the birds and the bees…

red robins singing at night,

bees experiencing colony collapse disorder

trouble in the web,
the fiber that keeps us together.

hello happy happy spring friends.


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  1. Gabriele says:

    Unfortunately it seems that selfishness is prevailing even on mass survival instincts… what a sadness.
    Anyway, greetings from Firenze (Italy)!

  2. patricia says:

    hey melissa you rule and thats all i have to say

  3. Robert says:

    Hey Melissa,
    theirs a earth-like planet discovred outside the solar
    systeem,mayby our mass protection
    survival instintcts will
    take us their?When the birds&bees
    show us their new springs.

  4. Yona says:

    In the heart of every winter lives a palpitating spring… And when it wakes up, we all are reborn.

    Happy spring!

  5. ava says:

    hey! just to say hi! i like your words, images and songs very much!
    : D

  6. jon says:

    hello melissa

    my name is jon. i have just begun to listen to your music and i enjoy it very much. you are very talented.

    i have read that you are also a photographer… do you have any of your work here on the interenet?

    i too am a photographer and actually this is why i am posting this comment.

    while discovering your music and looking at album covers and things i came across an image that i like very much. it is the black and white image that is on your single for “followed the waves”

    i have not been able to find any information about that image though. it appears to be from the same photo session that the image on your first full album is from.
    all i am curious to learn is the name of the photographer who took these images?
    was it you yourself?

    if you are not too busy and had a second to share that information with you, would you be so kind as to email me?

    my email address is:

    thank you so much for your time

    from jon

  7. Doctor Rock says:

    Wretched Doctor Rock has always cared for all the fury and feathery folk out there on the planet, but what can I do to help. What on earth can I do.

  8. Yvon says:

    Hello melissa, could we one day dialogue you and me?
    In French, well on…!

  9. emma says:

    has any one ever been able to smell the rain on a hot day? or am i going crazy?

  10. Richard says:

    Sadly, the greed of many has eroded the collective conscience we require for the mass protective instinct…

    but ,hey, I love the spring and the annual rebirth of colour, makes me feel hyper-alive.

  11. MdMb says:

    Everything is getting kinda crazy. Around here, floods are becoming more and more common.

    There are sudden huge weather changes happening. About 10 days ago, we were at almost 40ºC, and it rained a whole week, non-stop. Today, we are at 6ºC or even less.

    It is getting worse and worse over the years, yet it seems we don’t want to realize something’s wrong.

    I know this will be a really shallow comment, but I wanted to tell you I recorder my bass lines last week. Weird experience. Not completely satisfied, yet curious to listen to the final result. I’m going through this “bass player crisis” thing, and I’m sad.

    Huge hug!

  12. Blood Red Roses says:

    yay! yes spring is here at last, and it’s lovely

  13. Séba says:

    Salut Mélissa,

    Je t’ai découvert grâce à ton duo avec Indochine…

    Je trouve ton parcours musical assez fabuleux !! J’suis fan de toi, de ta musique…

    Ca serait chouette que tu écrives un article en français dans ton blog !!!

    “Laisse-moi être ta croix
    Laisse-moi essayer
    Laisse-moi être juste toi
    Laisse-moi être comme toi”


    A Bientôt ! Séba…

  14. Nucleo says:

    Hi Melissa, happy spring to you! You’re great, greetings from Milan, Italy. 🙂

  15. Alexis Palomino says:

    hello melissa from Perú…

    Thank you so much for mentioning my awesome and rich (cultural) country in a past post…

    Unfortunately we don’t have the money to cost one of your gigs…i think it will be too expensive(damn money) for you…

    However, our hearts and ears will be allways open to you…

    Thanks for your art!!!

  16. Mark says:

    Happy Beltane Melissa!!! I wish I could jump through the fire with you and land on the other side in each other’s arms. Blesssed Be.


  17. Robert says:

    Hi Melissa
    I would love to work and live in your country.I could marry you
    right away.Mayby we should meet?

  18. saturni_ana says:

    happy spring, melissa!

  19. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Hi Melissa
    There is trouble in the web but there is also trouble in mankind. The richs are always abusing of the middle class and also of the poors. There is NO JUSTICE… The earth is polluted by the richs and most of all by the richs industrials because they want to become more and more powerful and rich…

    It’s very simple, CAPITALISM is at the base of the problems of pollution and probably even of your bees disorder!

  20. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Il y a la pollution mais il faut aussi noter que le soleil est de plus en plus fort, ce qui n’aide en rien le phénomène du réchauffement planétaire. La preuve de la nouvelle force suffoquante du soleil est que même la température sur Mars se réchauffe.

    Melissa tu devrais peut-être abandonner l’environnement (cette cause perdue d’avance) et faire comme la formidable GWEN Stefani, c’est à dire t’intéresser aux enfants malades et défavorisés ( les oubliés du système Québecois ( D.P.J. )) et Dieu sait qu’il y en a énormément.

    P.S.: Cela n’est qu’une suggestion, L’environnement c’est bien aussi.

    Je m’ennui de TOI MELISSA…
    I miss you so!!!!


  21. xdAsx says:

    Remotely speaking I think the wobbling wave of cell phone noise confuses the bees and the get disoriented resulting in bee health breakdown, even worse somethig we have yet to understand about ourselves as such elitest humans is our allergies to magnetic waves and light so I do hope in our illusstriuss future we can slow down on the intrution of unknown technologies before we all go inzane and endup like lost beez. david man without cell phone.

  22. viteh says:

    melissa estas bien rica tu musica mmm no la conozco mucho pero en los video de hole uffffff realmente me pusiste pero como cañon
    saludos sister aunque no entiendas ni mierda de lo que escribo

  23. Don S. says:

    Hi, Melissa —

    this is the German guy from Panini Comics (Steffen) you met at SDCC at the Broadwaord/TAROT booth. We were talking there about bringing out you comic book and album through some good German indie label. I now have some good and interested contacts and ideas. If you still are interested, please contact me, you got my card.

    Best, Steffen

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