must warm up those rusty bones and strings-
can’t think of a better way to do it:
eve of samhain,
sneak sneak spook peek,
i am crawling out…..

9 Responses to “WITCHING HOUR”

  1. Citizen Jon-O says:

    Any hint of when new tunes are coming out?

  2. Dizzy in the clouds says:

    Dear Melissa,

    After listening to your music last week again, has been a while doing that, still find it on of the best albums ever made.
    Are you still creating that outstanding music or planning to?
    like to see you once again on tour, Belgium is waiting for you.

  3. Gabh says:

    I’ll see you in Göteborg on the 29th November, yayy!

  4. Bola de Chiclete says:

    Nice!! Its really cool that you have a lot of dates popping out.

  5. TotalRUSH says:

    OHH WOW!! I was born there. How tragic it is that I cannot attend the show.

    Can there be an encore show on Saturday??? Advanced notice please!! I missed the photo display in NY and I could have been there.

    Thanks So much for the local gig!!

    TotalRush aka TotallyWalled

  6. Yvon says:

    La prochaine scène du 1er novembre,appelle à d’autres dates de concerts?
    En tout cas je te souhaite un grand show…!

  7. Exotic Fever Records says:

    I have been listening to music you have made since I was 16. At 17, after seeing Hole at Lollapolooza in West Virginia, I began playing drums, and now have for 13 years. I run a little record label here http://www.exoticfever.com. Thanks so much for what you make and do – if you ever wanted, I d love to send you music I have played on!

    Katy Otto
    Washington, DC

  8. TotallyWalled says:

    Your show in Hudson was great! Thanks so much for putting that together. Now I have to go get ALLLLLLL of your stuff.

    Really hope you can do more in our area after you return from Europe.

    Good Luck!

  9. Jessica Dumb says:

    Melissa, I LOVE YOU! ♥

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