sorry for the delayed declaration of love.
immediately after MAdM~OOOM met WorldCon,
i was asked to play a witch in the belles of the black diamond fields HD silent film…
so i had some women to possess and convert to the dark side, read tarot cards in a watch tower and woke up at the crack of dawn to throw lightning bolts at the ocean… furthermore, real witches don’t use blogs but now i am back home, and going to tell you a thing or two….
the intelligence of the participants and audience at the sci-fi convention was truly inspirational. from the great minds, like neil gaiman or cory doctorow among many others… to the general public that attended my riddled with technical disasters, turn stand up comedy routine. despite the inability to play the film from top to bottom smoothly (mercury technology demons in the house, creating glitches, usually near a full moon!) the audience followed the waves with me, and showed such open ears and minds! i also experimented with a solo bass and voice only set, as i have always been terrified to do so, but figured it was time to face my fears, step up to the challenge, and no better place to do it than with a clan of sci-fi maniacs! the discussion panels were also phenomenal, made me want to go back to school or at least attend these conventions regularly (for now i will dig into boing boing and american gods…)

here is a peek into others interpretation of my coming out party-
these wicked people and blog had this to say about it my visit into the new world
this could be used for all future OOOM calling cards from here on out! fantastically supportive and well written,
thanks hellbound – FOR THE LOVE OF METAL!

as a further bonus, the kingly guest of honor himself,
gave me my very own click through shout out in his journal! thank you neil!

all in all, an amazing experience and intro to a new community of inspirational people and activities…
may i walk hand in hand into the future, outer space, dreamscapes and time machines, with my new like minded community.
(sorry mister kling, i do not remember your name- but hi!)

p.s. thanks sister cecil for recommending me to your sci-fi friends!

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11 Responses to “I LOVE WORLDCON”

  1. Harold says:

    Melissa, that hellbound link got garbled, I think. But I found the article here:

    Glad you had a great time at the convention!

  2. cap says:

    I would really love to see/hear a record of your voice and bass only performance!

    Also looking forward to see OOOM. Hopefully there will be more screenings or a dvd release soon.

  3. Eric says:

    Awesome! Neil and Melissa, two of my favorite artists together at the same time!

    Waiting as patiently as possible for OOM

  4. Janaina says:


  5. At Worldcon, you mentioned your love of all things Viking. You might be interested in today’s Questionable Content 🙂


    (and you kicked serious ass at Worldcon, technical glitches or no!

  6. C. says:

    Like Eric said, Neil and Melissa, 2 of my favorite artists !
    And even witches have a blog, i guess 😉

  7. theMountainGoat says:

    Hi Melissa

    Just wanted to agree with others and say you did a great job at Worldcon, it could not have been easy to carry on through all those technical problems but you handled it all so well. Very brave and as someone said in Montreal the video is beautiful and I wish you the best of luck with OOOM.

    You might remember me as the guy who came up to you afterwards and said I saw you play Reading Festival a few years ago? I hope you do make it over to the UK to play a few shows next year although if I can afford to go to Worldcon 2010 in Australia that trip down under would be the same weekend as Reading, that would be a tough choice to make…

    There is something I wanted to ask – what was the third track you played? I know you played OOOM and Followed The Waves, but I was not sure about the third track. I think you said it was one of the first tracks you ever wrote? It was strange to hear the songs as just bass and vocals but pretty cool too, I really enjoyed it.


  8. Mlle Vintage says:

    J’aime beaucoup votre blog malgrés que je ne comprend pas tout meme si j’ai un bon niveau en anglais ! =S
    J’aime aussi beaucoup votre musique ! c’est la premiere fois que j’ecoute une musique aussi geniale !! =)
    c’est rare de trouver une femme qui a du talent en musique rock !
    J’espere que vous ferez des tournée en France et mais j’aimerais surtout que vous passiez a La Rochelle en Charente Maritime !! =)

  9. The bass only performance that you did in Göteborg was amazing.

  10. Hey, I just stopped in to visit your website and thought I’d say thanks for having me.

  11. I accept you and it surely about to help lots of people.

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