water walk

into 2007 we go,
with the good witch of the swamp as one of my guides,
she treks through the murky waters of the subconscious,
while keeping an eye out for the bright white light up above.

this may seem murky to you now,
but i will introduce you to her this coming year.

i wish you all an abundance of love and inspiration this new year

here we go ……


47 Responses to “water walk”

  1. smashing_pumpkin says:

    Beautiful, beautiful picture. Looking very forward to hearing new things, but I’d wait five more years if it came to that =] Hope this comment finds you well. Tomorrow is my anniversary as a Pumpkins fan. I intend to spend the day listening to CDs and watchign DVDs and playing my instruments to pay tribute to the greatest band in the world. They introduced me to you and your genius, after all ;]

    Happy holidays!

  2. Rock Sound says:

    Hey Melissa!!! Nice picture. Have a Happy New Year, all the best for you. Thanks so much for your beatiful songs. I can´t wait your new record.

    Chris from Buenos Aires

  3. Baccal says:

    who’s the model in the picture? anyway nice composition:)
    i wish a new year that gives you chance to live your life like you feel in your heart!
    i miss your voice, i miss your music style; so, the best gift to us is a new album:) at least a single!
    2007 kisses from me to you:)

  4. Flowersister says:

    Hey dear Melissa! 🙂

    Thank you for the new year wishes! We all wish you the best for 2007, a new inspiring and fullfilled year that will bring you a lot of happiness in life!! (sorry for my english…^^)

    Et l’année de ton nouvel album!!!! Youhouuuu!!! 🙂 Vivement l’arrivée de ce bébé!

    Fête bien la St-Sylvestre et à bientôt en 2007!!


    Caroline, Belgium

  5. MdMb says:

    Mmm…misterious pic.
    It gets me really excited (since you mentioned you’ll introduce us to the good witch in 2007), because it means new things are coming. I wonder what your new sounds will be like. And I hope I get the chance to see you this time.
    Fill our ears and blow our minds all through 2007, Melissa!
    Have an amazing year!
    Huge hug =)

  6. Melissanthe says:

    Hello, dearest Melissa!

    I was thrilled to find out about your blog…just a couple of days ago.

    Anyways, the photograph is amazing.

    When you come to Bavaria, i would like to take you to a wonderful castle…with people living in it, even today. I am sure you could make some wonderful pictures there…and meet some amazing witches!

    Wish you all the best for the New Year, dear.

    P.S. Do you know you have one of the most beautiful greek names?
    “Melissa” means “bee”. (My name means “beeflower”, by the by).

    Again, wish you all the best!

  7. xxx says:

    Happy new year to you lady, I’ve been listening to your songs and just remembered that you got a blog…
    That’s awesome how your fans can get in contact to you this easy! Thank you for that!
    Wish you peace, hope, and a lot of good tunes!
    Take care!

    A fan…

  8. DarrenB says:

    The fireworks have come & gone and it’s 2007 in Oz. My mobile shows 01/01/07 & it looks so neat and symmetrical – fresh start, not really, but I reckon we all see hope on new years day.

    Thanks Melissa for your commitment to this blog. Looking forward to seeing how the good witch (I suspect this is someone you know well:) story progresses & hope you are enjoying the creative process with those that are special to you – it’s not all about pleasing us…

    Best wishes to all wherever you are in this amazing world we live in.

  9. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Hello Melissa “Bee” Auf der Maur
    I wish to Melissa and everybody for 2007 to realize your most crazy dreams. Because the world belongs to us. Forgive me Melissa for stupid things i can say… Because you are more that a breast or other parts of a sexy body. You are a very talented person whit a unique intelligence and it’s for these reasons that i love you the way you are… Universe belongs to you MELISSA. And you are also in Universe of so many people, including me of course, that you can do anything with all your magic touch. And you possess a so beautiful SOUL, unique and universal in the same time that you can bewitched everybody…

    Thanks for your Blog, gorgeous and very sexy Melissa XXX

  10. KevinHogg says:

    Happy New Year to you and all your Fans. From Rebel Kevin

  11. Mark Sommerschield says:

    We are all so excited Melissa! Thanks for everything – 2007 is going to be wild,

    Mark x

  12. Tempest says:

    That pic is haunting–in a good way. 2007 will mean change for me.

  13. missfitz says:

    Another reliably gorgeous MAdM photo to wake up to this new year’s day… I’m unafraid to meet the good witch, especially if that means new Auf der Maur music blaring into my brains…

    All the best to YOU in this New Year Melissa…

  14. missfitz says:

    Another reliably gorgeous MAdM photo to wake up to this new year’s day… I’m unafraid to meet the good witch, especially if that means a new Auf der Maur album blaring into my brains…

    All the best to YOU in this New Year Melissa…thanks for sharing your arts with all of us… we heart you!

  15. missfitz says:

    Clearly I don’t post much– sorry for the double (and now triple) post!

    That must signal the need to shut off the computer and go read!


  16. Nejra Leffor says:

    First of all i would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!!! With lots of love, luck and health!

    I can’t wait to get introduced to the good witch of the swamp. I’m sure she’s gonna blow our minds. In a positive way that is.

    On your side forever.



  17. Constantinos says:

    Happy New Year Melissa! I Wish you luck, health and all the best for the forthcoming year!

    Looking forward to introduce us to the new songs…


  18. Bucky Done Gun says:

    Happy 2007 everybody:)
    i have just been enlightned again
    it’s you!haha
    i must say that photo is haunting & unreal. i´m always secretly waiting for your photos!
    Melissa! i´m reading Henri charriere´s Papillon, it´s great.
    Do you enjoy reading? what kind of books do you read:/?just wondering:)

    p.s any plan to come to Argentina, next tour?PLZ!
    Melissa i´m always trying to reveal the secrets of my existence!
    music&books escort every battle. hopefuly
    someday i´ll become a white witch!!!just like you;)heh
    &then i´d charm ceRtain boy i like, HAHA:O)

  19. Colin says:

    Hi meliss !

    Happy New Years !

    I’ve lost trackof you a bit … ca va ?

    drop me aline when you have a mometn and catch me up.



  20. Kappa says:

    express your creativity in freedom and joy .
    happy nu year

  21. Torsey says:

    is it a she or perhaps a he

  22. enxofre says:

    we must live differently, with our days passing through different years.

  23. Doctor Rock says:

    the good witch of the swamp looks very nice and a little lonely. i bet she has many stories to tell and be excellent company. walking through the pond out in the woods getting her cloak and her boots wet is very sexy too. i want to meet her, melissa.

  24. BurningTwig says:

    Je vous souhaite une très bonne année melissa..continuez de me faire rêver….

  25. Mark the M.W.D. creator says:

    That character looks like Theodor Kittelsen’ s “Pesta” who’s walking across the swamp. Hope new album will be equally magic 🙂 Have a good new year.

  26. L. I. Quadrado says:

    Hey, Melissa!
    As someone has already said here, that’s so good for us, the fans, to have you with a blog and a way of having contact with you so directly. I really hope that’s the actual you, and it’s not a fake Melissa!!

    And what a nice witch!! Does she have anything to do with your newest album? Introduce her to us!!

    Lauro Iglesias Quadrado

  27. DorotaAusPolen says:

    Happy New Year!Don’t be fooled by samsara, it’s all illusion all around, but be above that, respect to all of you…
    p.s. red wine is good for your blood, vodka only makes you feel high for a short while, depends what you’ve got inside…Auf Der Maur is forever in your mind. in mine. thank you again for your first album, it kept me going…then..
    Dominic, so you are Canadian, tell me why Americans laughing at Canadians, is that a local hatred? Allison(born in New York), she tried to explain, but she is not like them, so I don’t know…I must dig deep in Canadian history…soon

  28. Assia says:

    Oh cool to hear new things from you. Happy new year!
    Well…can’t wait till the new albums comes out.Hope it’ll be soon^^
    Will you come to Germany next tour?

  29. patricia says:

    here we go indeed… hi melissa! i hope that you can come to south texas or texas at least i would like to see you perform once your new album comes out and you go on tour, it would be great! that picture kind of scares me and im not even kidding! thanks for keeping us posted bye 😀

  30. patricia says:

    here we go indeed… hi melissa! i hope that you can come to south texas or texas at least i would like to see you perform once your new album comes out and you go on tour, it would be great! that picture kind of scares me and im not even kidding! thanks for keeping us posted bye 😀

  31. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Hi Melissa & Dorota
    There is maybe many reasons why Americans laughing at Canadians.
    There is the canadian parliamentary system that is like the British governemental system because the British take control of canada during a certain time in the past. Americans since their independence of U.K. have their own governemental system & contry of course.

    Their is also the long and exhausting battle betwen Quebecers ( the french part of canada ) & english canadian that is not very good for stability of our economy, particularly economy of province of Quebec. Their is also the fact that a lot of Québecers are not very comfortable when it comes time to speak the language of Shakespeare.

  32. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Maybe also by ignorance and by an excess of proud Americans take Canadians without reason for uncivilized people!

    Personally I love the good values of the great citizens of U.S.A.. Americans have also a very rich culture that I know how apprechiate even if my english is not as good as I would want…

    But you know what Dorota, Than you live in Canada or South Africa we live all the same bullshit!! Because the world sucks most of the time. But sometimes the world is wonderful… Wonderful like you Dorota and I !!!!

    Hey Dorota, what’s happen with our TRIP to N.Y.???

  33. IceShaft says:

    Happy new year to you Melissa!

  34. Umnebelt says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I hope this is a good sign for the new year..as walking in cold water IS good for your health (according to our water-walking-guru S. Kneipp 150 years ago).
    I Do NOT hope that this sign means again a breaking plumbing like 2005…so keep your Irish plumber in readiness.
    Wish you much inspirations..exciting swamp experiences..and close plumbing pipes for 2007.

  35. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Like your friend Allison, I don’t know why… But sometimes canadians & quebecers can be real bastards… Cause criminality here is encouraged by lack of good exemples.

  36. fireSpirit says:

    a dark silent in the fallen sigh… some times we forget what we are…

  37. fireSpirit says:

    happy new year and merry christmas too

  38. Marceleza says:

    Happy New Year!!

    Please come to Brasil with your new CD, or even with the Pumpkins would be a dream coming true to see you perform live!!


  39. Marceleza says:

    PS: Brasil _ Rio the Janeiro, not São Paulo hehehhehehehe ,…

  40. Mary Jane says:

    Dear Melissko, i just wanted to say that you are someone special to me, because you help me to live through this crazy world which is often so sad….you’re one of the things that makes my own world a little bit easier.Thank you!
    And i have a question…will yu have a concert in czech republic? Please if you can write me aufdermaur@seznam.cz

  41. Torsey says:

    Please get to it. Either keep posting or stop. But enough already, are you or are you not:
    A. Rejoining the Pumpkins
    B. Releasing a solo disk.

  42. Marino says:

    bonjour Melissa,
    vous rejoindre par l’intermédiaire de votre blog me semblait plus court et direct. Je m’appelle Marie-Noëlle Guillemette, je suis recherchiste à Télé-Québec pour un magazine culturel nommé Méchant contraste. Dans le cadre d’une émission sur les arts et les femmes, je souhaiterais discuter avec vous, si le coeur vous en dit et le temps vous le permet.
    merci à l’avance, et bonne année.
    MN Guillemette

  43. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    To state the facts precise:
    …lack of good examples from our politicians, of course…

  44. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    … and our authorities also…
    In short canada is not as good as we want to let known. So never mind canada and welcome to the UNIVERSE!
    OUR universe, your universe and of course MY universe.Hahaha!!!

  45. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Respect to honest Canadians & nice Quebecers

  46. sink sink socks says:

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  47. Saturni_ana says:

    hey, sorry to hear that 🙁 i hope there’s one day when art could fly without any restraints of those fucking corporations… keep a part of your art away from them, waiting for that day, just to flow freely, from you to us 😉

    sorry about my awful english 🙁 i am spanish though now i am trying to improve my english in Manchester (UK), are u planning to come round here? I’d love to see you coz i have not had the chance to do it in Spain.

    Keep on creating, keep on making us vibrate with your art.


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