man, best man…

…and little girl.

love, marriage and child.
it happened, it gave me life.
big love.

i stand between them,
investigating the mystery.
determined to make my way.

Father’s Grave
Mother’s Red Box

clues, coming your way,
to be yours for the keeping.


19 Responses to “man, best man…”

  1. Doctor Rock says:

    Some mysterious words there Melissa, but you have some good memories of your father and the things you did together. believe me not everyone recieved as much from their parents.

  2. Dave says:

    Je t’adore Melissa…


  3. Yvon says:

    La petite fille que tu fut est toujours aussi jolie.
    Return to the sources, the roots, beautiful attention

    Many kisses melissa

  4. Andrew says:

    Hey, I was just wondering when the new album’s out, your site says it was to be out last spring! Or has it been released and there’s just no UK release? I’m eager for the muzak!!

  5. Robert says:

    O yeh what about this album cover
    of the year? Check my block

  6. MdMb says:

    Intriguing words… Something to think about.

    Your artwork is always beautiful.

    I was supposed to be recording right now, but I couldn’t make it because I’m ill. I’m disappointed.

    Last saturday I got a distortion pedal for my bass and it sounds way too cool! I’m happy with it.

    Anyway, I have to get to work, even though I’m ill, I have to do something to stay on schedule with my job.

    Be well!
    Huge hug! =)

  7. Franck fm brest says:

    Cute and shy. Opaque et interessante. You’re my “ever loving bass player”. Add an injection of pure R’n’R in the next issues.
    Rappelles toi Teennage head.

  8. eder muniz says:

    Olá Melissa!
    for me, you are a inspiration.

  9. darrenb says:

    always thought provoking xMAdMx

    some old footage of father adm courtesy of youtube. look out for eodm time lord jesse hughes without the piece click here

  10. saturni_ana says:

    are u that little girl?

  11. Doctor Rock says:

    that old video of table hockey with melissa’s dad in it is very good.
    What an interesting man.

  12. Kika Simone says:


  13. glendis says:

    deep and beautiful.

  14. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Hi Melissa,

    Does the best man of your father was his brother or a friend?

    Healthy Love, marriage and child what a great recipe!

    You was a beautiful little girl and you still a very gorgeous young woman, forever and more and more attractive and interresting!

  15. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    You was investigating the mystery of love, marriage and maybe also How to make babies. hahaha!!!!

    I’m sure that you are always determined to make your way with the way as beautiful an original as you are!!!

    Unfortunatly life can be so cruel; your father die.

    Your mother’s red box still a mystery for me.
    I just can’t wait for other magic clues…

    Finally the BIG question: …Miss Auf der Maur, Want you to marry me!!!! I’m seriously in love with YOU!!!!

  16. Ghost of DOMINIC G. says:

    Thanks Darren B. for the video…

    The Father of Melissa was a lot of things including a nice gentleman & a party guy.


  17. Michael A says:

    I accidentally came across your website and remember seeing your band play in Ottawa at the Capital Theatre. Looking forward to hearing your new CD…. I very much enjoyed your website and photography….

    Michael A
    Concord, NC

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