Belgium-Comic Con-Fantasia/Heavy Metal MTL!

Another action packed dream MAdM OOOM week coming for you / me / them / us! x
this time no volcano OR emergency light door! right universe of golden webs!?!

starting this weekend!
Saturday and Sunday of this weekend, we’ve been invited on a Belgium weekend.
first, a festival just outside of Brussels, a 28 year old (congrats!) FREE music festival in a beautiful park x ROCK HERK!
then Sunday, DOUR festival! although i’m so so sad i will be missing the reunion of my long lost favorites Chokebore, who play the day before (remember my friend Troy Von Balthazar? “You could ice skate to this” b-side) it’s great to be part of the festival, honored to be a part of it x

NEXT STOP!… as i’ve mentioned …. i’m GOING!!!!
COMIC CON!: the world’s leading meeting of the fantasy minds! SAN DIEGO comic convention, is way beyond comics, it’s a full on blossomed UNIVERSE! i was lucky to go as my magic writer pal cecil’s date a couple years back. this time i’ve been invited as art nouveau muse! such an honor! my art nouveau friend’s in chicago, connected me and LEE MOYER ( starstruck ! classy tory amos poster below!) and we are coming together for a signing of a yet to be revealed ART NOUVEAU MAdM xxxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo MORE INFO! i was given a sneak peek or art nouveau moi this week… WOW!


carol ann
Friday night FANTASIA FEST – one of the leading, coolest fantasy film festivals in north american, has invited OOOM to screen on a perfect summer friday night! it’s also DIRECTOR TONY STONE’S BIRTHDAY! he and i will both be at the screening for Q&A x
it’s screening at the old downtown montreal movie theater that i first discovered David Lynch films in as a teenager! great to come back in this way. for those who have not yet seen me convert from lost in time secretary to a rip-the-heart-of-a-viking witch, please come! FANTASIA FEST

DOUBLE HEAVEN HEAVY HITTER…. need i say more………….!?!? i don’t even need a photo for that one, in fact i can’t even imagine a photo that can encompass the heavy ness of this bill……. HEAVY MTL: safe to say, that my home town, hosts north america’s premiere METAL festival. SLAYER, MASTODON, MEGADETH,

Thank you universe!
i will surely be seeing some of your like-minded freaks in the coming week!

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11 Responses to “Belgium-Comic Con-Fantasia/Heavy Metal MTL!”

  1. Dominic Gauthier says:

    I will try to come for the Fantasia Fest, (July 23th).
    At the Fantasia Fest i hope to talk to you in private… for Love x

  2. Phil Hampton says:

    is that a mind freak!? or what?!

  3. Amal says:

    Hey, you deserve all the good things that come in to your life cause you make great music!!! you seem to be a lovely person to:)
    All good things happen to those who wait! and you have waited:)
    I wish you much success in all…….
    Peace & luv

  4. ndzxsprtgu says:

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  5. Dominic Gauthier says:

    I got the tickets so now it’s sure i’ll be there at the Fantasia Fest with a friend of mine!

  6. Interesting although must admit I’m not 100% convinced. Greetings from New Mexico

  7. scentsy says:

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  11. This made me smile and hopefully after your last post it will do the same for you:

    Love may be blind but marriage is a real eye-opener. 🙂

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