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  1. Fausto says:

    Hmmm… Lovely!

  2. MdMb says:

    This is completely random, but I’ve never milked a cow. I’ve had the chance, though. Still, I’ve never done it.
    Yes, I know, this is TOO random! =)

  3. Fiodor says:

    i’ done it… i was a child
    (why am i telling this?)

  4. Doctor Rock says:

    Cows are outstanding, they do not judge us.

  5. i like plants xD says:

    😀 those cows look like the ones we have in tyrol 😀 … but they are already back in the valley 🙁 not up in the good mountain air 😀

  6. ×××hEnRiQuE says:

    beautiful cows..!
    Melissa can’t wait for your album, I’m kind hate to went here and you don’t speak so much about your upcoming album.

    post ONE song, please =/

  7. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Hi Melissa
    are you eating your meat from one of these two cows??? hahaha!!!

    from dg one of your biggest fan!!!

  8. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    I think that the brown cow is pregnant!

  9. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Oh! my GOD don’t eat this Mother!

  10. DorotaAusPolen says:

    hello, here’s your war correspondent(my 2 drunk angry posts under your feed me music) , brighton, uk. roots-europe,poland(just can get over IIWW, i can still see machinegun marks on our building that survived, take a stroll in an old town-Wroclaw)…nevermind, i just came back from concorde2 because metric was playing there, i sat on a window pane and was getting sweaty, hot hot hot, hotter then astoria charring x road my dear but i shouldn’t said that because i’m hoping that you can play there…it’s a decent gig place and everywhere is hot when music starts, at least it should be…their bass player is amazing(musically), Emily was bit strange at the beginning and i was thinking that i must have been her thing…until she’s in trance and in the end she jumped into the crowd hesitating for a while, but she did it! and she was spitting accidentaly while singing and of course i think it was very charming because i love passionate people even (or even more) if they have to take their time … wonder if you’ll ever jump, but please do not do this with your bass on(hehehe-silly,forgive me, i just imagine if you did with, no,no,gross) but we don’t know how ur album is going to be, maybe you switched bass for harmonica or musical triangle and you’ll be fine to dive ??? we’ll see. wow! i wasn’t sure about their music but i like the message, so i went and god ! it was mighty rocking with this dancing vibe and me on this stupid window pane waving my legs while i should be among this teenagers but why should i? i did enjoy, in my way…of course i had a guinness before so i had to go to the toilet when they were playing poster of a girl, just like i had to go when you were singing overpower, just like roisin murphy were singing off on it aaaaaaaand she was playing drums!!!! so i had a wine instead and spilt half of it anyway on my handbag while dancing on a window pane but it was fine, she was jumping till she was dead tired lying on a scene, sweat dripped from a bass guy like rain, guitarist said he was born in brighton and before emily said hello it’s good to be …somewhere…she didn’t say brighton and then she correct herself and said brighton like she never heard of that place in a lifetime and that was funny, oh and disable man got rid of his wheelchair and was leaning against the rail with his mates and that makes whole band smile, oh and emily kissed security man’s hand when he helped her get back on scene…and show was amazing, powerfull, well arranged but spontanious and i’m filled with good energy. that’s one of the reasons that i’m in england.things like this happening here while in poland every gig is a big deal and most of the time you don’t have money to go to buy some fun(but it’s changing now) apart of theater plays(i know i do appriciate, but sometimes you just want to hear music switch off and have some fun),,,ok i’m done now, i’m hoping you’ll consider coming to brighton, concorde2 is not the only place where you can play and you don’t have to jump, goodnight

  11. suar2lee says:

    Hi Melissa,
    Great pictures! I love that you love the Autumn. I do as well. It is my favorite season- the colors, the crispness of the air. Apples, pumpkins, the naughtiness of Halloween followed by the cozy warmth of Thanksgiving. Poets think of autumn as The End, as Death. But I think of it as the start of something beautiful- winter, snow, holidays, a new year ahead. On a sort of related note (well, it’s about endings), here’s a cool quote I came across this morning by George Eliot: “Every limit is a beginning as well as an ending”. ****Melissa, I drew an oil pastel picture of you which I think is very striking. You look as bold and beautiful as you do in real life. I tried to post it on your myspace account, but you disabled html. If you want to see the pic, email me at gradyj@Mskcc.org.

    Be well, avoid the omnipresent change-of-season cold!

    xo, Jegra

  12. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    I’m hapy to see that you Dorota had some fun in brighton at concorde2 while you was looking Metric and Emily one of our great Canadian band!
    I hope one of these day having fun like it and more with Melissa and you two Dorota! cause i love Melissa and i like you Dorota!

  13. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    you too Dorota
    U2 Dorota Hahaha!!!

  14. KevinHogg says:

    `There is no such thing as luck…so work hard!’…I admire people who work hard and brave at what they do. I admire you and your work. If you have a spare moment please check out my site for my music and art.
    http://www.rebelmachine.ca…thank you.

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  16. I seem to be having a problem , subscribing to your RSS feed. It comes up with error 404. Let me know if its a known error or if its just me . Ive tried Chrome and Firefox. Im using Norton Firewall and im not sure if its turned on . Im not that good with Netbooks. Ill come back to your site and see if you have responded. all the best

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