the sneak peeks they creep
into cracks from here to there.
beginning with photos tomorrow in NYC

my visual and musical buddy conrad,
offered me a wall in an empty space.
so more portals into ooom will hang there
from 6-9 thursday- my favorite day.
jupiter day.
come by and peek:
34 east 1st st @ 2nd ave
october 23rd

wine and eye treats

miss you….
but MORE coming sooooooooooon

10 Responses to “MAdM OOOM”

  1. Caroll' says:

    i love the first picture ! i wish i could see the wall.
    jupiter day is good for centaurus 🙂
    have a nice day.

  2. MdMb says:

    It sounds great! I wish I was there to see it.

    Best of luck to you!

    If everything goes right (it has to), I’ll see you at Tivoli, in Utrecht. So exciting!

    Take care! =)

  3. Bola de Chiclete says:

    Congratulations for the work, the sneak peak is awesome. Its really interesting.

    Hope someday you come here in my land.
    I know its not that easy but I am sure that one day you will, and I am looking forward for this day.

    Bola de Chiclete / Janaina Jub²

  4. draiocht says:

    today? à la now?!

    alas, time thwarts again….

    luck to the photos!
    the three here are plenty curiosity.

  5. danielfrilans says:

    Hello Madam Maur.

    Like you new song “This Would be Paradise” sound great in my ipod. Really lookig foward to you new stuff. You bass sound is terrific, i love my AMPEG SVT-200t so do you?

    Great pict on you´re blogg, my friend is a Big Lomo fan Stephan Chabrier from France. Check out his stuff on

    Many huggs from dani in Stockholm Sweden

  6. KevinHogg says:

    Hello Melissa,
    I would love to see this art exhibit on the 23rd…but I will be driving to Montreal to see your show on the 1st of Nov. I (cannot wait)…I am very excited and thrilled to be able to attend this OOOM/music event! Blending the arts is a priority in my life as well.My great friend here on Blogger (bola de chiclete) a young bass player from Brazil told me about your big event on Nov. 1 and I immediately bought a ticket. I hope to take lots of pictures to share them with my friend from Brazil. She is a great fan of yours. Good luck with preparations for everything and congratulations to you on creating something very special for all of us to see, hear, feel, and think strongly about.
    I’ll be the guy from Ontario in the front row:)

  7. If you’re going to post comments, at least have the common decency to have read the post before you start spouting nonsense. You know who you are!!!

  8. I understand that but where does it take us?
    Who stopped payment on my reality check? 🙂

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