Clues to OOOM III

Take the Chains Off from MAdM OOOM on Vimeo.

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6 Responses to “Clues to OOOM III”

  1. Janaina says:

    Ahh I cant wait any longer! By the way, I love your shoes *-*

  2. Janaina says:

    What does a girl do when there’s a carcrash in the forrest?

  3. Juliana B. says:

    I’m surely reaching for the OOOM

  4. xMarKx says:

    Costa Rica-Place your bets on Melissa boys!

    ‘The Eighteen Sexiest Women of Rock’ by Web Wager has placed our girl Melissa at number 13. With over 12,000 site visitors each month, this is great news for the rest of the world, who will now learn just how sizzling hot our girl is.

    Madonna didn’t even place. (ha ha) Siouxsie Sioux came in at #18 and Bjork came in at #1…but in retrospect, all eighteen are in the betting pool.

    I only wished I could add one of Melissa’s personal quotes to memoralize this wonderful wager. (And secure my winnings)

    Of course, we all know who the real top hottie is…Go Melissa Baby!


  5. facundo morales says:

    seƱorita melissa le puedo desir: es al primer momento impactante y luego seguido, la exitacion por dar respuesta al ver la vida representada en su persona. Pienso con simplesa que es el intento mas lindo de Dios de revelar la belleza de parte de usted…le deseo ese mismo amor.

  6. facundo morales says:

    me refiero a las cadenas…como los genes

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