the forest …..

… the book.

for my day of birth i went to the woods.
in there i found beauty and eternity.
i dreamt of a haunted owl and human queens.
i came across a book filled of myth and wisdom.
all of these things are filling the empty spaces of my album….
it is coming,
noisy and hopeful.

the slow pace has payed off.

more climbing to go,
but the light is in sight.

“she” is immortal
and heading towards the universal heart.


44 Responses to “the forest …..”

  1. Persona says:

    Good luck in whatever you do Miss Auf Der Maur.I hope you had a Smashing birthday!

  2. Tea says:

    Happy b-day Melissa 馃檪 hope you had fun.

  3. SarahCanada says:

    Hi Melissa,
    You transform your corner of cyberspace into unique and colourful photos, a far cry from the strings of zero and ones that encode them. Great to hear of the work on your record and the gathering of inspiration to fill in remaining areas. Silence can be golden until the patient ones unleash the furor and energy of wonderful music upon it.

  4. Mark Sommerschield says:

    Oh Melissa you are a tease! A comment here a comment there. hehe, I know it will be worth this long wait. This is going to be fantastic.

    Mark x

  5. snyman says:

    I’m sitting in my University Center eating some lunch and listening to your voice on my iPod, wildly anticipating your final product.

    Joy to the foggy notions…

  6. Tempest says:

    Amazing photos. Glad you had fun on your special day.

  7. SiLViA says:

    Sounds like you had fun on your day :). Great photos by the way.

    x; Silvia

  8. Doctor Rock says:

    yes the woods will do that to you, and the Parliament of Owls is a very knowledgable group who will always tell you what you should do, as long as it’s not to early in the day for them when they can often be very confused.

    I should think it sounds like you are a princess on the way to your throne, destined to reign destined to roam.

  9. TommyToro says:

    Melissa… you rock! Hope you had a great birthday. I missed your last show at the Koolhaus in Toronto.. I hope you come back soon.. as far as the Smashing Pumpkins reunion rumours… It would be sweet to see you playing bass with them again… good luck with the new record… much anticipation here. 馃檪 xoxo


  10. MdMb says:

    OK, stop posting messages like this! I’m chewing my fingers out as I wait for your new album. Soon I’ll be chewing my elbows in anticipation!
    I’m joking. It’s fantastic to hear you’re so excited about your work. You don’t have to rush it. Just wait till you know it’s ready to rock our ears, heads and hearts.
    That book looks so mysterious. I wish I could get my hands on it.
    Two of the songs my band and I recorded are “finished” (I’m not completely satisfied with my bass performance, but it’ll do). I wish you could listen to them somehow and see if you notice your influence! =)
    Huge hug!

  11. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    The light is immortal that’s so true and it’s for that reason that we can say: it’s never too late to see the light.
    Without HOPE, we never found the unexpected!
    With the sight of light, hope can becomes A WISH THAT COMES TRUE, that’s about magic of life. But most of all I call it magic of love. Because in my case I need LOVE, i’m walking, i’m running,I’m roaming for a kind of love that just a nice girl can give to me…
    Probablement parce que je veux trop rencontrer une fille SUBLIME comme toi, MELISSA.
    Probablement parce que je cherche trop d’o霉 vient ce chant de sir猫ne, obs茅dant, hantant irr茅sistiblement, ma volont茅 de te retrouver pour te dire: JE T’AIME…
    P.S.: J’aimerais te faire part de textes traitant de chevaux, de Dieux, de ch芒teaux etc., car je crois que 莽a pourrait t’int茅resser!
    I TRUST IN YOU MELISSA. Do you trust in me? hahaha!



  12. Cricri says:

    Nice photos, nice text… and I hope soon nice new LP! ;o)

    Jolies photos, joli texte… et j’esp猫re bient么t un joli nouvel album! ;o)

  13. mimi says:

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    Boiler de Limp Bizkit me sigue poniendo los pelos de punta.

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  14. GnomeluvsMadM says:

    i noticed someone mentioned Dani California… thats a good song, the best thing out from RHCP in years… anyway

    the albums creeping ever closer and i love it, im awaiting a tour to sunny old perth (much nicer than gloomy old england)


    yeh cant think of much to say

    ciao melissa!

  15. Martijn Biskie says:

    Happy Birthday to you and we hope to hear your new album soon ! we love it, friendly greetings Biskie. the netherlands

  16. John says:

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  17. Nathan says:

    Still waiting, give us feeding soon.

  18. emmalovesmadm says:

    absoloutly fantastic to see your album is comming
    i want you to take all the time on it
    but i can’t WAIT to hear your beautiful new inventions in the sound world
    it’s great to see you are getting inspiration from all different sources 馃檪

  19. Veronica says:

    Hey…these pics make me think of wood elves….beautiful.

    As I already said, can鈥榯 wait for the album, still love the old one very much.
    Could you give us sort of a pre-listening here when you鈥榬e finished? The press reviews before a record comes out are always so confusing anyway…and I鈥榤 sure I鈥榤 not the only one who would appreciate it. 馃槈
    Love, V.

  20. KevinHogg says:

    a music album
    is a dream realized
    the forest through the trees
    the minds eye
    of your imagination
    and accomplishments
    made known

  21. enxofre says:

    forests never come to us.
    our hearts live among them. just that.

  22. damn nice says:

    err…. what the hell are you talking about melissa???
    have you been experimenting with LSD again?
    your a naughty young lady!!
    oh! when i went to the woods, i saw teddy bears having their picnic. it sure was a big surprise!
    as long as your next album’s great , take as much lsd as you like (joking)
    ) (

  23. sara says:

    Melissa .This weekend i 麓m played mi bass in direct wing people him enchantment.Thanks for thanks to be my reference.thanks thanks kisses

  24. Mists-of-Libra says:

    Hey to the amazing MAdM 馃檪 I love those pictures – was staring at them w/a look of fascination. As for the work on your new album – patience is worth the wait. The old but true saying comes to mind – “All good things come to those who wait.”

  25. To the Hindenpeter says:

    The sea……

    ……. The haddock

    No reference you may think, but take a good hard look at yourself and the answer will flop into clear view. For you see the “forrest” of which you speak, and in which we live spans more than verdant green land, it traverses the plains of the deserts, the elevations of the mountains and the depths of the seas…. with the haddock, salt and unique in flavour.

    Not like salmon…. not like salmon at all.

    But lets put fish behind us for the moment. because, lets be honest, it actually has nothing to do with anything at all.

    The woods is where we shall focus our attention, the night-light of everything and eternity on the wilderness and its natural beauty. put there to entertain us on the rollercoaster ride through the mixed up mind of a modern girl, whats the feeling? Lets call it love…. Similar in practice to the fox, natures knitted jumpers afraid of heights and various other forms of steep air towering above the mountains the drop is great, but the fox live’s to share its fears…. “whats mine is yours” they cry to one another.


    But come the time for mother earth, “her” day of birth, she will not walk around, she will construct, create, record…….

    But trees may fall, hoses may leak and horses may gallop, when the step is bravly taken back, the bigger picture will be seen…


    wuv you!!!!!

    Rich & Katy productions

    Iceland home-roast joints turn out perfect everytime, straight from the freezer!

  26. Nathan says:

    well im sure you had a good day, went and had a beer on that day,but its April now so i hope that you had a good one and May is around the corner,thats gonna be a good month…I hope.

  27. Nathan says:

    well im sure you had a good day,its april now and days seem to be flying may’s around the corner and its going to be a good one!!!!!

  28. Nathan says:

    if someone wants to have a look.

  29. deatoris says:

    happy birthday!!a little late but like the french expression “mieux vaut tard que jamais” 馃槈
    XXMarie N.xx

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  36. Mary.SunShine says:

    I have a request for Melissa:

    A duet with Rufus Wainwright, but in french!

    It will be a good representation of the Montr茅al biculturality, and your accent when you sing in French is majestic, so beautiful!

  37. Albert-qQO says:

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