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  1. pitesnet says:

    what a strange picture.. i like it 🙂

  2. Yvon says:

    I will like to go on your way, Melissa…

  3. Gabriele says:

    I guess you’re talking about you next album… Anyway great picture, it looks very misterious!

  4. MdMb says:

    Your posts = major excitement!

    My band and I played in a band contest yesterday, and I’m afraid we sucked.

    Anyway, we’re playing next Friday. It’s our first concert in 2007, and we’re all looking forward to it. We’ll be playing all the songs from our new record plus new ones.

    Last week I saw an incredibly talented bassist. Her name is Lara Pedrosa, and she plays in a band called No lo Soporto. You should check it out whenever you have the chance.

    Anyway, I’m off to study for a final exam.

    Be well!
    Huge hug! =)

  5. xdAsx says:

    It hurts my gut
    she “the survivor”
    how do I make that stop
    do you know?
    it was because of her is why
    that cold women that spit me out
    into the world
    like ibms stupid wah wah add in cond’e nast
    still bitching after all these years as i starve and deal with the ounce collection
    screw that red eye prick and his billions although i quit drinking vodka and gin i still love my olive
    and my black tiger
    eat a peach RR
    love you madm

  6. KevinHogg says:

    Hello Melissa,
    Your new image adds even more mystery to my view of your creative process. A visual metaphor of how you feel about being creative?…perhaps?
    Art and music and being creative are very closely related to me…this new photograph of yours reminds me of the work of Marcel Duchamp. I also read a recent note in Spin magazine that you were involved in an art exhibit. I would be very interested to learn more about that and how you balance and focus on all of your creative pathways.

  7. Doctor Rock says:

    Thats a very strange contraption under construction Melissa.

    Big storm blew up here last weekend, blew away all the power and telecomunications, I had to activate Armageddon Protocols here at my home.

    Cargo Ship Aground On The Beach

  8. enxofre says:

    coming together!
    that’s the point!!!

    coming together
    on ANY way…

  9. Sunshine Wec C. Addle says:

    I’m very excited.
    Your posts are kind a “miracle plays”
    (mystic on YOUR way)
    and we can just think about your album.
    Last night I dreamt about your concert in Serbia.And when I woke up I just started to cry.:'(
    You are so faaar,but we feel your love and perhaps thats the beautiful thing in being a musician/artist.You have a chace to show your fans your love.
    I have a hope to hear you someday.

  10. GnomeluvsMadM says:

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy possible hinting of album!!!

    patience is a virtue thats been forced on me


  11. xdAsx says:

    in cold
    in summer
    in salvation
    in canada
    in centrifuge
    in orbit
    in balence
    in deep
    in behind
    in mental
    in windows
    in us
    in form
    in color
    in decision
    in estatic
    in revolution
    in me

  12. Alexis Palomino says:

    Paciencia Melissita!!!

    Igual, siempre vamos a estar acá esperando leerte y mucho más escucharte…

    Muchos saludos desde Lima Perú, el lugar que quiseras visitar!

    cuidate mucho!!


  13. patricia says:

    yay! on your way! cant wait :), i think you are awesome and i spread your music to as many as i can, its a cool thing.

  14. ignatiuslep says:

    i don’t want to put pressure on you but you’re taxing my patience. i think you’re lost inside your music but i’m desperate without your new songs. please, don’t be like defleppard making one new record every 4 years. c’mon it’s only r’n’r.
    besos desde españa

  15. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Hi Melissa
    Je suis désolé pour avoir utilisé ton blog à des fins personnel.
    Mais c’étais pour une bonne cause!
    I hope that you will forgive me for that…
    You are always the only one for me!

  16. Sterculian Rhetoric says:

    Jaysus girlfriend, you sure get a collection of world weary testosterone laden heterogametes here.
    When are you coming back to Pembroke, Ontario, Canada?

    Are you aware that you look just like the young lady who is currently ‘making the beast with two backs’ with that “Wicked Game” guy, Chris Isaak?

    Is it you?

  17. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Oh yes! Sometimes it’s hard to welding, two things or more, together. Like in writing lyrics of a song that you even don’t know if your main idea is good.

    Often the links between ideas come quickly but that appens just in 2 occasions; When you let your imagination driving you OR when you know exactly what you want.

    But Melissa I think that the best lyrics are the most simple.

    I’m agree to say like an other of your Fans that is in fact just Rock N’R , so don’t put too much pressure on your shoulders!!!!


  18. Joakim says:

    What a strange language. You must be something.
    I’m not into mystery-talk. I just want to say that I am so sorry I missed your show in Stockholm. Oki, the reviews was not on the spot, but I just love your music. Hard and very very sexy. I like it when people do the base for real so to speak.
    Get over it. Put your new music on the market NOW!

    I’m begging you.
    And please come to Stockholm for me?

  19. eddyDallas says:

    I guess you just have to watch my Morning Views…
    Just check out My Blog…

    We Love U MadM!

    Awaiting your New Album, Love from the Netherlands….

    Eddy Dallas

  20. Sunshine Wec C. Addle says:

    i’m very excited about your new album.
    can’t wait.

    love you.

  21. darrenb says:

    Hope you are having a great Canadian summer. We’ve had record rain in Sydney – as per Doctor Rock’s post.

    Keep striving for your dreams. Regardless of what happens with record companies, you have an army of like minded people supporting and believing in you.

    Take care,

  22. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    MERCI !!!!
    Pour la faveur obtenue.
    Like Darren B. said we all support you Melissa. We are ready (your army of Fans) to wait with you Melissa until the BEST…

    Take care! XX

  23. xdAsx says:

    is that lke vertigo?
    accept you fall off your own bone pile.
    ending up being tortured by the endless army for having bad memories.
    the one’s the non human’s gave you.
    you know the type protect the lie at all costs as the death toll continues like the national debt.
    of america of course.
    run as the bullets glided through the banana plants, where the real pearl necklace almost fell out of the true window
    and the real nookie tookie placie.
    in the jungle at the end of a tigers sweet paws.
    i guess i should post something about music ya know rock n roll.
    like lock n load.
    number 9…….number nine……(from woodstock) WHO FELL OUT? On my account I want to know…xdAsx

  24. henrique.grunge says:

    sorry…nao ta falando em ingles

    gostei do seu blog! lindo amei mesmo tudo que voçe faz e maravilhoso
    tomara q vc teja me entendendo =]

    beijão “Ilove you”

  25. xdAsx says:

    the cold war
    was better than all of this?
    perhaps not?
    as i remember
    you are as
    as it gets
    hurry please
    i am
    boring myself
    with myself
    still have your
    photo from
    and my
    hogan’s hero

  26. eddyDallas says:

    You would… If only you Could….. Listen to my band? just wonder what you think about it……

    check it out here…. Sorry it’s all in Dutch but hey, you were there… (Paradiso – Amsterdam) you picked up a few lines i guess?


    THX for MADM…


  27. xdAsx says:

    york patties are to large for after dinner mints but they are on sale at stater brothers here in californication ya for a mere pig hog fat demonic amount of 33.3 cents minus the little things…who says it ain’t about money…as bugsy reciets the dwarf poem. and then there’s vegas laid like a country’s sins…(..)

  28. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Hi xdAsx
    I have a question for you: are you Dorota in disguise????

    Tell me the truth, I just want the truth!!!!

    Thank you!

  29. Cécile says:

    Melissa, veux tu m’épouser?


    Cécile 😉

  30. xdAsx says:

    Je ne suis jamais à masquer!

  31. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    I love your french xdAsx!

  32. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Are you a male or a female?

  33. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    I mean do you use a red lipstick or do you shave your beard???? Hahaha!!!

  34. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    En parlant de masquer (rouge à lèvres et de la barbe)!!!!!Haha!!

  35. Carlos says:

    Hi Melissa,
    really expecting your album, though I know it will be just when you feel it coming the right way. I saw you twice in 2004 (Glasgow and Nottingham) and I really liked your show (I even got one of your beauty plectrum).
    Have fun in the way to get your record done.
    One of your Spanish fans.

  36. DorotaAusPolen says:


  37. sparticus269 says:

    My Scorpio aura says hello Melissa-thanks for the inspirations and honesty.

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