wild horse…


… and me.
the beauty you see when exploring abandoned houses.

love to thee


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  1. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    LOVE to YOU Melissa

    C’est vrai nous voyons souvent la beauté des choses seulement une fois les avoir quittées!!!!!!

    P.s.: I hope that Dorota isn’t too ANGRY after me!!!!Hahaha!!!!!!

  2. Missquo says:

    Nice rocking horse, where is that?

    My name is Andrea, I sat beside you in one of Zsolt’s classes at Dawson. I can’t remember which. Thought I’d google you to see what you were up to. From the looks of your blog (love your photos), it would seem, far more than I am. My job consists of sitting in a 10×10 fluorescent lit office in the marketing department of a company here in Montreal. Every. Day.

    Interesting blog, will be back to snoop! Take care.

  3. Bola de Chiclete says:

    Looks like there are lots of abandoned houses in Canada! Here in Brasil too. Most of them falls down, or homeless start to live there…
    Do you read this?…

  4. hungry hungry model says:

    Love Gino Vannelli

    and ooooooooh
    to The ghost of dominic… i’d like to say:
    “They’ve paved paradise and put up a parking lot”

  5. Yvon says:

    La belle et la bête…!;-)
    Hello Montréal,hello Melissa

  6. Gabriele says:

    It remembers to me of when I was a kid and used to go with my friends to explore the abandoned houses that laid in the countryside near my house .
    This was about ten years ago; now these houses are being restored, meant to become luxurious villas.
    I preferred them as they were…

    Love to everybody


  7. virve says:

    oh, i wanna hug you both!


  8. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Sorry Dorota,
    now i think that all the good british are better than me cause sometimes i speak like a fool.

    All my apologies to the British, Europeans,Roisin Murphy and everybody who could be hurt by my comments.

    I said this stupid things cause i’m not habituate to their accent and also because i generalized.

  9. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    What you want to mean Dorota by acoustic for Roisin Murphy on youtube and what is the reason of the word “fucking” between you & tube???(of youtube)

    Gwen,Roisin,Melissa and Courtney are all artists making music and music is just music nothing else of really important compare to health like exemple! So there is nothing of really “oxymoron” or paradoxal in that. IT’s just a question of taste, that’s all. Dorota!

  10. saturni_ana says:

    Indeed 🙂

  11. MdMb says:

    That horse would be the perfect gift for a child!

    So, are there lots of abandoned houses in Canada? This is the second time you post this kind of pictures.

    How do you get inside? You aren’t breaking the law, are you? HAHAHAHA

    Take care, Melissa! =)

  12. Marcelo says:

    Hey there,… still waiting for your new art to come out!

    In the meantime hearing and listen to all that what you have done.
    And making videos hehhe ,.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2gW_edSIZY

    Küssen from Brazil. (hope to see you live some day)

  13. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Salut à toi hungry model,
    Je ne comprends pas vraiment le sens de ta phrase “paradise” mais je pense que c’est un truc écolo..

    Un Québecois qui salut toi et les Français!

    C’est vrai Melissa ce cheval de bois ferait un beau jouet pour un enfant comme le dit; mdmb.

    Aimerais-tu avoir un ou des enfant(s) Melissa?????

  14. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    What’s new Dorota?
    Tu sais Dorota même si on se dispute souvent, je T’AIME bien!!!

    LOVE to Melissa & Dorota xxx

  15. xdAsx says:

    Can I play the horse in my CD player? You procrastinate worse than me “the writer” perhaps we both should finish our projects this year…hmm…and who the hell am I to say…waiting patiently for a ride on the musical equestrian highway madmoiselle!

  16. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    You’ll see xdAsx quand L’album de Melissa va sortir sur le marché,
    Madonna va encore tomber en bas de son cheval, Hahaha!!!!!
    tellement que les chansons de Melissa vont être HOT!

    Cela en espérant que le prochain CD de Madonna puisse arriver à la hauteur de la cheville de Auf der Maur!!!

    En passant, Madonna pour une fois dans sa vie devrait essayer de devenir Honnête avec moi…
    Qu’est-ce que t’en penses “xdAsx”?

    Everybody love Madonna and you xdAsx do you love Madonna, now?????

  17. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    J’aime Madonna mais je la préfère honnête et surtout directe…tourner autour du pot trop longtemps c’est bon pour personnes…

  18. xdAsx says:

    Madonna et son voyage musical perdu de yoga ne peuvent pas comparer à la génétique même de comme le génie de la mélisse. Pourtant quand sommes-nous entrés après l’attente dans la terre de l’inconnu ? Une telle entreprise musicale dangereuse ; ce besoin perfectionniste d’être de niveau avec des pregnacies artistiques intérieurs. Quelle naissance nous attendent mais notre propre engagement du désir, le long de ce dreamscape myridic. Pour se débarrasser de maintenant, et errer dans un passé d’a où ce monde était frais avec l’empathie pour les choses et la longévité vivantes douces de la maison de notre grande mère. Cette planète sur le foyer de l’univers. L’enfance spirituelle de l’humanité.

  19. M.V. says:

    I think of all the stories that this horse could tell us…

  20. ich says:


    I believe there are some alternative music venues waiting for U to perform here in Europe, places like the Botanique, Le Cirque Royal, Den Atelier or even C-Base in … Brussels, Luxembourg, Berlin, places where I saw Rufus Wainwright, The Smashing Pumpkins, Juliette (Lewis) and the the Licks, Keren Ann (who covered one song of ..Queens of the Stone Age) or … Cat Power performing.

    And I am going to fly to NYC again, and yes I’ll go to Terminal 5 to hear Cat Power again, and next month Keren Ann at the Bowery Ballroom, and yes I am going to stay at Chesea H, because U can still meet nice people there, come down and sit in the lobby with a glass of red wine and help some resident child who is studying mathematics and oh yes I m going to go out in Ludlow St because it is so similar to PrenzlauerBerg, the flemish quarter, or the Plateau MontRoyal…

    So be it !

  21. xdAsx says:

    so as to disarm…why?….and never! in my mind yet with elegance…beau coup 10se

  22. Doctor Rock says:

    It’s like something I’ve seen in a dozen weird dreams that I can’t quite remember.

  23. Joanna. says:

    Ohh Ce cheval à bascule est juste magnifique! J’arrive définitivement pas à comprendre comment on peut abandonner une aussi belle chose…

    Je te souhaite un bon weekend!
    En attendant de te voir sur scène bientôt…


  24. Jonathan says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I’m glad to see you’re well – your blog is out there…

    I don’t know if you’ll remember me – I’m the painter from the second floor at 253 Church St, New York City – we met a few times in the elevator. I’m having an issue with my landlord and would greatly appreciate it if I could ask you a few questions.

  25. iuryoda says:

    I had a toy horse many years ago… it’s one of my favourite animals ever

    please Melissa, release Out Of Our Minds and after come to play in Brazil! You will welcome surely!

    All of your fans around here are very anxious to see you rocking live in our country! ahahah

    Rock On everybody

    Take care Melissa!

    Iury Matias

  26. n)z3ro0nE says:

    or just the feel of abandoned houses, places where no one has been in a long time get this unique feel . . .inspiring . . i’m real curious about your projects and will start to follow this blog here . . . .Good Luck & Have Fun . . . . !!


  27. TUULIKKI says:



    In a photo you have tarot cards! Will you kindly let us know what tarot sets & tarot books you dig…and maybe a few wicca/magical books, too!



  28. TUULIKKI says:


    Here is both a great & posh cameo site. Enjoy!



  29. Alabama Cherry Ghost 40 says:

    Melissa, I just wanted to check up and see if you you were going to be releasing a new solo album any time soon. I loved your first album and have really wanting to hear some new songs of yours for a while now. I hope to hear some new music of yours soon. Hope you are well.

  30. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Melissa.

    I give you all the LOVE that you want from me!!!


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