through the grass

i can see

ah the patience…
i have called upon again and again.
the gap in time and space between
you and my music demands it.

the time to be an independent music maker
has descended upon this earth whole heartedly,
and i am caught up in the red tape of a monstrous corporation.
there are far more profound problems that could be,
so i am just sitting back and letting the cards fall where they may.
watching a cold river making cuts across the land,
and dreaming up more direct ways to get my creative ideas out there…

2007 will bring new and more immediate ways to share.
computer tricks and a new way of looking at things will do it.



42 Responses to “through the grass”

  1. z0mbie says:

    Hello Melissa,

    It saddens me to hear such news, but you must not let it bring you down.
    I have been waiting to hear your new sounds for a while now, a little longer won’t hurt I figure.

    I’m sure we’ll all love the new sounds when they arrive in the not so distant future, however long and however much you have to struggle against the guys in suits only hungry for profits to line their own pockets.
    In this age of technology you don’t need to rely on corporate muscle to get acclaim and the success you deserve, and only too soon they will realise this.

    Happy 2007 and good luck in your endeavours!

  2. MdMb says:

    Sorry to hear you have to deal with all that corporate crap.

    Still, it sounds like you are determined and urged to share your new work, so I’m sure you’ll find a way sooner or later.

    No matter what happens, you’re still a permanent inspiration.

    Best of luck and a huge hug! =)

  3. Tempest says:

    Here’s to getting through the red tape!

  4. DorotaAusPolen says:

    Please.Make a sound. I am stable now but it only means I wasn’t…I play bass with distortions but only birds can hear … what I feel …loud, no complaints, … I am waiting and I love you, this is not a joke
    I am writing a novel, do you mind being a part of it?

  5. DorotaAusPolen says:

    and I love you and love you and I will never forget I touch your red hair in astoria’s ladies room, do you remember? i don’t think so , but I’ve got pictures and I wont show it to anyone…Melissa, you seemed happy, I am happy surprised you are happy…but it is only a picture in ladies room, astoria, london, august, 31, 2003?i don’t remember, with von bondies gig

  6. DorotaAusPolen says:

    i do love you.

  7. DorotaAusPolen says:

    I do not know how can I manage to
    1. switch on my notebook
    2. get here
    3. write
    while I’m so drunk like I was last night

    I have to admit I couldn’t read 🙂 anymore…kno I know I have to wait, I will

    I have to admit. I’m bit scared of who I am while that drunk

    and this love thing bang bang
    🙂 unbelievable!
    Dominic I love you too and all of you and I want to touch hair of all of you as well, in ladies rooms , … I can believe how pathetic I can be, but I am! It’s me. And I’m laughing. It’s 8 a.m. I have to be at work at 11 a. m. but how? how? how ? i have to face myself I guess,, bye

    I’m trying to be cool
    freeze this aftertaste
    but it’s drinking aftermath i was so calm and quiet
    this week
    calm then
    bum bang red wine
    and i’m someone else
    for 5 hours

    but I do love you and I touched your hair and I’ve got that picture and as much as I know you, you are deep enough and kind in that honest but not trivial way that I am glad to invent yesterday that you could be a part of my novel because you inspire me , you , Tibethian Buddism, red wine, poverty, …ok, I have to take a shower, can you believe I am going to be in charge and serious, M&S will be in my hands!! From 11-7! Beware! The sun! The sun is rising!

  8. IceShaft says:

    Sorry to hear that!
    Even when you think you’re free, you’re never really free!
    The most important thing is to keep fighting and always keep your hearth sincere.
    This is your work, there is your soul in it, don’t let anyone to put their greedy hands on it.

  9. Doctor Rock says:

    I myself am very happy just knowing you are still with us, by your posts.
    Whatever happenes with your music will happen but being there is the most important thing. All you have to do is be.

  10. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    HELLO! Melissa
    Oh! yes PATIENCE… Even if it’s long i will surrunder to your beautiful music when time will comes to buy your CD! The gap is in my soul , but only your music MELISSA knows the trick to heal this bloody hole in my heart.

    It’s will be a sweet surrender to your fresh flesh of MUSIC!

    Dorota do you see the last video of GWEN Stefani called the Sweet Escape… There is also a link with HAIR… Beautiful very very very long golden hair of Ms Stefani…
    I love this funny video and you?

    During this last Saturday night , i dreamed that i was going to New York in a private jet!!!

    So Dorota if you want to touch my hair , bring me on your magic carpet, or even better in a private jet, to reach your musical air… to go with you everywhere…

    Until you see me Dorota , I will let grow my hair & my beard…

    Peace & LOVE xxx

  11. Blackwalls says:

    I’m sure that red tape, big corporations and all that crap cannot kill the talent, don’t you think?

    Music, your music, is far above all that problems.

    Happy new year.

  12. Blood Red Roses says:

    There has to be something that we, the fans, can do to help. Sign a petition, show how many loyal ones there are.

    I hope that you get through it. I can’t wait to here and spread the word of your new tunes.

  13. L. I. Quadrado says:

    if you have to deal with record companies stuff and are through difficulties just send them away and come to Brazil to play!
    you’ll see it is worth and pays you better!! 🙂


  14. fireSpirit says:

    if you want i can help you with computer tricks… I’m studing information tecnology to university too. follow the white rabbit… bye sweet madx

  15. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Melissa don’t let the red tape of this monstrous corporation rule you or ruin your businesswoman side. Because your better than all this people who try to manipulate and destroy your astist’s RIGHTS !!!

  16. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Melissa don’t let the red tape of this monstrous corporation rule you or ruin your businesswoman side. Because you are better than all these people who try to manipulate and destroy your artist’s RIGHTS!!!

  17. Saturni_ana says:

    hey, sorry to hear that 🙁 i hope there’s one day when art could fly without any restraints of those fucking corporations… keep a part of your art away from them, waiting for that day, just to flow freely, from you to us 😉

    sorry about my awful english 🙁 i am spanish though now i am trying to improve my english in Manchester (UK), are u planning to come round here? I’d love to see you coz i have not had the chance to do it in Spain.

    Keep on creating, keep on making us vibrate with your art.


  18. Kappa says:

    hi Issima,

    I do agree with z0mbie and other fellows regarding corporate matter.
    nowadays technology gives you , and to who ever wants to make some kind of art expression , fully support and capacities.
    Net is actually a new world behind a the World.
    the difference is to choose to be a good white clean sheep , make the art that corporate wants and oblige , take easy money smile and says yes ; or, on the other side,make the art expression growing in yourself, fully, without compromises, as the true art should be.
    it might mean less of contracts ,less money, but actaully complete satisfaction.
    however , we have same proble over here in Italy.
    Corporates want singers/bands to play easy dead zombie music crawling since the ’60, while lotta of good and creative bands are struggling to find a gut where to play live.
    at Least in USA or England sometime someone has a chance…

  19. anita_ says:

    Is all fucking bussiness and it is a shame that it is happening to are the one who has the talent and one of the few artist who gives everything in a stage and in music too.So i wish you all the luck while you are dealing with this and its for sure that soon we will be delight with your new work =)

    kissess from argentina!

  20. muesli90 says:

    Hello Melissa,
    sorry about the trouble you’re going through… I am really excited to hear some now tunes from you so I hope everything turns out well for you in the end!!!

    However, it might cheer you up a bit: I must say that you really are the coolest artist/bassist/woman around!!! I’m so impressed by you, your music and website that I’m going to learn to play the bass, too now. Keep rocking and I hope to see you on stage in Cologne, Germany sometime!!!

  21. Martin says:

    Dear Melissa,

    I had such a lovely daydream about you while driving home from work today listening to your album I thought I would write. Though I love your music (caught a snippet of ‘follwed the waves’ on telly and recognised you – loved it and bought the album) I know very little about you, so excuse me if this little intrusion – even though you are busy writing – how about getting married to an English Primary School teacher (that’s me). Settle down. Nice house in the country, a studio for you. A baby girl? You could tour – we could come along, then when at home, I can still go out and teach. How about it? It truly was a lovely daydream – whatever the weather. Good luck with it all – looking forward to hearing the results. Mart x

  22. The Missing says:

    C’est trop triste, je suis tellement décue…
    Bon courage! Et jespère pouvoir bientôt entendre des nouceaux morceaux!!!!
    Bisous de France

  23. DorotaAusPolen says:

    who is Gwen Stefani?

  24. Joe S. says:

    Hi Melissa,

    There was a great interview with The Dresden Dolls on NPR (National Public Radio) here in the States. It was really depressing, because it talked about the business side of music right now.

    It’s horrible that SO many people steal money away from artists – record companies, venue managers. It’s horrible. Dresden Dolls are relatively popular at the moment, but they make the equivalent of $7.50 an hour – about what you can make at a fast food restaurant.

    You’re a genius, so when the rat bastards at the record company or whoever is trying to take your money, BITE THEIR HAND! 😀

  25. DarrenB says:

    the f’ing corporation,
    yeah i work for one ’cause i need certainty (situations arise & need to be maintained),
    got to support the non corporate good guys in the story of life,
    from rome, to the english empire, to god bless america,
    the f’ing corporation

    here’s some random anti corporation music – go pete – a bit cheesy 🙂

    btw gee hollywood actors like toni collette & russell crowe annoy me. their dalliance with music to satisfy their need for attention makes me puke. they have no idea how a true musician suffers for their art. toni was just on rage ‘acting’ the rock chick… – anti crowe music – 17 seconds is enough – 4:17 seconds is way too much

  26. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    The facts are simple.
    Hollywood’s industries are jealous of the next Melissa’s album. Because some makers of noise like Simply Boring ( Simple Plan ) or even worst Senile Dion ( Céline Dion) have no problems with stupid corporations and yet their material is just bullshit.

    Melissa you have all my admiration and kept fighting against dirty corporations.

  27. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    GWEN is my second favorite girl after MELISSA of course!!!

    My friendship to you Dorota

  28. enxofre says:

    hallo 2007!

  29. RAN says:

    Hello, I enjoy the Aries dance when I am low. Thanks! Best Wishes.

  30. RAN says:

    Hello, I enjoyed the Aries dance,a riot,gave me a lift. Thanks!Best Wishes

  31. DorotaAusPolen says:

    I know I know Gwen but I do not know who she is anymore. White bling I suppose? I had a look and I don’t like her hair this song whole Gwencreation, but No Doubt, sentiment remained. I’m just a girl that’s all you let me beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    But girl…you’ll be a woman…soon…can’t wait to full moon. . .

  32. DorotaAusPolen says:

    I like Emily Haines … and her hair…especially after few songs she performs…messy messy wet disorganized true no hair stylist just pure energy and heat heat and truth and pure wet disorganized and wait I’ll take a sip of a red wine(danger! danger is coming:) )

  33. DorotaAusPolen says:

    danger is here. check Roisin Murphy and Moloko live and I am sure Dominic, you will be carried away in a good way. Just try.
    Roisin kissed me in my forhead and smoked a cigarette but I knew I was asking to many questions, so I let her free…check this out

  34. DorotaAusPolen says:

    Jerzy Kosinski

  35. Maren says:

    Hey, I realise this is probably one of the weirdest questions ever, but me and a friend want to make a drink in your honor. Assuming you drink, what kind of alcohol is your favorite?

    It will contain raspberries. I hope you don’t hate those. :oP

  36. Clever Monkey says:

    A partial response to the unimaginative:

    Is there anything more boring and stifling than the dread 7-record deal?

    Cripes, the day of the big record company is /over/.

    If the kids think that 128kbps MP3 is fidelity, any one of us can master our own records and sell ’em cheap. Fidelity and distribution is only going to get better, anyway.

    The history of music played by experts for an audience is less than 500 years old, and some of the oldest human artifacts are musical instruments. We sang, danced and played for ourselves for millennia.

    If you want to be a star, by all means go for the big record deal. If you want to make some music, just (as the man said) “shut up and play yer guitar”.

    Assuming that we /require/ large corporate interests to have a “music business” is silly. Further assuming that there are no systemic problems with Big Music is even sillier.

  37. Gino Bambino says:

    Let´s see Melissa.
    We all have to listen your next record.
    You´re the last hero of Rock n´roll, stoner rock, light metal rock, rockpop,…as you want to call it.

    I listen millions of records year by year and, believe me, your best property is that you have something new to oofer. Your music have “that” ,that thing that all musicians are trying to find (some of them by an unconscious form, some of them by a commercial strategy..) but you have find “it” by a normal way.
    That´s beautiful.

    You´re new.

    Thank you.

  38. Dave says:

    I love you.

  39. Dave says:

    I really love you.

  40. Sound Junkie says:

    “Truly great music is hard to find, difficult to ignore, and impossible to forget.
    It is the sound & emotion that makes your personal moments your most memorable.
    It is the substance that binds us when speech, sight, touch, & faith fail.
    It’s sheer sound taps into the thoughts & feelings we long for..,
    ….it is the essence of what I believe Auf der Maur provides.

  41. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Hi Melissa & Dorota

    I have to be honest with you Dorota cause i don’t like songs of Roisin and Moloko neither.

    I prefer the sound of Goldfrapp & even Goldfrapp let me indiferent by their stupid animal’s faces in their videos. I do Respect animals but each things at their place…
    I like a lot animals but i think that it’s a lack of respect, of these pets, to use them to bring more money. Goldfrapp can be much better than this!

    It’s OK for one shot of pets but in the case of Goldfrapp it’s an exaggeration.

  42. What about Michael D? BTW, Bookmarked

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