there’s the absinth album party… then after texas comes a little Los Angeles and much more…

last week i had a fantastic, yet surreal experience on a QUEBEC late night talk show in “TOUT LE MONDE EN PARLE”. i’ve never done much of the talk show circuit, and never seen one like this. it was a bit like a demented revisitation of the 1950’s show ‘THIS IS YOUR LIFE”- the charming host, Monsieur LePage, dug up all kinds of songs, quotes, clips and stories of my past & present that i needed to react to, IN FRENCH of course~ there was a bit of the legendary Hole and Pumpkins questions, (which are really picking up speed as of late ! side note. wow, just as i thought i was a decade past my past, it’s right back at me…. very interesting- i guess billy, Clove and i will continue to orbit around the same moon as we did back then …. very interesting time, quite poetic in many ways.) ANYHOW then there were questions of OOOM and just WHO is OUT OF THEIR MIND- they suggested, perhaps the girl who cheered at the loss of record deal, and stole money from banks to start her own fantasy production company, and dress up as a WITCH to rip a VIKING’S HEART out. YES. me. present. c’est moi. merci le QUEBEC!

the show was taped in front of a live studio audience and airs this sunday on CBC in quebec (Radio Canada)… i got lost in the maze of the public broadcasting building on my way out of the taping, and ran into these sweet props and tricks from our GOVERNMENT FUNDED ARTS, NEWS AND CULTURAL portal (IT’S LIKE PBS ON STEROIDS MAINSTREAM / MULTI GENERATIONAL, as OPPOSED to the majority of our USA expression and news sources being owned and controlled by private corporations!?!!) ANYHOW, the CBC employed both my parents in their early careers as journalists, and they both did phenomenal things there:

my MOTHER, Linda, conducted interviews for a radio show called “BRINGING BACK THE FUTURE” where she interviewed the likes of Ken Kesey (“one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” & star of “electric Kool-Aid acid test”) , Frank Zappa (!), Neil Cassady (from “on the road” of the Kerouack beat generation!) AND Timothy Leary!!! holy psychedelia!!!!!!

meanwhile, my FATHER, Nick, had his very own TV show “QUELQUE SHOW” (funny play on words for our bilingual city of MONTREAL). the show was SOOOO ahead of it’s time: MAN ON THE STREET REALITY TV, CIRCA 1969! experimental talk show where my father NICK (the charming ladies man) and his right hand man LES (the portly balding sweet heart) would plant themselves on an active street corner or farmers market in montreal and TALK TO THE PEOPLE “what’s on your mind?’ “what are you frustrated about?” “where are you from?” – from immigrants, to draft dodgers, to chicken farmers, to 100 year old judges, to drunks – the CAST OF CHARACTERS documented in this time capsule TV show- is sacred. human’s in a time before obsessive documentation and cameras. PURE , UNEDITED and HONEST reports on what it was to be human, on a street corner in 1969. i swear i will share it with you some day….

now, my tribute and photo essay of my late night walk through of some of CBC’S nick knacks, props and hallways – the same ones who nurtured my parents to EXPRESS themselves through their voices and of OTHERS. thank you CBC / RADIO CANADA.



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  1. Laure Anne says:

    Hello Melissa!

    J’ai regardé tout le monde en parles, votre passage m’a beaucoup touchée. J’admire beaucoup votre force et votre créativité. Votre plus récent projet OOOM, je le trouves génial.

    Je vous souhaite de tout coeur un bon succès. Continuez, je vous suivrai.

    I will always follow you.

    Laure Anne, from Montreal

    PS: à cause de vous, je continue à jouer de la basse, même si je trouves ça difficile 🙂

  2. marc says:

    Je viens de vous voir a tout le monde en parle,je suis vraiment impressionnés par votre parcourt, tous se que vous avez vue et vécus. J’espère vraiment que votre disque
    est un grand trionphe et comme vous qu’il écrive une page d’histoire.

  3. Mariano says:

    Great news! March 30th it is. So, so close! =)

    I’m anticipating the moment when the whole package arrives. It’s going to be a ritual. I’ll sit on the carpet and I’ll take the time to unwrap and observe every single piece, placing them around me one by one.

    Next, I guess I’ll listen to the album, and then, I’ll watch the film. I was way too excited (because I was going to see you play live) when I saw it back in Utrecth, so this will give me the opportunity to appreciate it in great detail.

    OK, I’m getting so excited as I type it that I should stop before becoming anxious!

    Have fun on the upcoming shows! Be loud!

  4. Jerome Lasserre says:

    Wow 🙂 I just saw your appearance on Tout Le Monde En Parle and am now officially one of your fans !! The short segments of your songs that we heard on the show were beautiful and made me want to buy the album as soon as it gets out !!

    Are there any Montreal show dates planned ? That would be fantastic !!

    I hope OOOM is hugely successful !!

    Take care !

    (Fabienne’s younger brother from (way) back-in-the-days, remember ? hehe… cheers !)

  5. Karlin says:

    booooooo toronto!!! boo montreal!!!!

    yaaaaaaaa oilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dan says:

    You are so classicaly sexy my dear! Wow your french is so beautiful. Saw you on that Tout le monde en parle show. You were soooo intellactually hot! I’m an OOOM vinyl buyer. See you in Quebec city I hope 🙂 Love, Dan xox

  7. Gavin says:


    Orbit? Maybe, kinda. I got into the Pumpkins stuff on the back of yours, and I still think that yours is better. Blame ZTV and Bruce Dickinson. That video of you on a ship stuck.

  8. Omigosh, I didn’t know about your Dad’s show. That sounds both hilarious and anropologically important.

    Aargh, Melissa, I’m DYING of OOOM anticipation.
    March 30, get here soon!!!!!

    Please come back to Brooklyn! (or at least somewhere in NYC– Mercury Lounge again?)

    I’m listening! I’m a dreamer!

  9. Jen again says:

    Happy Birthday Melissa!!!!

  10. xMarKx says:

    I came by yesterday to wish you a Happy Birthday, then remembered you were in Austin. You’re aging beautifully Melissa, like a bottle of wine, you’re only improving with time. (Not dry at all)

    Nice family history on your parents, I enjoyed that piece and hopefully the other 8,211 that visit this month will too.

    This morning, I heard of Big Star’s, Alex Chiton dying of a heart attack at 59 who died in New Orleans and was to be in Austin too performing. Hopefully all went well despite the unfortunate news. None of us are getting out of this alive, so let’s enjoy it while were here.


  11. Les says:


    Come to Ottawa SOON !!

    You are so talented and beautifully SEXY !!


  12. WE says:

    Thanks for adding WE to your blog roll, MAdM. It’s an honor to track OOOM– just hope I (er, WE) can keep up! Cheers!

  13. Mike C says:

    Hi Melissa !!
    I saw you on the Tout le monde en parle show and was seduced by your beauty, intelligence and passion. I’m proud that you are, like me, from the province of Quebec !

    Then I went to listen to your music as a lead signer, from your covers from Black Sabbath, my all time favorite group, to your nowadays music. I really appreciated it, mainly your actual music. Your previous album, edited in 2004 I think, was great ! I look forward to get your new album. I’m now a fan of yours Melissa !

    Best wishes !

    Mike C

  14. Klaus G. says:

    Grüezi Melissa,
    Even I persuade your work for a good while, appreciating Porcupine Tree and others, whom you are common sense with, I wondered reading about your new CD and your presence in the “Music Scene”, an entire page in the reputed “NZZ am Sonntag” published by “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” the passed weekend. So the question appeared: “when soon would you finally tour down again to the tiny little country of your pre-predeccessors?” Very, very Good Luck to your entire work, which I appreciate as well as the competent author of the “NZZ am Sonntag” down here does.

  15. Gino says:

    Great CD, just purchased it an hour ago… I have not heard it all yet…later…

    Ciao Gino

  16. Thanks so much for all your pick jealously cherish 🙂

  17. Neil Hussey says:

    HEARTline question:

    Dear Melissa,
    I’ve recently started playing bass at the age of 45, and this beautiful obsession is already taking over my life. However, any tips and/or advice from you would be welcome.

    Thank you so much.

  18. Büyü says:

    Thanks so much for all your pick jealously cherish 🙂

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