Split Screen

duel duel :
a challenge between two sides

her – him
sleep – awake
hope – fear
heaven – hell
sail – sink
bravery – laziness
receive – conceive
interior – exterior
hold – have
make – take
harmony – dissonance
dual -duel

dual dual :
two of the same kind

ALL is one


41 Responses to “Split Screen”

  1. jukejointjezebel says:

    Wow where do you come up with this stuff?
    Its cool anyway,makes you think i have loads of that stuff but there is no way for me to radiate it to people….


    anyway..im looking forward to the new album…

  2. jukejointjezebel says:

    I guess if you wanted to sum me up you could say I was on a downward spiral in a bottomless pit in the middle of nowhere. And the only way out is with one bullet…one shot…and it could all be over. Just. Like. That. But if I did that I would only be entering the unknown. Another downward spiral in yet another bottomless pit in the middle of an unknown, non- existing, fucked up, better than the real world shithole with no way out. Now think about this: you are going to be something for eternity. You are going to experience life then something else for ever and ever. And there is nothing you can do about it. You are never going to be able to leave and your never going to be able to come back. You are trapped forever. What if when I die my memory is erased and I start all over again. And I have written this over a billion times and you don’t even know it.

  3. jukejointjezebel says:

    You know?
    I think about that stuff all the time and it kinda scares me because i dont know what is going to happen…
    I know its weird…im using up your space…sorry…
    An in a way its kinda like what you have just said..i cant put into words how but it just does.

  4. damn nice says:

    right then!
    melissa i challenge you to a duel!!

    melissa your so vain, you take pictures of yourself in the mirror. ha hah ahh ah
    i must say that u2 song “one” is a lyrical jewel (neither dual or duel)
    goodbye crazy friend

    from me

  5. Mark Sommerschield says:

    I’ve been spending a while working out how you have managed that photo with the mirror and reflection… still thinking!

    Mark x x

  6. enxofre says:

    today i’ve been in a park with friends. a duel came to me too, about time, lazyness and lost friendship… but the 1982 sentence won over everything: “all those memories will be lost in time… like tears in rain”.

  7. MdMb says:

    Once again, I LOVE your pictures.
    It’s really interesting what you just wrote. Life is a game of opposites. You could think of it as a struggle between energies, which bring things to be themselves for some time, and then make them “die”, or simply stop being. That’s the way Heidegger explains life…or at least, that’s how I understood what he wrote. I don’t really like him (I think he became a nazi in the 1930’s), but I think those particular thoughts I just mentioned are interesting. I guess energies are within and all around us. We catch and release them all the time, without even knowing it. I think making music is one of the most perfect forms in which people can release their energy. It’s magical to see a couple of musicians get together to make sounds. There are no words to explain what happens then, and that makes me think music is even deeper and more powerful than all languages.
    I have a new PC (finally!). Yesterday I searched for some AdM live videos in youtube.com
    I found a couple and I shook at their intensity. I keep saying this all the time, and I’m convinced it’s going to happen some day: I need to be infront of your band, listening to it, embracing its sound, leeting it go through me. I really need it.
    I might sound crazy, I know. But I’m hypnotized with AdM’s sound.
    I love music more and more each day. Playing bass takes me to another place. I only hope in time, I can become a better bassist, just to honor music.
    I keep waiting for your new album.
    Take care.
    Huge hug!

  8. Doctor Rock says:

    Yes, Opposites are Alike. I see what you are saying. It’s been a point I have argued many times in the past much to my demise.

  9. DorotaAusPolen says:

    you and uoy
    so not you any more
    just perfect illusion
    i love using mirrors for self portraits….. you crossed my mind today./.

  10. Tempest says:

    I love your cryptic blogs and lyrics! Regarding Mark’s comment about the reflection and lyric, Denise posted an interesting photo of you on her board–your head is titled back and you are holding a hand held mirror and the camera went up your arm.



  11. Mark the M.W.D. creator says:

    Hmmm very interesting, both lyric and picture. Makes a mind searching for more opposites and inspiring an eyes to see the world in other, more interesting way.

  12. Away With The Fairies says:

    Hi Melissa. I loved your self titled album, great for the car…and also chilling out! I felt compelled to comment on this post..Very less is more. Like the picture too. My photographer friend tells me the mirror is the photographer’s greatest hindrance and helper at once! Check out my blog. It’s new, but will grow with time..Precious non-part-time-job filled time…x

  13. cecilia_lisbon says:

    You should take what you make,
    so I make what you’ll take
    and we have to make a take away.

  14. Tempest says:

    I could not figure out how to upload that pic from Denise’s boad I mentioned, so here is the link so you can see:


    Two nights ago I was in the venue where I met you and got my pic taken with you two years ago. I met another great bassist and human being–Ryan Sinn–formerly of The Distillers and now of Angels & Airwaves. I got my photos taken with him only a few feet from where you and I met.

  15. DorotaAusPolen says:

    you used a mirror of course
    you used two of them

    you wrote your initials backwards
    you took a shot, several probably cause it was difficult to find the right engle without seeing yourself on a camera screen

    so none of your image is you
    both of them are uoy

    am I right?

  16. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Hi Melissa,
    In my case it was a duel betwen the GOOD and EVIL, but now I want to let more place to the good in my life.

    In each HUMAN their is a part of negative and POSITIVE like the YIN (black) and the YANG (white).
    It’s just a question of balance…
    Because we have the QUALITIES of our VICES and vice versa.

    Mirror, MIRROR tell me who’s the most BEAUTIFUL girl of the WORLD ?
    In my quality of mirror; I must say that the most beautiful girl of the WHOLE WORLD is MELISSA AUF dER MAUR!!!

    Don’t be afraid PEOPLE, go to visit my BLOG THUNDEREYE, my evil side isn’t enough POWERFUL to bite you from the screen!



  17. DorotaAusPolen says:

    I feel offended Monsieur Dominic von Lunatic…but I understand you there is something fascinating in her face, yes, I started to draw again after a loooooooooong break and both of my portraits was Miss Melissa’s face. But!I left my skatchbook on the beach, asked for it in Seafront Brighton&Hove Office, no trace, well I will have to draw again – it’s my destiny- you think you have done it pretty well,welllllllll, you can do it in a better way, hey … one more time, circle, perpetuity, but nothing is never the same
    my mother is coming to visit me on Saturday and my friend Lucy can only say : “…f..k off you d..k..” in Polish, she loves Polish Zubrowka vodka ( with a blade of our bison’s favourite grass), my mother doesn’t drink at all, maybe it is not to late to get started(she’s 63)? What to do mirror mirror dear oh dear ??? any adivice? – direct to : outofseason@o2.pl an many thanks.

    yes she’s beautiful

  18. salvatore william says:

    You are reminding me of the mind/body(brain) dualism problem in philosophy
    go figure
    turns out they are the same f-ing thing, well…
    That’s what many believe, albeit exponentially more complexifying functional paradigms seem to coerce us to act on a higher cosmic level in everything we do

    endlessly trying to bridge the gaps between the interior and the exterior in everything we do

    appealing to a maker so deep inside ourselves that we share the same existence, in everything we do

    in love with the harmony of our creations and just scared to death of the apparent dissonance of the wilds

    you write things that are light yet have this kinda heavy effect, i think it’s pretty rare, i dig your music, can give me a tip on how to go about producing mine?


    artless duress

  19. jukejointjezebel says:

    Something or Nothing

    All I Desire Is Something To Fill Up The Nothing Inside Me.
    Something Is Missing And I Don’t Know What It Is.
    But Yet I Want It So Bad.
    And I Don’t Know Why.
    I Don’t Know What I Would Do With This Something.
    If It Is Anything At All.

  20. deatoris says:

    whaw…i love the alliance between the pic wich is really great with de mirror and the text…il love pics with mirror you can imagine such things …
    keep waiting on your album ;)ki$$


  21. DarrenB says:

    wow, what a thought provoking topic. we could discuss this endlessly – good v evil, rich v poor, ugly v beautiful, capitalism v socialism, love v hate…

    the big one – life v death is something i became obsessed with at the age of 14 (joy division & the smiths were strangely uplifting for me in those days). my poor pa had to deal with constant questions about the meaning of life.

    thankfully i discovered my soul mate before i did an ian curtis and found balance and a meaning for life – love of living with the one i love.

    in memory of the eighties and in recognition of balance, have a view/listen to depeche mode’s – get the balance right – click here

    love morrissey’s new album by the way – track six is my favourite (extremely confronting and wonderful use of words).

    the pic is fascinating – challenges my lazy sunday evening mind. you are a true creative princess xMAdMx.

  22. Nejra Leffor says:

    I want you to hate me, so you can love me when the time is right… I can’t stop loving you though!


  23. sweetamabelle says:

    You always make me come back to you.. the true duel

  24. KevinHogg says:

    Looking and Listening
    Picasso once said…
    `Art is a lie which reveals the truth’
    I say…listen close…look closer
    and through that process of enhanced sensitivity the truths of our universe is explored through each and every one of us.

  25. Ron says:

    Give it up for Melissa! We’ve all been waitting for a long time some more awesome things from you. looking forward to let some more Melissa stuff penetrating my ears ‘n my head! yEEhAA ‘n cheers from oh so hot Vancouver on this Canada-Day weekend. Happy Canada-Day! 🙂

  26. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    hi MELISSA,
    hi Dorota,
    First i want to thanks Dorota for the new name that i will sign now at the end to each of my texts.

    Yes, Melissa’s face is beautiful!
    I LOVE her deep eyes of mistery, her perfect eyebrows, her gorgeous celibrity skin, her red hair of fire and her fantastic well shaped body…

    Dorota the worst thing that you can lost is yourself…and you’re a little TEASE because your E-mail address is failed.
    YOU must be lost little girl!!!

    Dominic von Lunatic

  27. Ignis the hell wolf says:

    AS a wolf, it’s weird find this kind of words come from a human. Why? ALl the human beings are busy trying to live happy as everybody else, and nobody stop to look, to think, to find the happines within…

    I dunno, probably I just understand what i want…

  28. DorotaAusPolen says:

    …it is not! my mail is not broken at all! it is outofseason@o2.pl …and it is fine…you can try again if you can, cause you see it is not very polite to USE sombody else’s space to…to what the hell! Melissa, do you mind?

    … No? I thought so :), I couldn’t find your new cd, so I bought Laurie Anderson’s “big science”, my niece love my bass&sonic youth’s “tunic” song from “goo” album… she is 13 and her favourite game is playing with her paper dolls, she’s got 100 of then maybe more and she knows every single nameof them and to wich(how2spell it?looks to german my ‘wich’, and on laurie’s they talking german right now, how bizzare! ) family they belong…when I move out and will move into proper house with internet access I will show you all of them! to all of you! they so cool! some are really ugly, some of them had legs amputated and she had to draw another one&selotaped it!one of them was eaten by Edi(the cat -)- bless her paper heart!one of them got lost&olivia was crying&couldn’t sleep for whole night(little amanda)but she found her in the end! oh boy! paper circus!

    about losing yourself! come on! it is beautiful to be carried away in a good way, but true you have to know you way back to yourself! fee fa fo fun for me!

    P.S….and laurie goes
    “…Listen,uh – I just want to say thanks. So…thanks.
    Thanks fot all the presents.Thanks for introducing me to the Chief.
    Thanks for putting me on the feedback. Thanks for going all out.
    Thanks for showing me your Swiss Army knife.
    Thanks for letting me autograph your cast.
    Hug and kisses. XXXXOOOO
    Oh yeah, P.S.
    I-I feel- I feel like – I am – in a burning buliding- and I gotta go.
    Cause I- I feel- I feel like – I am – in a burning building-and I gotta go.”

  29. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    My goal wasn’t ever to be impolite with you, ma ravissante Déesse, and with nobody neither. I just want to have FUN! I’m happy to see that Dorota have a good sense of humour too.

    I have a nice nephew me too,he loves music of Simple plan and lullabies (he’s just 3).

    About losing myself, i could be interested if you treat me nicely! Because I’m maybe already lost in your world girls… But i want ,I need the authorization of my sweet angel MELISSA before…HAHA…
    Cause i’m a gentleman not a swine!

    I’m travelling in my head… strange are some girls of L.A., don’t you think MELISSA. But everybody and i love theirs eccentric creative side.

    So, see you later lovely aligator!
    I’ll be maybe your lyrics’ generator!…

    XlOOOOOOOOOOOOveX melissa
    XpeaceX dorota-Wizard of Oz- Haaha!

    Dominic Von Lunatic

  30. AJIPx says:

    Where is the bridge between harmony and dissonance, Melissa? It must have eroded with all the many crossings I’d say.

  31. spaceboy says:

    hey Melissa. I hope you know you’re really beautiful. 🙂 that duel-list you made is really interesting, makes me think wich one of the words fits me the most. sad to admit that I’m more lazy then brave, heh.
    bought your cd just yesterday, and I love it. you’re just amazing. wish you all the luck, keep on rocking!


  32. fizzyroo says:

    hi melissa…
    from one montrealer to another, here is my tribute to you:
    can’t wait to hear your new work.

  33. fizzyroo says:

    hi melissa…
    from one montrealer to another, here is my tribute to you:

  34. jukejointjezebel says:

    Where is the line drawn between love and obsession?

    Does anyone know when the new album will be released?

  35. DorotaAusPolen says:

    17th of July. No photography day. At least in Brighton.

  36. Rock Sound says:

    Hi Melissa: I love your music, your first album is beatiful, and your pictures is amazing. Bye Bye.
    Chris from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Thank you so much for your beatiful songs!!!

  37. Frank says:

    Just beautiful.

  38. Paul Adams says:

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  39. tjmarz says:

    “If you do not know who Christ is,
    then you will never know who the Anti-Christ is” -tj

  40. softbank says:

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