celebrate the NATURALIST


if it wasn’t for open minds,
the chase for knowledge,
and explorations on ships,
i surely would not be communing with you today via virtual log.

200 years ago, a role model for all of us was born.
charles darwin was born with a hunch in the gut-
that life was more than the upper class english culture he was raised in.
at the age of twenty he boarded a ship called BEAGLE,
and sailed around the world for 5 years,
collecting fossils, writing and engaging fully with the natural world.
changed man, changed world.
a life committed to understanding the natural world,
and how man has evolved within it,
sounds like a mission to me.
the darwin naturalist mission,
inspires me to wonder, what an active explorer should be doing now.
we have sailed the sea and gone to space,
scientific studies are often now in laboratories in our minds,
not aboard ships exploring desert islands…
we have an obligation to explore unchartered territories,
but so many adventurers have come before us…..
the pressure is on- so wether you explore in song or thought,
by foot or by air….
find your ship, a partner or two, and eat it up x
i am aiming to do the same….. eyes open everyday.
some titles to ponder in honor of a man who sailed for us:
Descent of Man to Emotions
The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex
The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms.



7 Responses to “celebrate the NATURALIST”

  1. KevinHogg says:

    YES!…when we explore…we discover…on this jouney of life into the unknown.

  2. KevinHogg says:

    …and sometimes when I work so hard and get very tired…my eyes get blurry…I can’t even spell simple words…like `journey’!:)

  3. Robert says:

    Thanks to Darwin we dont longer have to feel quilty climing in trees and such.
    His sience didnt prefend several wars, but now that its mor widely spread ,it mayed be a good medican for the future and a lot of new religions coming in to our lands.

    Happy V,

  4. MdMb says:

    You must explore South America! Bring along your musical ship sometime, OK? =)

    I’m off to the summer sun…

    Take care!

  5. Gaurav says:

    Good ..
    Hey You can view my Blog its also Good

  6. M.V. says:

    We all have an obligation: being an (r)evolution.

  7. xdAsx says:

    Happy Birthday soon, Ahh, so that is the connection, you were born on the day! Not St. Patricks day but the THE day. Billy too, man with the original pumpkin, still going strong after all these years. Can I say FOUR now and oh yes fucking ouch! Die Uncle Die, you dirty bastard, Hey uncle Look its Halleys comet,… and there was a sound of thunder…I do not expect you to know but if you do being Canadian and all; they play much golf in canada? recently at the nostalgic air show at our local airport NASA had a commemerative wiffle ball to zip up their pressure suit. A small diversion to the law suit if I only had a brain…Oh i do and eraser unerased now writing a movie to go with the compilation…Historically the biggest selling cd to date of alternative music quit a feat for a DAH m ass. Love you hope to listen loud soon sweetheat your the best! Fiction Accommadates Truth

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