and gone.

the green beer day of st-patrick’s and my birth has come and gone.
the first day of spring has come and gone.
the snow is on it’s way out, into the earth and rivers.
in that time i loved my family, friends and cat Thor.
witnessed the passion of two leaders on the environmental crisis.
as they said….
there is a huge opportunity in this crisis
emergency + opportunity = crisis.
technology + will = solutions
and also said…
we have a moral responsibility
to protect the web of life we are part of.

before that all came and went,
i sat on a mini chair on a large frozen river,
humming a tune.

the stories and sounds are getting LOUDER.
my cut through the red tape is in process.
much, much more to share soon.
for now i send you this cyber post card.

22 Responses to “come…”

  1. MdMb says:

    Happy belated birthday, Melissa! I posted a message in the official forum, but I forgot to write here for the special ocassion. I hope you’ve had a fantastic time with the ones you love.

    My God! Sitting in a frozen lake…
    I can’t even imagine how wonderful it must be. The massive white, the cold air, the power of silence.

    Now that you’ve mentioned your cat, I cant tell you I have two new cats! They are a only a couple of months old, and they were picked up from the street. They are recovering now, because they were in pretty bad shape. One of them woke me up yesterday, as he climbed up my bed.

    I’m going into the studio with my band in a couple of days. We’re recording a 7 track EP. I can’t stop wondering how it’ll sound. I’m looking forward to this experience, because it’s been several years since I last went into the studio. I know I’m gonna “suffer” all the way through the recording process, because I tend to feel the pressure of playing perfect tunes, but still, I know it’ll all be worth it!

    I’m also looking forward to listening to your new sounds. I need them so much, I couldn’t even tell. Anyway, I know patience is a virtue.

    I hope you find your way through the red tape really soon. Don’t give up! (I know you won’t, I’m sure you’re not that kind of person).

    Take care.
    Huge hug! =)

  2. Nandinho Jr. says:

    Congrats for the birthday!!

  3. TiaraGurl says:

    A most Happy Birthday Melissa fellow pisces-always looking forward to what you are up to.-E

  4. TiaraGurl says:

    A most happy birthday, spring and lifetime to yu MADM. Alwys waiting to see what you will bring into the world next. need help sorting negatives? luv E

  5. IceShaft says:

    Happy belated birthday!
    Spring is arrived but it seems winter here..
    This is year has been really “strange” in my country and in the whole Europe…
    We’ll see…
    Hope to hear from you soon again!
    Take care!

  6. Doctor Rock says:

    You are one very strange and marvelously wonderful person Melissa.

  7. emma says:

    hey gus type in melissa auf der maur on you tube and the first video that comes up is really good

  8. Ghost of DOMINIC says:

    Hi Melissa
    About music industries (the red tape), they are better to treat you right. Because you are a marvellous artist and if they don’t have enough respect for you, this mean also that they don’t respect all your IMPATIENT FANS…

    I’m maybe a little bit angry but I just can’t wait for your next masterpiece Ms Auf der Maur!

    All right the magic of spring is begining and girls are in bloom!

    And you MELISSA are you like a gorgeous flower, ready for an amazing summer????


  9. smashing_pumpkin says:

    Happy birthday! =] I celebrated by watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show and eating green pancakes with my friend =D

    Muuusic… every time I’m not thinking about the Smashing Pumpkins getting back together, I’m thinking about your new CD. I’m thinking of marching to the record company and selling my soul to one of the employees just for a snippet of a new song of yours XD Perhaps not… but close! I’m waaaaiting, and I’ll wait for ten years if that’s what it takes =D

  10. thaisa says:

    here is Thai from Brazil!
    Happy belated birthday, Melissa!

    and I want SOME news songs!!! pleaze!!!!!
    Love your music!

  11. Galaxia says:

    I have a band…do you wanna play with us?

  12. Yvon says:

    I will like to come but there or you sat and a little dangerous… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. missfitz says:

    Another Pisces is here to wish you a happy–if belated– birth day, Melissa. We are being as patient as we can in waiting for new MadM music– I think we feel your fire, too. Must be the season for the studio– my band has just finished recording a new album, we are just starting the mix phase and I am relieved to be done with brilliant but agonizing process of creating the recordings! SO, ‘mdmb,’ I wish you the best on your EP!

    Melissa– I wish you the best on the red tape… I often think it would be sweet to have the word ‘Capitol’ or ‘Island’ on our record– but second thoughts relieve me of that weird impulse! I’m eagerly awaiting your next work, with or without a big bad label logo.

  14. emma says:

    helllooo all.
    Melissa, do you fancy coming to wales and teching me to play bass properly???

    i love beast of honour, awsome song. has any one listened to courtney loves stuff,her new album sounds good..Whens melissas gonna happen????


  15. gedag says:

    Happy birthday

  16. Yona says:

    Iยดm looking foward to see you again! (I saw you in Madrid supporting A Perfect Circle). My birthday was a few days ago too! Happy birthday, Melissa!!!

  17. DarrenB says:

    Happy Birthday Melissa. Best wishes for the year ahead.

    Thank you for your inspirational photography. Below are links to photos of my beautiful cat and the bay area I live near. Also below is a video clip of Jesse Hughes talking about a viking who became his friend and saviour.

    jesse hughes at triple j
    my beautiful sweet p
    bay area

  18. jacqueline says:

    Oh Melissa it is so so good to hear from you again ๐Ÿ™‚

    All the best with the sonorous delights you are forming…much anticipation!

    kisses from wonderland…

  19. Lianna says:

    after the new cd release, come and feed us here, in BraSil.

    We’re starving, literally, by the way…

    Happy birthday =]
    all the best


  20. Ghost of DOMINIC says:

    Hi Melissa!
    Happy belated April-fool hoax!!!!
    Joyeux Poisson D’Avril, en retard!!! I love people who got a good sense of Humour… Humour is SEXY… Don’t you think Melissa & sweet Dorota????

    I miss you Dorota!
    Your right Dorota I’m obsessed by Melissa and stars like her…

    XlOveX Bye Bye!!!

  21. Amy Glass says:

    Hey Melissa, I just wanted to bring your attention to the number of people posing as you on myspace. Folks are falling for it and really think its, might wanna talk to a lawyer.

    Peace, love, and pass the bass ^_^

  22. saturni_ana says:

    nice post-card! i love your pics! i knew u bcoz of your music but this weblog is being very useful to approach to all your Melissas! ๐Ÿ˜‰ thank u very much for sharing your art with us ^^

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