the land…

… our map

as we follow time,
and let our hearts lead us,
we scale the land.

on our way,
heading fast,
we will come to you.

the golden egg,
the healing light,
the beautiful conclusion.

the aches and pains,
carry us there,
like ships that set sail.

I feel something good in the air of timing,
and climbing right now,
i hope you do too.


30 Responses to “the land…”

  1. Lady McStace says:

    Your creativity and amazing ability to be different from the rest is a breath of fresh air for me…i cant wait till your next album comes out!!hopefully soon? as well as your next tour? i missed your ones in London Ontario and was really bumbed!
    Please come back to London & Area

    ps. its really awsome that you allow your fans to read your work..and post thier own comments…it speaks volumes on how much you really care about your fans
    Rock On!!!

  2. MdMb says:

    I too feel something good in the air of timing!
    I’m recording a few songs with my new band next tuesday. I’m really looking forward to it. Even though I still have to work on them, because I’d like to find some new arrengements. I just hope creativity comes and helps me.
    I think we’re playing our first show next month. I just can’t wait!
    This is my senior year in university…I want to find a job related to my career. Lots of things ahead!
    This is going to be a good year. I’m completely sure.
    Huge hug!

  3. Doctor Rock says:

    I hope so much for something good to happen, people call me hopeless but if that were the case I would certainly be dead by now. I’m the most hopefull person on the planet, hope that something good to happen is the only reason I have to live.

    I surely hope you are right Melissa.

    And Long Live Aslan!

  4. Nathan says:

    I love this post.

    I’m feeling quite isolated and boxed in right now where I am (cold and snow i asked for it). I want to be free and roam this glorious continent that we live on!

    Nathan <3

  5. dancesoslowly says:

    Thanks Melissa!
    that ´s beautiful!–right know i feel like floating in the space but with no direction,hoping someday guide myself throught that.(oh i dont want to sound tragic)and like Lady McStace alredy said, THANK YOU for share you thoughts with us:):)

  6. bellsmuse says:

    Thank you Melissa!
    It’s so wonderful seeing how creative you are and that you share all this with your fans!

    A huge hug from Italy!


  7. KevinHogg says:

    mind the land
    of our creative juices
    timing is everything
    before…and or after
    the explosion of the kick-pedal
    big picture momnents
    micro moments
    pulses from inner heartbeats
    and places unseen
    or felt where infinity exists
    follow the spirit path
    time moves forward
    sparking ultra relationships
    of drums and the bass guitar
    where fingers touch many places
    in time…and out
    time is precious
    grounded in flight
    a visual joy

  8. m. says:

    i think you are right….there is definetly something good in the air…..

  9. Nathan says:


    well i truly hope that something good and beautiful comes to mind when you look at your beautiful country… i look at my country and bless the moments we have with family and friends and it’s sad to say that in a years time i have to move, who knows it might be for the best but why be scared of the world when all you seem to see is…your back porch.

    be safe…

  10. Tempest says:

    You are right. Some big thins are going to happen in my life this year and I cannot wait….only five more months.

  11. Joey Catalan / Jamie Hebert says:

    wow……so true.
    “the aches and pains,
    carry us there,
    like ships that set sail.”
    Sometimes I feel that we get so consumed with everything thats going on in this world whether its the fighting,poverty,etc that sometimes sailing ships will pass you by!Beautiful Melissa….and I do feel something in the air and wish others the same wonderful feeling. Joey

  12. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Chère xXx MELISSA xXx
    Je suis mon pire ennemi, comme si le mauvais sort s’abattait sur moi.
    Car je ne vois pas assez loin et bien au-travers de la brume des MYSTÈRES de mon quotidien et de mes émotions confuses (colère, regrets),pour en saisir ma chance.
    Pourtant, je suis prêt à tout, pour ne pas manquer le “bateau de ma vie” qui me mènerait à bon port. Mais encore, il faudrait que les ANGES se rendent visibles à mes yeux de PROFANE pour que je puisse les suivre dans leur monde merveilleux.
    Oh!Toi sirène de feu (Melissa), j’ai besoin de te revoir…Viens te faire remarquer par moi et je ferais tout mon possible pour te rejoindre (en dissipant la brume des mystères)!Alors, rends-toi VISIBLE par ton vrai regard et tes beaux cheveux de FEU! Un gars qui a besoin d’être réchauffé par ta présence! Parce que je t’ADORE!

  13. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    The Spring is coming and I feel the heat
    (even if it’s cold since few days) HA! HA!
    My poems are ready to put FIRE to the whole world

    But without you, MELISSA, things don’t worth the same
    Cause I need your flame
    To start the FIRE around my artist’s name
    Please enter with me into this game
    But if you don’t want, I can’t blame you
    Cause I love you too much, to embarrass you
    With my supposed story of FAME



  14. damn nice says:

    did you take that picture while flying on some magic carpet? it wouldn’t surprise me if you did.
    la dee da
    la dee da
    concepts and absolute reality. la dee da, i miss you. i hope your right about this time concept.
    lick the moon and start a fire.
    la dee da, la dee da

  15. Veronica says:

    This is beautiful, both picture and text. Thanks.

    P.S.: found you on myspace now, too.I start somehow getting along with this computer thing a bit here as it seems…;-)One day I will hopefully learn how to make music with electronic stuff, but at the moment I’m scratching all the money for a new acoustic guitar and hopefully get some songs done with that…I’m quite oldfashinoed I guess, though I like electronic music as well.
    Greets from Berlin!

  16. lovebass says:

    Melissa!!! I live in Poland. My English is not good:) I like your music – thats all:)… and you’re rock’in, sexy, and pretty woman!!! I know that You, know that:) in this link you can download and hear my bass song!!! If you can…please comment this!!! What You fink about it? Greathings Łukasz

  17. Mists-of-Libra says:

    Melissa, what beautiful insights you have! After I read your poem, I thought, “Wow!” Thank you for sharing it!

  18. GnomeluvsMadM says:

    gday melissa!

    timing, air,poetry… you’ve piqued my interest! Good times i hope as i just started uni!! Hope the album and everything is coming along well and is a bucket load of fun! 🙂


  19. NiKkA says:

    Wow, what can I say?
    Melissa, you’re the best.
    This is my first post here and I’m so damn happy to have found your blog! You are such an inspiration for me.. I can’t belive I’m actually commenting here!!
    I hope your new album will come out soon, bacause it will be beatiful as the fist one, for sure!

    A biiiiiig hug from Italy!!!!

    – Veronika –

  20. Isaac says:

    Every single legend
    Has a single map,
    The earth as a witness
    of our doubts and acts

    Too small to see
    Too blind to find
    How could I show you the meaning of lyfe?

    Below the mountain
    Below the skyes
    lays the earth
    lays your map

    Climb up to see
    Climb up to find
    the truth below your feet
    the truth inside your mind

    Mother nature,our nature is our challenge,do not ingnore the truth of your hearts,cause once you have listened it,you can deny your duty,remember our brotherhood with mother nature.

    And also with rock and roll!I have a band:Defenders of the Green HOuse,and soon we will arrive imfront the eyes of the world to fight for our truth,your truth!mother nature!!!

  21. enxofre says:

    the golden egg is the healing light for sure. but it is a pitty that the egg runs faster than us, going down behind the mountains to (as the song says) catch us again on our back.

    take care,

  22. DarrenB says:

    this sample from ‘Punk Attitude’ is f%*!ing inspirational. apologies for the lip synch problem.

    this collection of anecdotes from josh homme and pals is also worth a look as well.

  23. DarrenB says:

    a big happy birthday for tomorrow (friday)!

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  25. To the Hindenpeter says:


    Its close to midnight, an something evils lurking in the dark……

    But anyway, YES we do feel something…. drunk that is.

    The rageing parrallellogram draws ever closer on our concious existance, as we all navigate our, at least, partial treck spanning the circumferance of our mother planet. Try we shall, to explore the four corners of the sphere, but the fact still remains that keyboards should be in alphabetical keyboard order.

    And overall, all things taken into account the mother earth must adjust, and we must adjust with her…. MY BROTHER IS FUCKING CAMP/GAY(?) WELL ISNT THAT SOMETHING NOONE REALLY CARES ABOUT…. HE ALSO SAID HE IS VAIN AND SHALLOW… BUT NOW DENIES IT!!!!






    Easter may be rolling round the corner, so all must hail the easter penguin….


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