… it was a big one i tell you.
it marked the 10 year anniversary of my father’s death,
and the most stunning images ever captured in photographs:
i was speechless…..

opening my cyber mouth for the first time in a while,
i say this:
i want to share.
looking for the way.
my extended hand will come.
the wait creates a heavier weight on the shoulders of my imagination.
it will make me stronger.

thank you.


20 Responses to “04/08…”

  1. Dave says:

    Don’t worry. It WILL. You’ll find the way…

    Please and thank you, little sister – looking forward to what you’ll be putting out into the world this time around.

  2. Mark_AJ says:

    i can barely contain my self …
    and i saw those pictures of galaxies colliding in the morning paper and it just reminded me of how small and unimportant we are..
    on the western edge of a middling galaxy on an unassuming rock in a pretty boring solar system

    especially when you know universes collide and multiverses’ are stack on top of each other in a constant variable state and when you know quantum physics allows ever conceivable act to happen and an actual results of any given event are completely meaningless as its only a matter of perception

    then i felt like toast…

    and then i realized if everything is connected its means there is only one entity in the whole of existence and it’s not connected to anything .. its solitary and infinitely fragile

    and then had hot lemon tea..
    so placed in context, life has infinite and limitless potential
    and yet is rendered meaningless based on the notion of infinite possibilities and life having no concequence it left me bereft of words

    and craving tea cakes

    is summation breakfast was rather interrupted by metaphysics and am rather looking forward to your new stuff and particularly looking forward to you touring the UK
    and FYI I’ll get the beer in
    Mark-Anthony x

  3. Doctor Rock says:

    You’re father was an amazing man Melissa, I’ve read about him.

    And the cosmos is an amazing place, I’ve listened to Carl Sagan.

    It’s my hope that these peoples energy and wisdom is not lost.

  4. saturni_ana says:

    such an amazing galaxy, such an amazing woman! keep creating, your dad would be proud. love ya

  5. Bola de Chiclete says:

    Nice to read something from you!
    I hope that everything is OK about the release of the album, DVD, comic book…

    We will wait.
    Be sure.

  6. D.B. Echo says:

    All sorts of love to you, Melissa!

  7. xdAsx says:

    Hey M,
    Post a rough cut somewhere! PleasePleasePlease,

  8. MdMb says:

    We miss you… =)

  9. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Salut Melissa,

    WoW, une collision dans l’univers comme une rencontre dans l’univers…

    Your father must to miss you!?
    Don’t worry your father is in your heart and everywhere in the universe, your father is there.

    Ne te mets pas trop de pression Melissa. Tu n’es pas oubligé de dévoiler ton travail (ou même une partie de ton travail) surtout si tu n’es pas payé pour.

    Dorota I miss you once again!

    love & hugs XXX

  10. Natalie Ruth says:


  11. enxofre says:

    galaxies coliding and hearts beating for sadness and an opposite feeling. you know that happiness is a warm gun.

  12. Yvon says:

    Ceux qu’on aime,ne sont jamais très loin…!

  13. The Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:


  14. KevinHogg says:

    This blog post of yours is very special. The image of your father and the galaxy is a reminder to me of how special,important,and signifigant each one of us is. We are all individuals with great gifts that deserve to be celebrated.
    Thank you.

  15. Julia says:

    Melissa!! You are really amazing!
    I’m a huge fan of yours!
    I really want you here in Brazil to rock for us!

    Love *.*

  16. thalysson says:

    Yeah, great!

    And I’m still waiting (tired I must say) about your new album, even for news and stuff.

    I hope everything is great.


    – come to Brazil or let’s rock in Vail-CO/EUA, this winter. I’m waiting u there.

  17. Robert says:

    Normally i dont like politicians to much but your father seems to be an exeption towards the preconception.Anyway, good luck and hope to see you.

  18. Dr Satori says:

    I got into so much trouble trying to pinch bums to commemorate your dad’s passing. As I watched his funeral I felt ‘real journalism’ disappearing.

  19. christina says:

    i just stumbled across your blog. lovely. & i had to share this…this morning, patty & i were watching the squirrels dance in the trees outside our window & she said, "you know who loves squirrels? melissa's dad. he had squirrel friends too."

  20. pitesnet says:

    🙂 a big hug

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