MAdM vs Auf der Maur

dear you,
this is a cyber update.
you must forgive your rusty freckled old fashioned friend.
the web is not my most clear and instinctive home,
but it is the only way i can swim across oceans,
and fly over mountains and planes to get to you.
so the fluidity of my exchange with you is key,
but not fitted yet….. first there is the name game:

as i sit on the edge of a hopeful new year and the unveiling of my new project,
i find myself stumped by my own name. dating back to my early childhood,
and memories of learning to spell and pronounce my name,
it continues to be a regular correction i must make everywhere my name goes.
as with my first album- this has been three years in the making,
thriving on collaborations and support by endless talent and generosity of my creative folks-
so these are not “melissa auf der maur: singer songwriter solo albums”-
but these could not live under a fictional title like “orange rubber duck”.
a while a ago i decided, as the captain of the projects, i would use a variation on my name…
using just my last name for my first album in all of it’s germanic, patriotic-ness-
was a nod to the ancient family, the “father’s of rock” who cam before us,
and amplified the HEAVY i was going for.
this new album has taken many twists and turns,
including the embracement of multiple creative outlets, and the reoccurring theme of
a connected but polar opposite title was needed for this one.
luckily, my initials are MAdM,
and i often had signed my name as initials because my full one is just sooooo long.
this naturally made sense- however back into this reality,
i have been confused on how to unite the old and the new world as far as names go.
i opened and myspace for the birth of the EP,
but this long established aufdermaur pages are getting lonely-
so i am addressing their concerns….
although my new project is MAdM- but i am still me.
the “x”s frame it all over the interweb, because MAdM was not available to me.
this is the last and only introspective name game essay i will write,
but i welcome any suggestions you may have. is it good to evolve and change names?
will people be confused or will people sort it out? what to do?

meanwhile, is under construction, that’s why it has not been updated…
a computer programming melt down occurred, but eventually this “blog” will live in there!
for now i am dancing between various places, and waving as fast as i can HELLO!

hoping 09 has been a smooth ride so far,
as well as being the year that finally gets my album out of my hands into yours.
thank you for visiting and riding the wave of the new MAdM chapter in our virtual club house-
see you out there soon! i am preparing for shows in the spring….
the bass can’t wait!


18 Responses to “MAdM vs Auf der Maur”

  1. IceShaft says:

    I don’t think that this name change will generate much confusion, both if you pick the new or leave the old name.
    But having 2 official websites running might be confusing a bit.
    Maybe you could put some of the old contents into the new website or maybe just cut off the old one and make the new one your big new virtual home.
    Your website must reflect what you’re doing now and does it really good (the layout is awesome) even though we still haven’t seen much of it yet.
    About the name… I personally love your full loooong name! 😛
    Auf der Maur sounds and looks so good, no one can deny that, it’s so rare, so unique.
    When you hear or read that name everybody knows it’s you and no one else.
    So for me.. I’d pick “Auf der Maur” also to keep a sort of legacy with your first project.
    Anyway I’m really happy that things are finally going smooth for you!
    2009 is definitely going to be YOUR year!
    Oh and.. see you in Rome, Melissa! 😉


  2. MdMb says:

    Let’s see…
    Those who already knew and loved your music will definitely find a way to catch up even though you’ve decided to change your name, site, domain, etc. It’s a pretty loyal legion of fans you’ve got.

    And those who’ll get to listen to you for the first time in this new MAdM “era” will make their own way into the past. As long as they listen to OOOM, they’ll surely have an urge for more and more. You only have to type your name in any search engine and there’s

    Everything “melts” in the web…

    You could also find some sort of connection between present and past (like you said, it’s still YOU after all), and link both projects. You’re evolving as an independent artist and you couldn’t do that unless you changed along the way. I guess it’s a natural part of the process.

    I still can not believe I got to see you back in Utrecht last november. I wish there was a way I could be absolutely sure that I’ll see you once again, but that seems really unlikely at the moment. I’ll just have to wait and see…

    I know that coming to South America is always in your mind and that gives me hope (1000 Years re-enforces the feeling). But I also know that it’s a really long ride for you.

    Anyway, I’m off to bed now. I’ll keep in mind your phrase: “the bass can’t wait!”.

    Take care, Melissa! It’s always nice to hear from you. You’ve set me off to start this week in a positive mood.

    Huge, huge, hug! =)

  3. janhullaert says:

    Cool it’s the first blog from you without the magic things etc. It feels so personal to read. (And it’s made for reading, not like courtney’s blogs.:p)

    Indeed maybe it’s better to have one name carying the whole project. But auf der maur sounds so damn good. auf der maur,auf der maur. I don’t like the german language at all but it sounds very good. If you take MadM everybody will keep saying Melissa auf der Maur though. So it doesn’t matter. 🙂

    Me and all the other forum members (like the two above me 😉 ) are still waiting for you to post something! 🙂 Denise told us that the two forums will be merged, will you be present at the official opening? :p



  4. yorksdevil says:

    I prefer Auf der Maur. ‘MAdM’ is in danger of sounding like a performance enhancing drug.

    Just remember to espouse love towards any and all collaborators in the liner notes.

  5. Gabh says:

    You do run the risk of passing under the radar when you change name. Will people know it’s you? Even in the media? And it seems like it hard to get noticed even if you are well known. There’s a lot of noise to compete with. And; The Sisterhood. Passengers. 50 foot wave. The Glove. What do they all have in common? 🙂 Although, in fairness, they were mostly side projects.

  6. TotallyWalled says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I vote Auf der Maur. Because it is unique, it stands out. Keep MAdM as your sig here and there.

    Imagery is important.
    I feel like the Auf der Maur imagery from the first release was very feminine – in a more beguiling sense, perhaps even a romantic sense. The feminine imagery in MAdM (website/album art) feels closer to feminism and the occult. That’s good too, but I would like to see you keep some connection to the previous imagery as well. Some of your latest photos in the magazine spreads (Strut) portrayed this well.

    Personally, I like the quintessential not-trying, romantic, feminine-grunge, vintage-wearing girl.

  7. Chloe says:

    Hi Melissa!

    Well, this is a toughie, but I don’t think that changing names would cause too much madness. I think if I had to choose, I’d choose Auf der Maur, but whatever you do is great so don’t worry!
    And get your bass to the UK soon – I miss you!! xxx

  8. Doctor Rock says:

    Oh no names are always so confusing to Doctor Rock, I have so many of them. But you really should look into getting your self on Everyone who’s anyone and even those who are not are there.

  9. S_Claude says:

    It is only a name…
    …and by its nature it is just a symbol of a distinctive order or an interpretation of our minds.
    So choose the one you`re fine with.

  10. Bola de Chiclete says:

    Auf der Maur is more roots
    But it might be hard always to explain people how to say your name right. Even though Im Brazilian, I’ve seen so many times you explaining your name that I know how to say it, with time people learn. hehe
    When I talk about your music I say Melissa Auf der Maur’s music, but if theres this thing going on there’re 2 options:
    1 – To choose one name and (try) to forget the other one
    2 – Stay with the “long” name and be knowm by both, like QOTSA, for exemple.

    Its not important. But you should close and put those videos and the things that matter on


  11. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Your choice will be ours cause after all it’s your project!


  12. Jennifer says:

    I really like the above comment, about keeping the name ‘Auf der Maur’ but over time people can shorten it if they wish to MAdM a la QotSA.

    Even moreso–I can not WAIT for you to start playing live again! I saw you in Montreal in November for your ‘amuse bouche’ (? that was the name, right?) with our friend Andrew, and hearing your tunes live again reminded me about how fantastic it is to see you perform. I adore the new songs and I’m excited to see what else is coming…

  13. Robert says:

    When i fist saw the name A the M ,i thought it was an alternative east or west german band who problaly stood their on the wall in berlin.Or at least an belgian intellektual band refering to this isue.

    I was looking in the lowlandssite after cathing just a climp of you on a dutch documentary on tv.

    How germanic you really are reveiled itself pretty soon after seeing your redhair,a william tell story and a canadian flag and i guess that doesnt matter to much,althoug patriotism seems to make this world over and over again.

    Anyway a saw you in utrecht and it was really good and hope to see you again.

  14. William Trinity says:

    As a long time fan, I’ve never seen any issue about your extended name. I love your full name. It’s kinda beautiful. I think I will always refer to you by that whether you are using the moniker Auf der Maur or MAdM.

    But whenever I wrote your name I did so with the initials MAdM. I always like the way it looked. I say go with the name change. It will be a evolution in your career and life.

    ps.. I’m super excited to see that you’ll be at SXSW. I look forward to seeing you there.

  15. Mark says:

    That’s a tough one. Your name is so interesting. You’re lucky, I’ve got a boring plain-jane Eastern Canadian name: Gallant. Auf der Maur can be troublesome though. I know I probably am not pronouncing it correctly. MAdM can be pronounced as Madame so it both eliminates people pronouncing your name incorrectly, as well as providing you with a respectful title.

    All I know is, whatever you chose to call yourself, I will still be a devoted fan, and please come back to PEI. I didn’t know you were here the first time until it was too late. My boyfriend saw you at Myrons however, and in his words, “Made an ass of himself” by asking you, not about your own musical endeavors, but who was more fun to work with, Billy or Courtney.
    2009 The year of Melissa.

  16. Kadns says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I loved your debut album and still rock it, on a regular basis. I’ve been exploring this site a bit the last month. I like it! I’m very interested in your film venure. I really like the music you did for ooom, trailer. When you do release your new project/record, film, multi – media, please, make a stop in, Seattle. I saw you the last time you were here, in support of your debut album, and was blown away by you, your band and just seeing you perform live. AWESOME!


  17. What about Jacky A? BTW, Bookmarked

  18. Jaydee says:

    I\’m out of laeuge here. Too much brain power on display!

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