feel the need.

wow. those flags fly with determination don’t they?
i guess things have to be really broken
to kick a group in the ass towards change.
hop on the wagon and hope.
bouncy bouncy we shall wake up?
blue team all stars speaking up
clearly speaking for a group in fear.

eat a banana
light a candle
talk to your neighbor
call your friends
register to vote
remind others to if you don’t


back to school
looking good
believe it or not,
the sharing comes soon.
hilariously late but true….
i will be connecting with you in ether form
before the blues take over the white


20 Responses to “FEEL THE BREEZE”

  1. Jazzy Stardust says:

    interesting post.

    personally i find politics is bollocks.

  2. Wrenna says:

    Er… ouch. Kisses from Canada.


  3. IceShaft says:

    Your strenght and determination about American elections always amaze me!
    We are lucky to still have people like you, with your hopes, your dreams for a better world..

  4. D.B. Echo says:

    We will try not to disappoint you, and the rest of the world, for the third time in a row.

  5. jkd says:

    shake it up!
    and the breeze
    and yes, talk.

  6. TotalRUSH says:

    AHhhhh…..nice to see these… and thanks once again. We know your perspective well – OOOM – as we are.

    And how about you? Any plans for a gig? A show? An opener? A collaboration? A tryst?

    TotalRush & TotallyWalled

  7. enxofre says:

    from vilnius to oslo, after you my dear!

  8. Bola de Chiclete says:

    Even knowing I’m not gonna vote for anybody there in US (Im Brazilian)I hope Obama must be chosen by the population. He is the best and its not that difficult to see.

  9. tom says:

    elections aside, i’m checking the blog every week to see if there’s anything new on OOOM. it’s expected in far away places such as Israel! best regards

  10. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Mais je dirais ceci pour les États-Uniens tout comme mon ami Gregg dirait: “si jeunesse savait et si vieillesse pouvait”. Car Obama est jeune mais j’ai des doutes sur la justesse de son savoir et de ses valeurs profondes.

    Bien sur l’Irak a été une perte de temps,d’argent et de vies.

    Mais au moins les Republicains ont faits des choses contre le terrorisme ce que les Democrates non jamais faits du temps du Président Clinton.

    Mais il est vrai que McCain est agé.

    So why the citizens of U.S.A. will be not interested to vote for a GHOST like me?!? hahaha!!!!

  11. Gabh says:

    Good luck with school. It’s tough going back for the first three months, but it gets easier, and then it becomes fun.

  12. Vixxy says:

    Good news indeed.

    These are exciting times. Not only for the US, surely, this affects the lot of us. Change is on the way.

    Looking forward to listening again, before the blues take over the white.

  13. Bola de Chiclete says:

    Melissa finnaly

    Its a shame I cannot go, but congratulations congratulations, congratulations

  14. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    FÉLICITATIONS Melissa!!!!!!!

    Enfin! Merci!!! Thanks!

    LOve XXX

    I think that I could go to the Lion D’Or! No no that’s a MUST so will do everything to go there!!!!!

  15. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    I’m so happy that I make A mistake, i forget to add an I, in the sentence: I will do everything to go there!

    I’m so glad cause you’re back.

  16. xdAsx says:

    Well it is official "the donald" is now an endorser of the McCaine and his Hoe Train. Seems as if american politics will never come out of the shallow scam of the sublime slime and sleeze, as Bill Maur said…The mainstream American Public is too stupid to get it…the intelligence needed for change…of which a basic understanding of math, science, art, and english, is needed to comprehend…yet, I guess the truth is, we were all raised on crack, weed, booze, AND gangstar rap, or folded together at the seems during the great experiment of the scourge of the sixties, and seventies antics, of the devil company contraband patriots that fed us LSD, hash, china white, and a thousand different buds, so we could trash, laos, cambodia, and granada, eventually ending up as powder heads in recovery on court cards. Well Obama ya got yer work cut out for ya…it looks like if the American Public doesn't pull their heads out of their asses we get The white cracker and his hoe bitch. I am voting for Mickey Mouse just to piss off the Islamo Facists… Godwreck America.
    Peace< note during the oncore at Irvine no one held up a lighter, excuse me I am sick and I am going to puke now> Where did my freedom go?

  17. Robert says:

    ,ofcourse you feed the right wolf.
    Best of luck to you.

  18. xdAsx says:

    I don’t actually care about the election much just purgeing absent intellect from my head so it won’t fill up with wolf blitzerism. I say screw the american bailout and let the country go broke it is the only way america will learn to stop borrowing money. Just like me and my credit cards! I wonder what America’s credit score is, 420 520 I know it ain’t six hundred and look they can borrow 700 billion with a credit score under 600 and I can’t buy a car fuck them.

  19. Isabelle says:

    That’s way more clever than I was eepxcitng. Thanks!

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