as you can see the new xMAdMx site is aLIVE and MAdM SHOP has first official OOOM limited edition goods for sale! it’s been a long time coming and i actually experienced growing pains in my expansion beyond my simple BLOG format i’ve had for so long…. but have no fear, my blog will always be near. so REACH FOR THE OOOM!

..:: MAdM :: OOOm ::.. Comic

Site Map break down for you:
-the NEWS section, is so you can cut to the chase, and see what is happening in my music “reality” and not say, in the lunar cycle (no offence to the MOON!)
-the VISUAL VAULT is where lots of photos and videos will live and breed- both official and a public selections
-the COMMUNITY section will host an ever growing list of inspirations and web alliances
-the OOOM section, is for those who still can’t figure out if this is an album, a film or a comic (and for my own sanity and clarity) …. but come 2010, this section will lead you into the hidden mysteries and content of OOOM. so stay tuned.
-the new MAdM SHOP is where i can distribute my music and goods directly from ME to YOU VISIT NEW SHOP!

please note all the media Players and Sign up Widgets on my site are embed-able and share-able, thanks to the magic of intelligent programmers who work hard for us to connect! so share ’em! use ’em!

beyond the web world, all is fantastical on my side of the autumn season- the short run of east coast canadian show dates with STP and M for Montreal went by wonderfully and way too fast and i am knee deep in planning the next waves of all things OOOM.

Also wanted to thank everyone helping spread the word of the OOOM Free download on Twitter- as promised the OOOM Lucky Three will be rewarded with a package of OOOM goods coming to them soon. Not sure how, but the blind Witch chose folks from the Americas for this round- but next time she will reach across the Ocean to the rest of you x

Thiago aka fernn, from Porto Alegre, Brazil
Kirsten aka Unkownbinaries, from Stone Mountain, USA
Haydee aka Hada_Verde, from Mexicali, Mexico

(honorable mention: Sarah Fitzgerald aka Misfitzpdx, from S.F. USA)

Long live international LIFE, LOVE AND MUSIC
thanks for following and see you soon

p.s. there was a delay with the OOOM video premiere, it’s a long story involving a Tower and harmless curse, but i will notify you when it’s ready to be seen. in the meantime keep your senses tickled and please check out my backwards TOUR VIDEO BLOG

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9 Responses to “NEW SITE and SHOP”

  1. Raine says:

    Just got the bundle with the T-shirt!
    The wait was totally worth it. Can’t wait to get my hands on the goods.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you, thank you and thank you!
    I just cant wait untill I get the whole OOOM-ish stuff, and I am really really happy because its avaiable world wide!!

  3. Miss Fitz says:

    +1, thank you (ad infinitum) – two new (awesome) tracks alternately pouring into my ears from my big white headphones… plenty of notes to keep me occupied while waiting for my topspin delivery…!!!

    “I’m your healer… and you’re mine.”

    Shivers down my spine… !

  4. Nathalie says:

    The wait is over and I won’t even have to cross the ocean to put my hands on those OOOM goodies 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  5. Mariano says:

    HUGE thank you! If I’m happy now, I can’t even imagine how ecstatic I’ll be the day I put my hands (ears and eyes) on all these goods.

  6. BklynBASSed says:

    I love you Melissa! Thank you for your music! I ordered my batch of OOOM goodies this morn!

  7. BklynBASSed says:

    I listened to “22 Below” for the first time last night. I am awe struck. This is more than music, this is life.

  8. Frike says:

    Le plus important est e0 la fin de la video avec le cas MGMT : e0 quoi e7a sert de faire un e9norme traival (artistique & marketing) pour faire venir les consommateurs sur son site, pour directement les envoyer vers une autre entite9 (itunes) qui collectera les data e0 notre place ! Quand on y re9fle9chit, c’est vrai que c’est comple8tement de9bile

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