2+8=10 into 2010

it’s that in between day, the 28th of december. just over the eating x-mass hump and oozing into the best night of the year! NEW YEARS EVE is the page turner into the second decade of this wild new millennium we are sharing. so far the 21st century has been what i expected. a fuller and faster digital extension of the last one…. the extremes seem to be ramping up full speed. the more crisis’ on the horizon, the more efforts towards progress develop and the stronger the opponents of change become. the stronger the good, the stronger the bad….
BUT HAVE NO FEAR! as always there are wicked humans making AMAZING things out of love and hard work. there is an endless sources of inspiration to engage with.
this is what i found…
2010 AGAIN
… reclining on a snowy dune on xmas eve, submitting to 2010 and reflecting on some of my favorite things of 2009~

~ Fever Ray
~ Mastodon “Crack the Skye”
~ Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America
~ Julian Plenti “…Is Skyscraper”
~ The Entrance Band
~ My Yellow Stone Road trip
~ JW Waterhouse Exhibit
~ Amanda Palmer’s Overall Expressive Ways
~ We Were Monkeys Video for Land of Talk
~ The Hope for Change

as far as the leaders of north america goes, this past week in particular has been most concerning. i am a dual citizen engaged in both the canadian and american system. the climate crisis and health care crisis have been at the fore front of this years end, and what a tragic closing statement it’s been. canada was ranked by far the worst western country at the copenhagen climate change conference. one of the worlds worst creators of fossil fuels, while being the least willing to make a change. how horrifying (not to mention canada’s engagement in the afghan war and blind eye to torture that came to light this past year) i’ve never been more disappointed in my homeland than now.
meanwhile, 2009 brought the USA loads of HOPE for CHANGE, but at the end of the momentous battle for health care reform (one of the countries most corrupt systems), NOT every american will have their health cared for and the lobbyists, got what they payed for ………… so, the biggest let downs of 2009, are that north of the border, they are willing to actively and shamelessly participate in the rapid deteriation of our planet and everyone on it, and the USA continue in their tradition of not caring for their own and allowing corporations to have final say. BRUTAL.

that being said, this has been an amazing year in the arts…. and all of this beautiful, weird and tragic will be translated into fantastical work made by we mere humans. we are beautiful vessels that harbor beautiful sounds, thoughts and visions. that’s why i wake up every morning, excited to be alive and why i go to sleep excited to dream at night. i have no real complaints, i LOVE the life experience we are sharing. the possibilities are endless, and the bussier we are, the more we will get done, and the further we reach, the more we will connect.
thank you for receiving my transmissions, and i could not dream for a better time to give birth to my new project. 2010 is a time for OOOM …

hug your family and animals for the next 3 days straight,
and see you in 2010!


7 Responses to “2+8=10 into 2010”

  1. Jan says:

    Happy 2010 Melissa!
    Good luck with OOOM. 🙂

  2. Raine says:

    Happy 2010 for you, sweet.

  3. Mariano says:

    Happy New Year, Melissa! Enjoy 2010!

  4. Miss Fitz says:

    Every year since time began, brutal things have existed and the fight to eradicate them will never end– but every victory along the way is worth every battle… and every scar leaves us more beautiful and more wise… happy to fight alongside you and team ooom for what is right! thanks for sharing your thoughts -and dreams and music- with the lot of us… !!!

  5. Sunny J says:

    Looking forward to OOOM! in 2010.

  6. U says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like your recent more not-so-mysterious posting style!

    Regarding your arts, I hope that in 2010 I finally will be able to walk into a record store and buy the OOOM DVD and CD. A European tour also would be nice 🙂

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