sword in hand…

…leads you to the promise land?

all i know is HARD core believing is the only way.
fight fight fight
push push push
laugh laugh laugh
love love love
this spring day has delivered a huge heap of hope!
thank you

also, a brand new girl named Arrow arrived.
we are ready to show her a good time.
one day old,
dozens of hearts open.


17 Responses to “sword in hand…”

  1. MdMb says:

    “LIVE LIVE LIVE”… It all comes out to that, right?
    So simple, yet so complicated some times. It’s so worth it, though.

    Who’s Arrow? I’m curious!

    My band’s drummer recorded all his parts last saturday. It was such a great experience to listen to him playing all alone, without the rest of the band. You could just concentrate on his music. I always knew he was an amazing drummer, but I’m afraid this was the first time I had the chance to experience his talent at the most. I was astonished.

    It’s so nice to be sorrounded by talented people who love what they do…

    Anyway, live, Melissa!
    Huge hug! =)

  2. Dave says:

    hi, mel.
    fight for your dreams melissa!
    I can’t wait to hear some new stuff from you soon.
    Je t’adore my cute little redhead. 😉

  3. bona says:

    Et alors? Comment vont les choses?
    Je me sens un peu seul d’être le plus grand fan du monde de mon quartier.
    Vivement un nouvel outil pour travailler le reste du monde.
    A bientôt, donc.
    Sois soie.

  4. Mark says:

    Nice Frazetta painting you chose for a visual aid to your statement. Fight, love, laugh and live, I couldn’t agree more. And I love you. Yours always,


  5. dantraxx says:

    hi mellissa ,
    i’ve search you on youtube and i found some interviews wih and i thought”uu.. interesting gal”
    well i’m doing a band…and probalbly you’ll get a suprise…;) i also write and take some pics add me on msn dantraxx@hotmail.com or pass
    in http://www.myspace.com/thedantraxx now there are only rearshals and jams but i’m gonna put new songs..

    beijos!! my msn blog is in portuguese so if want to learn go there…

  6. dantraxx says:

    lightming girl? comes from photography influences? acheving bee enlighted?


    reply to


  7. Blood Red Roses says:

    Is Arrow’s someone’s new baby??

    Ahhh!!! I can’t wait for some of your new music!

  8. Doctor Rock says:

    The stronger the wood, the straighter the Arrow.

  9. GnomeluvsMadM says:

    havnt been here in ages, just pooped by to see what was happenign and say how much i missed u! 🙁

    one day we’ll get that album we want!

    Who’s baby is it?

  10. Ann Hedonia says:

    You are an inspiration!

  11. Yona says:

    I deeply believe that the sword in hand is the way of coming to the promised land… but only if Love guides…

  12. Yvon says:

    I do not promise myself the promised ground, but the song that I hear will surely lead you to this place…!

    Many kisses melissa

  13. Guy Dixon says:

    Melissa, it’s Guy Dixon, an arts reporter with The Globe and Mail. Excuse the office-like tone of this, but if possible, I’d like to ask you a quick question. Could you please drop a line to gdixon@globeandmail.ca
    Many thanks, Guy

  14. emma says:

    Omg, i had the wierdest dream, i met melissa and then we crashed a party, and after that its pretty vague but it was deffinalely fun lol. i met lots of famous people in my dreams….. hehe FUN

  15. Ghost of DOMINIC says:

    salut Mélissa

    joyeux noël en retard, dire qu’ils y en a qui disent que la température se réchaufe????, eh bien à Montréal elle se refroidit…

    amour et paix à tous qui N’exploite pas monétairement le thème de l’environnement à des fins de capital politique ou de popularité égocentrique et narcissique…

  16. saturni_ana says:

    LIVE, LIVE, LIVE! it’s funny coz those are the words i wrote in the first page of a notebook i started to write when i decided to go to live abroad. It is something I needed to remember today 😉 thanks Melissa!

    I can’t wait to listen to your new cd!

  17. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    J’ai très très hâte d’entendre ton nouveau CD, chère Melissa!

    En passant je tiens à féliciter Gwen Stefani pour le très beau geste de soutient qu’elle donne aux enfants défavorisés.

    LOVE and PEACE for you young Lady AUF dER MAUR

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