time time time

snow, friends, fireworks and HA HA called in the new year.
this even number of a new yearly home feels yummy.

love love love

Isis, Queen of the Throne.
a feline survivor chose a new home in my heart.
magic eyes, part wild, part alien,
in the spirit of ancient myth,
she gives all.


our lives are framed by time and love.
greetings from mine to yours


26 Responses to “2008”

  1. darrenb says:

    thank you


  2. sparticus269 says:

    Im here for life.

  3. Cécile says:

    Que tous tes voeux soit exhaussés en cette année 2008 !



  4. Yvon says:

    Un chat qui doit te ressembler une part de lumière et d’obscurité…!;-p

    Encore mes meilleures voeux pour cette nouvelle année.

  5. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Allez!!! Buvons tous à la santé de notre Melissa… En espérant que 2008 soit ENFIN la sortie de son deuxième album solo. HA HA ha!!! 😉

    Bonne Année à tous et à toutes, incluant Melissa bien sur!

    Dorota, What’s happen to YOU???????
    You miss me, you was so crazy but so INTERRESTING and even ENTERTAINNING!!!

    Pour finir, j’ai vu dans les infos que L’année 2008 commençais bien mal pour Britney Spears et Michael Jackson disons même que se dernier risque de finir l’année en pièces détachées…

    Au moins toi Melissa tu as un bel avenir devant toi ce qui n’est évidamment pas le cas pour tous les artistes comme on peut le constater…

  6. Gabriele says:

    Happy new year, dear Melissa!

  7. MdMb says:

    Happy New Year, Melissa!

    May your 2008 be filled with music and love!

    Be happy! =)

  8. KevinHogg says:

    It’s great to see your new post. Cats are awesome. They `know all and see more’! If you turn the number eight on it’s side we can see the symbol for infinity. All thing are possible in 2008. I am very much looking forward to the release of your new creative projects. When you have a spare moment have a look at my new video.
    I am going to try to be as creative as possible in this new year. Einstein once said `imagination is more important than knowledge’ I am inspired by his words and I thought I would share them with you and your fans.

  9. isis says:

    hi melissa
    i had to step on your blog someday, and the day has come.
    interesting the cat (as i guess) and i have both the same name.
    have the best year as possible!


  10. isis says:

    hi melissa
    i had to step on your blog someday, and the day has come.
    interesting the cat (as i guess) and i have both the same name.
    have the best year as possible!


  11. Doctor Rock says:

    well that would be the way to chill the drinks there, up in Canada.

    And there is a moggy, I like moggys though not as much as cows because moggys do seem to judge us.

  12. infinite says:

    My life is framed by art and love.

    All the best wishes from germany =).

  13. Bola de Chiclete says:

    Brasil right now is summer and its more then 36 Celsius!!

  14. Dissaor says:

    Looking forward to see OOOM,

    Take care and hope you have a grat 2008

  15. DorotaAusPolen says:

    IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII listen to Roisin Murphy’s new album (“Overpowered”-coincidence?). I am busy being in love, breaking up, making out…this little girl of mine is driving me crazy…and everytime everything is fine it all feels to comfortable…and when it is not it feels cold and lonely, but at least I am writing again. Tell me what is better: Feeling nice and warm numb and lonely or feeling cold and nice and lonely and be able to write again siting on a wet bench sipping old Red Stripe?
    Her name is Nathalie Ashford and the way it looks and sounds it is just killing me. Dominic

  16. IceShaft says:

    Happy new year dear Melissa!
    May this year be YOUR year! 😉

  17. talcko says:

    feliz año nuevo desde mexico!!

  18. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    To answer to your question Dorota; to write i need silence! But I have to confess that being lonely is a nightmare for me. So I need more friends like you Dorota AND LIKE YOU TOO SWEET MELISSA!!!!

    Hey! Dorota, what’s your favorite liquor? (except red wine) I love Rhum & Coke because it’s sweet and that’s give to me a good mood, a good feeling!!!!!

  19. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Like Isis can i step into your heart Dear Melissa!

  20. Azameth says:

    Thanx!!!!! This year will be better than last.

  21. Jérémy says:

    Bonne année 2008 Melissa!

    J’éspere que 2008 sera l’année de la sortie de ton 2de album! Je l’attend avec beaucoup d’impatience!

  22. DorotaAusPolen says:

    Dominic, you are wrong all a…long

  23. DorotaAusPolen says:

    compare gwen stefani to roisin murphy is like compare aur der maur to courtney love and it is kind of ofenssive … you just showing me how much you are blinded in in virtual love with money making Stefani and real artist that yes making some money but check her out on youfuckingtube roisin murphy let me know acoustic and I hope You’ll understand

  24. DorotaAusPolen says:

    I don’t make any sense but is sense we are after? Gwen Stefani is nothing NOTHING even similar to Roisin Murphy. That’s my point!
    P.S. Like Melissa Auf Der Maur is nothing NOTHING like Courtey Love. It is an oxymoron.

  25. DorotaAusPolen says:

    like compare Antigone and Keon
    it’s wrong

  26. saturni_ana says:

    Happy new year, Melissa, I was missing u too much!

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