IT’S COMING TO THE END OF THE OOOM LINE. 3 shows left, but endless fire and heart to give, sooo we have to make the most of every last drop of sharing. often, me and the team need o stay back at the venue to soundcheck, tech check, do interviews, shower, laundry etc… MATT like a good docu photographer should… and brings us back a piece of the city….

absolute beauty, and one of those rare cities i’ve seen none of except the music room and the people, that’s my top choice as it were, but the rest of this place seems exceptional. thanks you for coming out to the atlier mes amis!!! we played a show…


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10 Responses to “NEW BLOG POST # 29 ~ LUXEMBOURG!”

  1. jeff woodard says:

    -postcards from the edge of pretenticious crap that is a postcard…

  2. Dominika says:

    what’s wrong jeff, do you have to be so rude?!

  3. Amal says:

    Honesty is always the best policy! But there’s a difference between being truthful and being flat out rude!!!!

    What’s wrong wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?

    Peace & luv

  4. Olivier says:

    Melissa, ignore the drunken assholes that need 3 posts to say nothing but nonsensical pseudo-offensive shit. It’s only laughable.

    I’ve been living in Luxembourg for 12 years and it IS a beautiful country! What’s wrong if every picture looks like a postcard? That’s just the way it is. And you haven’t seen the castles and forests of the north, I’m sure that would have been inspiring to the Snow Witch…

    I enjoyed every bit of the show, I’m only sad I had to leave just when you came out to meet the fans.. Well next time!

  5. Lestatus says:

    Jeff Woodard is trying to pollute this beautiful place… with his stupidity and sexist posts: “but if it was cgi effects, then you could be semi-nude, making it real sketchy, you know, being out in the cold semi-nude and all…”. How to treat him? The best way is:

  6. Loffa says:

    Jeff, I feel sorry for you
    Melissa, I love you! You inspire me! <3

  7. Janaina Ananias says:

    Well, it looks like Jeff failed for being ridiculous.
    Matt’s photos are always great and the only thing Im missing in this post, are the photos with the Lux’ fans (XD), but thank you for showing how beautiful Luxembourg is and for taking your time off to upload photos of the places you guys have been.


  8. Lestatus says:

    I know it’s only 48 hours since last new topic was updated… but i feel hunger. I need a new blog post.. so i’m whispering the spell: trough the darknes of the future past The magician longs to see One chants out between two worlds: Melissa’s Fire, walk with me!

  9. Tempest says:

    I <3 the photo at the start of this blog entry!

  10. this post is fantastic, pls can i put it on my blogroll?

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