Back in the outdoor world, the crisp North Eastern air has tempted the leaves to turn and there are so many MAdM OOOM activities this Pagan month, I dare to say it’s Hunt for the Heart season… Let’s start our communal Fire here:


October 17th 2009, first show in NYC in 1007 years, and the first official USA Sneak Peek to the new Live MAdM (wait ’til my new live band kicks you in the virtual gut!). We were invited by the Royal Flush Festival to participate in both the Film and Live show sides of things.

Saturday October 17th MAdM LIVE at the new Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. You can buy tickets here.
Sunday October 18th OOOM SCREENING at the Anthology Film Archives. You can buy tickets here.

More show info HERE. Please pass it on to all Witches and Vikings you know on Metropolitan Blvd! (anyone in a Witch’s cloak gets to telepathically heal with me)

Our European debut of OOOM the film, happened this week at the fantastical Sitges festival in Spain and we’ve got a screening in the goddess city of New Orleans this week, and more to come. Keep hunting HERE for a screening near you!

OOOM is screening for five months within an honorable Pre-Raphaelite Fine Art Museum exhibit. The opening went on without a hitch but with plenty of witch. “The Lady of Shallot” has a siren song for you and we encourage anyone who plans to indulge in Montreal between now and February to see HER! Hunt for more info HERE.

The season has finally come, pushed by the fire of desire and nurtured by the patience to fight for independence. In the months ahead, the evergrowing world of OOOM will open to you. Thank you for your receiving heart, open ears and hungry eyes!

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16 Responses to “NEW YORK SHOW OCTOBER 17TH!”

  1. Jen says:

    Melissa, I ordered my tix for 10/17. I am bringing my friend Deb, a new fan. I can’t wait!!!!! I saw you play twice in 2004. Will you be selling the new album at the show? I have the first 3 songs and they are awesome. I am dying to get “Out of Our Minds.” Aargh!!!!!!! I cannot wait!!! I am counting the minutes, and biting my nails!


  2. Dhiva says:

    Hey Melissa I saw your Out of our Minds in Sitges Festival (Spain) and I think that it’s an honor to watch your movie in the big screen.
    I really pray everyday to see you in Spain with your band! hahaa

    Cheers from spain!

  3. Gísli says:

    Hi there!
    Congratulations on your new album/film/project and loads of respect for getting it done on your own terms. Fight the power! Right? 😀

    Anyways, I´m just wondering if you´ve considered playing a concert in Iceland (the little Island in the North-Atlantic) – after all, its as close as you´ll ever get to meet real vikings, plus the beautiful volcanic nature and usually nice people.
    I know you guys would be well received over here. We´re only around 300.000, but the metal scene is quite big and not too many big foreign bands have been over here for a while.
    Drop a line if you guys are interested, its a place you won´t forget (ask Dave Grohl if you like, he´s a regular visitor).
    Best wishes for the tour, keep on rockin’!
    GS – Reykjavik, Iceland

    P.s. A volcano is said to be about to erupt, you might get lucky!
    P.p.s. Don´t worry its far from town 🙂

  4. VANESSA says:

    HI MELISSA!!!!







  5. Raine says:

    God, I almost freaked out with that concert ad.

    And if it’s lacking an invitation, on behalf of Brazil, I would like to invite you to visit our lands and collide your OOOM world with our gallopping horses and curly-haired witches.
    We want you here. For good. Hell, your movie even screened for a couple of days on a woman-cinematographic-festival and was well received!
    I know it’s hard for the now indie Melissa, but we believe in you. You can do it. Come!

    Hugs from the other shore,

  6. xMarKx says:

    Are you fired up, are you ready to go? (Borrowed from Barack Obama) Big ups Village Voice and Anti Voice, thanks for the incoming injections to the traffic counts here, I do appreciate it and I know that Melissa does too.

    Listen up, all 1201 of you…

    She said:

    “My wicked new live band and I are determined to make a lasting and loud impression on New York City” ~Melissa Baby

    He said:

    “I’m counting on it”~xMarKx

    It’s been awhile since the Hammerstein and now she’s back at the Knitting Factory, back to Gotham just over the GD bridge. Outstanding huh?

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those groupies the girly girl from the playboy interview speaks of, but if Melissa calls me out, I’ll have to pass, Sarah won’t appreciate that too much if I go groupie on her.

    I’m fired up and ready to go and hope you are too.

    Break a leg!


  7. Janaina says:

    Hey Melissa, I love the teaser and as Raine wrote here We believe that you will come here to Brasil (and all over the world) to show us the loud stuff live and we hope the album will be released here too.
    The rewind is genius. I would say that it’s as genius as the Real A Lie’s photos.

    Congratulations to you and Tony Stone.

  8. Janaina says:

    Have you ever read this?

    I like the line: “They even pronounced Auf der Maur right. It felt like I was watching a movie.”

    ahah really nice *-*

  9. Isa_Républika says:

    s’il vous plait venez en France 🙂

    je vous adore!!

    Isabelle from France

  10. JB says:

    A few photos from The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY 10-17-09

  11. Jen "BrooklynBASSed" says:

    JB- great photos! I was there Saturday too, but on the far right so most of my pix were Melissa in profile (which are still lovely). To those who could not make it to the show Saturday (i.e., those who do not live in Brooklyn), Melissa rocked! Hopefully she will come to play near you soon. She is an awesome performer (and of course an awesome musician overall). Her new band is great too (as was her old band!). Two guitarists and a drummer. **I waited around at the end of the show to meet Melissa, and aargh, she is Supersweet and kind and down-to-earth. God bless! **Regarding the set list: they only played 3 new songs (OOOM, which I LOVE; The Key; and another one I didn’t recognized but it sounds great) and the rest of the songs were from the first album. It was an awesome night. Thank you Melissa for stopping by Brooklyn! Please come back soon! (or come anywhere in the NYC area!!!!). I can’t wait to hear the whole album!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jen "BrooklynBASSed" says:

    P.S. To Isabelle above: she sang “Taste You” half in French! (the two other times I saw her perform she sang it in English; it is so much better in French!)

  13. Folias says:

    dear melissa,

    your work inspires me and gives me strength. I wish I had the “power” to compose musics like you do, so meaningful and so energetic.
    it would be an honour to receive you in Portugal, like the last you were here, don’t you forget it!

    best regards, folias

  14. How many tickets does it cost for the good rides at the Ex? I’ve never been to the Ex before, and I’m going today, and I was thinking of just getting tickets for the rides instead of the all day thing because I don’t want to spend 50 bucks just to get in and go on rides. But it’s not one ticket per ride, right? How many tickets does each ride cost? What ride charges the most tickets?

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