i knew 9/9/9 would be a big day, and an opportunity to use the upside down 666 for good… so here i sit watching a live stream of Obamas Health Care reform speech. it has been dicey as of late, he seems to be taking the wimpy route as opposed to the roaring lion route that teddy K would’ve liked…. but we must give him tonight, to turn around. on my road trip last month, while bathing in the glory of this country’s landscapes, history and people, i listened to chapters of Obama’s “Audacity of Hope”. his positivity, idealism and intelligence shines through in his book. it filled me with hope AND information. so here we stand, still unsure if this backwards system will turn around in the name of the people and their needs. As a dual citizen of Canada and the USA, i have a clear perspective about the disadvantage american citizens have when it comes to health care. The statistics prove it, and individual witnesses stand by it: USA has the one of the most inefficient and corrupt health care systems in the world. I choose to live in the USA for the love of it’s spirit, it’s history and it’s people, but i have always been floored by how blinded the people are to the lack of basic opportunities they have, like MEDICATION and GOOD EDUCATION. i don’t understand the fear of spending tax dollars on health but how “they” are willing to go into debt for war and banks, but not our health? truly backwards.
when Obama was elected it was the first time I had genuine hope for change in this country – and EXTREME pride. he sets the bar that leaders around the world should rise up to (you hear me Canada!?) …. but this health care issue is a make or break for this country’s health and prosperity. i want to believe these massive changes can happen here in this country, and that hope the skeptics will be properly informed….



(“Rue des Moulins: The Medical Inspection” by Toulouse- Laudrec! now that’s some wild victorian party times!)

i am listening carefully to this leader speak. PUBLIC OPTION ! he just said it!!!!
YES THAT IS CHANGE that teddy k and teddy R would be proud of!
now he is addressing a letter that ted kennedy wrote to him upon learning his cancer was terminal and requested to be delivered to Obama upon his death. words of SOCIAL JUSTICE and CHARACTER OF COUNTRY! that resonated with O, during this crucial time. loosing Ted K during this crucial time was heart breaking, but hopefully invigorating to this county and it’s destiny…
WE CAME HERE TO SHAPE IT!” YES YES YES XOXOX that was an amazing speech! THANK YOU!
may we stand together for that fellow humans.
Wherever you live! DONT FEAR IT, SHAPE IT!

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  1. xMarKx says:

    From the 9th. Floor by xMarKx

    Melissa, I see you were moved and inspired by Obama’s health care speech and saw your correlation between the choices we Americans make between funding wars and banks as opposed to health care with our tax dollars. You have most of us at a distinct advantage with your dual citizenship status, and most likely have a better handle on the overall human issue than most of us, even though, you’re quite healthy and require minimal health care at this point in your life.

    I don’t think Obama has been weak really, only engaged in a process, where he threw out a little bait, watched how everyone reacted to it, then tailored his pitch accordingly, leaving most of them in the status of fools. It was a masterful manipulation, Politics 101.

    We Americans have other needs too. WE need to diet more, and stop smoking and engaging in unhealthy practices… that would certainly free up more funds to finance our other needs, like oil or, if all goes well, alternative energy sources. It’s hard to feed the masses without that black gold at this time of our lives. WE collectively will always have to remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in everything we do, in every issue we participate in.

    Finally, we all need security and to get that security isn’t easy. From the World Trade Center to the Toro Boro, from the world right back here to the 9th floor. WE go forth with no fear and shape it.

    Nice to hear you thoughts Honey Bunny and if you were inspired by his Health Care Speech, you might be even more so, with his draft to us today.




  2. Lady Nina says:

    I agree with what Mark said. It is not only question of government changes but people making changes in their lifestyles too! here in México we have a similar situation, although sometimes it seems to be worst in what health services and education concerns, but the people don’t want to change, that’s the saddest…

    Let´s hope better times are to come with those Obama’s plans, it’s very inspirational what he said on his speech and somehow I feel optimistic after reading what you wrote too.

    Let`s keep on going and shaping situations!

  3. alien from the future says:

    “WE DID NOT COME HERE TO FEAR THE FUTURE” – curious, who’s “WE”? Administration? He and his colleagues? The word “fear” makes a strange feeling when president speaks about health care reform. Or is there too big insurance lobby? Usually, when someone says: “I don’t fear” means “I fear”, and if he really doesn’t fear, he wouldn’t mention that word at all. Fear is a tool for making someone obedient. You lose your fear – someone looses control on you.
    Well, as he described, system has a rotten smell. They plan to deal with bad insurance companies and make them work honestly (by the way, how could they work in that way earlier, without administrative support?). They don’t have money for reform, but plan to use some virtual money which are now wasted (?). Anyway, wish them good luck, it would be great if someone will become healthy again because of their activity.
    I think that single reforms wouldn’t make a result there where entire system must be changed. It’s funny to rely upon insurance firms. Health is not a driver’s responsibility. There are other good models (which make corruption more difficult though). And since president is not a master, he is rather a top-manager, real financial masters won’t let to change the system, i guess.
    No, they cannot take another system because it must be a free market. They all like to say slogans about “free market” or “the only true democracy” (what about Canada, France, etc?.. Aren’t they true democracies?). But there is no such thing as free market. One of players will always get administrative support and this administration will have there some additional salary. Thing which is usually hypocritically called “lobbying”, and others call it “corruption”.

    Nevetheless, I’d like too say Good luck to Mr. Obama, maybe I’m too pessimistic and he will be able to make things he said real.

    p.s. In times of soviet union, in a small ukrainian town, when I had a problem with my hand, I just went to local hospital and got there all medical care which I needed (including surgical treatment). No insurance, no papers, no bills, I was just a country citizen.
    There are other better ways.

  4. That_Bob_Guy says:

    We-R-Fearful – the GOP vision of America.

    In the lull of vacation they have been able to spread lies and distortions about the health care bill. They want to smoke the issue with their talk of death panels, the Dems aren’t being “bipartisan”, & “socialized medicine” – as if HMO’s aren’t rationing care and playing Big Brother now.

  5. guillaume says:

    sorry Mel, but it s Toulouse LauTrec, not LauDrec… my frenchiness can’t bear with such a mistake sorry 🙂 take care

  6. tj marz says:

    When I was a kid, I recall my Mom looking for my Birth Certificate. I needed it so I could play Little League Baseball, yet this Obama fellow does not apparently need to show a real birth certificate to run what is left of the Free World. Don’t let my long hair fool you. I am a Patriot. I am a Militant Patriot. The “NON” Federal Reserve is printing out money at a feverish pace. Money that can buy a lot of souls. They can’t buy mine. Their money is just dirty paper.

    WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? The most outrageous non-question ever, because if you have to ask without immediately and instinctively knowing -then you just ain’t gettin’ it. Best to start all over. Better question: WWGWD, What would George Washington? Perhaps the largest act of Treason has just been committed in the History of the American Civilization. Namely, an imposter President found beyond doubt to be born in another country. I’d imagine that person would be sentenced to death.

    Our first TRUE Black President is not this lesser man behind the large teleprompter but a man by the name of Alan Keyes. If you have the time go to his web site: http://loyaltoliberty.blogspot.com/

    In the search box type in my name: tj marz

    I was humbled that this man enjoyed my writings to the point where the poems were singled out to his readership.

    If you click on the “comments”, you will see that I pay you some well-deserved homage. Earlier this year most poems that were originally created on your “Lightning is My Girl” were cut and pasted onto his blog site.

    Wow, always a lot more to write on this topic, although it is one of my least favorite but certainly most important. I hope you find my comments in reference to your blog site as a rather unique path into the more conservative side of things.

    So it appears that we disagree on politics. Don’t worry, you still are the coolest redhead on the planet!

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