A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

we could almost stop here…. but impossible. the man matt & his camera feasted on the unbelievable and unstoppable scenes that unfold around every corner.
THE ISTANBUL FOUNDATION FOR CULTURE & ARTS were the most gracious hosts a team of people could ever hope for. an impressive institution in the heart of the TUNEL district, this foundation hosts local and international arts of all kind, and we were lucky enough to be part of the program. we were assigned two perfect dream like hosts to guide our enthusiastic wide eyed OOOM team around day and night activities… introducing, honoring and thanking our hosts: ZEKI AND AIDA

we asked questions and favors for over 48 hours of heaven… like any tourists we wanted to see the most famous of the mosques Sophia & Blue Mosques, the mysterious Cisterns with upside down Madussa head and the Palace Museum …. here’s a slice of what we saw

after the ancient mysteries were visited, the day unravelled into the streets towards the grand bazaar. as if to push my heart into its final longing and withdraw of my felines waiting for me at home 48 hours way…. there were the FELINES OF ISTANBUL (thanks for the book!!!), not the mention the dogs, which will live on a canine lovers blog somewhere one day (will?) ….

and the “children” and endless hallways and stuff of the grand bazaar bazaar…

he barely had time to jump in the air for the ritual of jump split, but he did. the rest of the time was devouring the streets, et voila…
MATT’S FEAST ON ISTANBUL STREETS: smell the Raki and split dive in…

THEN THERE WAS THE SHOW…. the music as our magic carpet ride to turkey…. and our SPECIAL VIKING GUEST! BLACKJAZZ ANYONE? JORGEN MUNKEBY, MASTER SAXER, FRIEND & VISIONARY took up our invitation to join us for the weekend. SHINING played istanbul a couple of years ago at club babylon, and left the city, as we have, with a special feeling for it. we always have room for jorgen on stage with us, so this weekend was a perfect final show of 2010 and encore for all.

the weekend was as magical as we dreamt it would be…
to share it with friends and musical peers was PURE HEAVEN HEAVEN HEAVEN
… i can barely stop… this tour, this weekend, this team, this life are pure bliss heaven on earth. thank you to all who took part of this chapter with me. i am in love with life and refreshed after a long leave of hibernation and recreation. i am alive in the outside world and back from the underworld. ancient cultures helped me get here, swelling deep inside. isis the feline and the goddess helped poke me awake along the way. i have visited beautiful places this past year, that have meant more than any trips i’ve ever taken before. this year was the year of drinking the fruits of my deepest labor. feels so much better when it goes directly from my bloody fire heart to yours. thank you for receiving. i will be back again and again and hopefully EGYPT (and south america!) for a first time… if i play my desire deck cards right.


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20 Responses to “FINAL FRONTIER OOOM TOUR BLOG #31…….”

  1. Amel says:

    It was a honor to live this wonderful chapter with you. I can’t wait to live the next. Tu mérites de concrétiser tes rêves car tu travailles dur, Melissa ! You give me hope, strength, as the first time I saw you at La Flèche d’or…I’ll never forget that moment…2010 has been a wonderful year, you were right when you said it in january (the I LOVE LIFE project)

    Let’s live all together 2011 Melissa !!!!!!! En attendant, reposes toi 🙂 Kisses !

  2. Kittiebadluck says:

    The OOOM tour was incredible and I have enjoyed reading this blog. I can’t wait for more in 2011!
    Thank you Melissa for putting so much OOM in our life…

  3. Alistair 'Bloodnail' Dyson says:

    Incredible photos Melissa, there were alot of highlights for me (the guy in the leather jacket standing with the children mannequins made me laugh!).

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs too, it makes me want to just drop my baggage and just travel, as the great Zappa once said ‘A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it’s not open’, they have made me excited again about new possibilities and ventures in life.

    I hope you have an awesome new years eve and a happy new year 🙂

    with love and honour


  4. Janaina says:

    Thank you for sharing and for taking us to Turkey with you! Those hug and the cat pics are too cute *-*
    Next year you come to South America for sure, if OOOMFilm came, now is the OOOMTour’s turn.

  5. Pietro says:

    You touched my heart with your post … You reminded of one of the most beautiful and intense trips of my whole life (Where part of the soundtrack on my Ipod was your OOOM) … So many familiar and lovely places … In a certain sense, you bring me back to a place I really loved and that will be part of my heart forever 😉 Thanks 😉

  6. Mariano says:

    WOW! Best blog post EVER.

    One more place to add to my list of cities I must visit some day.

    Have an AMAZING New Year, Melissa! Hopefully 2011 will be the year our paths cross again.

  7. RAN says:

    Melissa, Great pictures of Istanbul. Thanks, Happy new Year!

  8. Tempest says:

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures. It is great that you mentioned the Instanbul Foundation and Culture for the arts. I loved the tourist photos. I am glad people were trying to feed the cats. I am also happy you were in PURE HEAVEN HEAVEN HEAVEN!

  9. Ersin says:

    I couldt be in Istanbul for the show but; i have to say, thoose photos are absolutely great dude : d. They can be published in some official touristic magazine or something like that; you actually enjoyed your tour as i can see (:

  10. I have no words to express what I felt just seeing this pictures. Amazing, really the best. And my diva too: Red hair, boots and music *__*
    I really really would love to watch a OOOM show here in Brazil, and I know you guys would love to come and see what we got =D

  11. Virve says:

    I am so glad I was part of this chapter, as well! It meant the world to me, meeting you in Helsinki in the spring and now again, in the darkest time of the year. You always bring fire & light with you, and I salute you for that.

    Also: BEST TOUR DIARY EVER! Props to all of your team for making it happen.


  12. redgilda says:

    I’ve very much enjoyed the pictures and the posts throughout this whole tour. Very touching and personal and just plain cool. Glad I could’ve been a part of the Paris experience!
    xxx see you next time!

  13. Great pictures. do you have a flickr set?

  14. Universal Love shine upon you from above
    Twisted spirals of the tree of life
    Reach out beyond the milky way
    To a place hidden from telescopic eye
    A warm embrace transports us all
    Beyond the fear of tears
    A message from the start
    A promise to ourselves
    Love reigns down as i dream
    Of a shimmering woman
    Born as an equal
    Who appeared upon a boat from afar
    To a cross roads in space, time and dreams
    Love was the key to our hearts
    She embraced the winged serpent
    As mother sun smiled and shed
    Least we forget least we remember.

    Barry Nicol

  15. A great report! I miss this inspiring city!

  16. amina says:

    wow, that was amazing.

  17. Therim says:

    Ah, I just wanted to be that lucky cat, reaching out to smell your good ol’ brown leather boots! 😉 No, I’m not talking about the innate cats’ instics, I claim the boots are real smelly, since I’ve been seeing them on you for years and years! 🙂 But it’s alright (at least for a fetishist like me) Bet it’s an aphrodisiac smell… Mmmh! <3 By the way, how do you see the foot fetishism yourself? In my humble opinion, it's one of the most innocent and childest you could ever see… And would you ever consider to show us, your devoted fans, your pretty little sexy feet on one of your future videos maybe? Anyway, take care Melissa, remember you're the girl!.. <3 <3 <3

  18. eileen says:

    i really love youre pics! especially the pictures of Jørgen 😛 hihi

  19. engin bora says:

    hi from istanbul…my name is engin favorite song stand inside your love (I’ve been in love with you in this video)islam is good…become a muslim and marry me…plssss but i love you

  20. These photos are really beautiful

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