Moranis, Canada …


… the mountains and me.
what on honor, on canada day,
to share a page with a McKenzie brother,
a New York Times Op-Ed page no less….

NYT Op-Ed Canada Day!

of course i am a dual citizen and celebrate the duality-
between today and the 4th, i promise i will trot in the rain,
commune with the explorers, founding fathers/mothers
and the kings and queens,
who made the pilgrimage to this new world, and paved the way,
for me and we, to be modern 21st century folks, who play loud,
escape into the vortex of the virtual,
and squint into the eyes of the past by gazing at the sky,
rivers and mountains that received the settlers,
and wonder how the future will shape them.
the discovery and expansion must’ve surely been empowering,
but also just plain practical and necessary
to house our epic of explosion of flesh and borders.
hurray the future is here, the past is there,
and we can visit anywhere in between!
it’s a future-past sandwich week!

la la la,
le canada

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5 Responses to “Moranis, Canada …”

  1. zwolff says:


    Please forgive me, I know no other way to communicate with you other than this.

    I really like you! I obviously don’t know you, but you are amazing in everything I have seen and read. In my eyes you are: Artful, Soulful, and Thoughtful. Throw in a pinch of Wild, stir a little and that combination makes you Beautiful.

    Since the whole world can see this, I guess I better not go too far, but I have written a song for you. Although it’s an inch shy of completion, the concept is solid and in my mind perfect for you. You, of course, can be the judge of that. If you desire, you can contact me at the email listed and I will send it to you. It was written specifically for you and I have no financial agenda or any other agenda for that matter.

    I really do not expect a response, as I understand the downside to celebrity. Since I will not contact you again, let me say now that I hope you keep letting the lightning loose and keep doing what you do.

    And thank you for inspiring me to write again, it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten the creative juices flowing.

    Your fan and friend from afar –

  2. Walt Tanner says:

    Dear Ms. Auf Der Maur

    I have been a fan for years, you are great. There are some bigger fans than me who would love to have you on their podcast, Two Assholes Talking About Nerd Stuff (TATAS). Adam and Brent are pretty laid back. You can actually speak the way you want to without having to worry about censors like on TV and radio shows. I think you would have a fun time. Check them out to see if being on their podcast would interest you.


    P.S. Keep on Rockin 🙂

  3. Jamie says:

    Yeah…what Walt said!

  4. Great website, keep myself from checking it, I will be truly serious to understand more about it.

  5. Tempest says:

    I saw part of this Moranis film. The first time I saw him was in Little Shop of Horrors.

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