… we are making a record up here in the north.

my canadian pals and i are rolling into the deep spring,
with tunes wrapped around our wrists,
tones falling out of the wood work,
and our feet marching to the romantic rock drum inside !

french kiss studios is the place to be,
for a girl like me,
with JZ at the helm, man handling the knobs, buttons and beer …


47 Responses to “really….”

  1. panda cookie says:

    French Kiss Studios? Ooh la la!

  2. KevinHogg says:

    Marvelous photographs Melissa.
    I really especially enjoy these images because they give an honest insight into your process of creating music. These rare glimpses of you `the artist at work’ (at the creation stage) are wonderful and special. Thank you for sharing.

  3. callisto says:

    We’re looking forward for you new record! Hope your new album will be as interesting and full of fine songs as the first one.
    ps Be sure that not only people in usa or western europe are listening to your music!

  4. callisto says:

    We’re looking forward for you new record! Hope your new album will be as interesting and full of fine songs as the first one.
    ps Be sure that not only people in usa or western europe are listening to your music!

  5. IceShaft says:

    Very nice pics Melissa!
    It’s absolutely cool to see someone who still makes a record this way!
    In these years of music business, evil producers and record labales, it gives you hope and the sincere feeling that “real” music and musicians are still alive and out there!

  6. Thiago says:

    i can’t wait to listnen ur new songs…to see u live again! i saw u twice in italy (bologna and florence)…it was amazing.

  7. G Alamo says:

    Fantastic. I can’t wait…
    Respect and metal.

    G. Alamo

  8. Gladiac says:

    Its always a pleasure to see news pics from your environment Melissa. I can’t wait to heard new songs ^^

  9. Tempest says:

    Cool photos–you reading a comic!

  10. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Does JZ is Jordon Zadorozny, a guy who works on your GREAT first album?
    So, there is a kind of continuation, with a part,of course, of invention! That’s an EXCELLENT mixt!

    It’s good to know that here in Canada (Québec), we have a lot of talents, good musicians, good directors/producers.

    I see on a picture that you look amaze by something happening in a Marvel comic magazine. Is it something growing in Mr.Fantastic ( Mr. elastic) that SHOCK you this way??? haaHAHA!!!
    Oh! Me and my stupid JOKES!!!


  11. enxofre says:

    have a nice time working there.
    around this place there are no chances, no such a reality can support our life here. anyway we follow ideas.

  12. Mark Sommerschield says:

    Thanks for the pictures! Just what i needed after a god awful week – some good news!

    Mark xx

  13. Nathan says:

    melissa you’re making me so excited. you’re recording at french kiss studios and have jordan zadorozny producing! you’re keeping it canadian!

    i saw david suzuki speak about his life and autobiography a couple of nights back and i must say he’s not only a genius but he’s hilarious.

    cute photos, i see you like marvel comics.

    love, Nathan.

  14. ×××hEnRiQuE says:

    hi melissa.

    oh my god.

    u have no idea how i am yr fan, and first, i’m brazlian, and here we talk in portuguese, so.. my english is not well.

    but i really want to say to you that i’m your admirer.. i went here in yr blog like two times on week HAHA, i know that u dont post everyday or week.. but i’m anxious for every post u write. so, thank u, u really inspires me, ’cause first.. i love yr music, second. i love what u writes. third. love yr beautiful.. and love that u photograph for hobbie, this is my hobbie too.. and your pictures for model is perfect.

    love uuuu. and i want to listen your new music, wjy dont you post here one demo? plz =/

    we fan have much time that don’t listen to your new musics, you would have to show a demon, in Brazil I’m already ordered to “auf der maur’s” cd in much time here, but its depleted, but it goes to arrive, i’m waiting the recorder, branch office of Brazil to supply store but I know half of yr musics, I dont only know all because I want to have the surprise to listen to the others, loses the enthusiasm if to listen to everything and I finish making comfortable itself and in some cases I forget to buy the cd.. but ok.

    love uuuuuuuuuu auf der maur. love ur pictures, yr blogs, everything u create. kisses =D

  15. Mark says:

    I can’t wait for the new album and to finally see you live. So you like Marvel? Who’s your favorite character, Dr. Strange is mine, although DC is my favorite company, nobody beats The BatMan. I really admire your concern about the environment, if you ever check out other blogs check out mine, The Grove,(, I comment on environmentalism there a lot. I’m a also in a band, Tayl(, we have a female lead singer(the superior sex in my opinion). Well, may the Gods and Faeries of Spring Bless your creative process, I can’t wait to hear the new album. Oh and by the way, will you marry me?


  16. DorotaAusPolen says:

    If I had a choice I would love to make an album in Alaska now while is still frosty cold…I love the way snow sounds under my feet( to Brazilians, any warm souls – check it out – Bjork’s Vespertin album – before Aurora track hahaha)…

    p.s. meat thieves in Marks&Spencers wear white trainers!

  17. Mark the M.W.D. creator says:

    Hey, hey Melissa, are you reading all comments, that people writing to you. I am reading, and it’s so funny ;-). I am writing to you cause I just wanted to tell you, that bridge behind you looks like The Gdansk Bridge in Warsaw, my favourite bigde in my city 🙂

  18. agacinco says:

    what a cheater =P books sucks =D

  19. MdMb says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about your new record. Everytime I visit your blog, I remember you’re about to release it and I get soooo anxious. It brings a big smile to my face.
    I love those pics you posted! You seem really relaxed, even though you’re working hard, aren’t you?
    I’ve had a couple of terrible weeks (university is kinda eating me alive), but I always find the chance to listen to your music (specially when I ride the bus for an hour). I also have my band, so once a week I get to forget all the crap for a couple of hours, as we rehearse.
    I think I’ve said this a million times, but I wish there was a way you could listen to us…
    Anyway, keep up the good work!
    Huuuge hug! =)

  20. PaulaMoura says:

    I want a Gibson SG ! (like yours)
    but I’m poor… it’s so sad…
    I started to make cookies to sell in school to collect money to buy my guittar, and belive:
    I already have the money!
    I will buy my guittar, have a band and make music!
    and I hope I can meet you someday…!
    It will be a pleasure : )

    ah!when we met I will take some cookies with me to you taste them (they are very good!)

    kisses and hugs from brazil

    (hey! there are many brazilians here, isn’t it? I am more one! hahahah! it’s funny! brazilians loves you, melissa)

  21. lunabee says:

    I’ve discovered your first album few weeks ago, and I find it particular and amazing!
    So, during my learning of your first songs, I’m looking forward for your second!

  22. Das T says:

    first thing that I had:
    melissa? you read comics?
    only marvel?
    something else?

  23. talcko says:

    love you 1st album..
    cant wait for the new album..
    best wishes from mexico!

  24. DarrenB says:

    sorry madm for inflicting our vile prime minister on your beloved country. it was amusing watching from afar the leaders stroke each other’s egos. they are small in every way.

  25. Nathan says:

    realy great seeing progress i cant wait
    Love and Respect from South Africa

  26. deatoris says:

    oh really beautiful pics 😉
    I’ll be very glad when your album will be comming :d…can’t wait !!
    the process for the album is interesting i think ^^…very cool 🙂

  27. dancesoslowly says:

    hi Melissa!! so glad to see you working and having fun at the same time, gorgeous pix, love them!!, thanks for sharing, and please come to argentina!!! you have lots of fans here;)

  28. damn nice says:

    we’ve said this millions and millions of times before………..
    MELISSA YOU LOOK absolutely wondeful, in that dictionary there should be a picture of you for the word “beautiful”
    i love it when people put marvel comics next to victoria woodhull biography.
    whose JZ? is it jay-z the rapper? heh heh heh it would be wicked if jay-z was on your album. oh, it’s that jordon dude….

  29. missy says:


    love your music & politics. Thank you,lookin forward to your new album.

  30. rafael d. says:

    hi melissa, it´s a great pleasure write here to you. I´m brasilian too, and i like to tell u how u is a pretty and brilhant musician…keep going and we are waiting this new album…

    rafael d.

  31. GnomeluvsMadM says:

    bonjour Melissa

    good to see your recording n stuff, at french kiss studios too, ooh la la! oie oie (bad french accent)

    haha i love the marvel comic photo!very funny

    you look like your having fun which is the key ingrediant to most music (i suppose it doesnt help with emo music)



  32. smashing_pumpkin says:

    yaaaay!!! Still pumped. Hopefully you come to Rockford, IL instead of Chicago this tour *cough hint* lol, naw, I’m joking. Go anywhere the wind blows you, dear! And have fun with the record! Seems like that goes without saying with you. It’s refreshing to see a grateful musician rather than a whiney rock star these days. Especially when you have talent!

  33. Pessoa says:

    Well… I have to admit that I knew little about your work, I’m not very into Smashing Pumpkins or Hole, but… I don’t know exactly why, I started looking up for a Smashing Pumpkins’ videoclip and I found you, so beautyfull with your bass… Going further on my research I found out about your solo project and I have to say I was fascinated and mesmerized with your songs. Simply amazing! Full of energy, creational energy… Kind of something I’ve never heard before… Amazing, trully amazing… You trully have a gift. I’m a guitar player/lead singer in a dumb garage band, but I was trully inspired with your songs.

    Well… then I found your blog, uhm… I’m not one of those guys that like to write fanmail and stuff… but, I just had to let you a comment of some kind…

    Keep it up with the good work, Melissa! I wish you all the best and lots of great things with all your projects!

  34. Mad.Hatter says:

    Melissa, what a pleasure findin’ you via!!!! I’m so excited to “know” you on the net. Oh, nice photos ^__^

  35. xxx says:

    Hey, you look a lot great, but why those spelling dictionaries and those books such “wicked world” to me it’s just a Black Sabbath song, but well… will the next album be a sort of dark art into music?! haha!

  36. cecilia_lisbon says:

    I didn’t know you have a blog!! Oh my God, I’ve been living in a completely ignorance! :S

    You have great books there (although I think you don’t have time for read all of them, beacuse of the work :P)

    Kisses for everyone!! :***

  37. A Kite Called Nikolas says:

    i like your nifty blog thingy here. you are a fine musician and i look forward to your future Cd and other projects. (as far as SP goes, i saw you play with them twice and you are way better and more appealing than D’arcy). also, check your myspace so i can be added as a friend.

  38. DorotaAusPolen says:

    I went to see Martha Wainwright( Brighton – Universitet of Sussex- Gardners Arts Center) yesterday. Do you know her? You might know her well ??? She was drunk but she wasn’t drinking on the stage…this time…getting sober song by song. she was sad and very funny. she was great and low. she was amazing. i took a picture of her without her shoes&head.
    ” please switch off these lights. I can’t stand this. reality “- she also said. I was terrified & I laughed so hard. What a great one (wo)man show .

  39. StonerQueen says:

    i was hangin’ around the net and i get there so …just want to say hello to one of the most rockin’ girls in music
    I’m so happy because of your new record coming out(soon i hope),hope it’ll be good as the first one…but i’m sure it’ll be so
    and I hope you’ll be coming to play here in Italy too…=D

    Keep on rockin’


    Isa from Italy

  40. MissGrunge says:

    Oh woOOow…Is it Melissa’s blog?!?!If it IS,I can’t belive…Yeah!!!So many comments,I’m sure that you will not read my comment 🙁 but I try…:) Well,Melissa,you are one of the biggest stars and womans on the Earth.Keep On Rockin’,your’re famouse and very cute.Well,you should know that I’m from Serbia(it was Yugoslavia)and I wait for you’re concert.I know that you can’t come,but try …at least in Croatia.BIG KISS from there and I wish you all the best because you deserve it!!!PEACE ( – MissGrunge)and please,leave me a comment…PLEASE!

  41. frances_farmer says:

    Wow. I’m really looking foward to your new record. I have first and it’s one of my favoirte records in the world. PJ Harvey, Kim Gordon and you are my really fevorite ALIVE artists (Kurt is dead). And your work really inspires me in lots of ways and it means a lot to me. And I know that I won’t be so lucky to see you playing live becouse I like in Croatia. And music scene here realy sucks. I hate it. And I have one question – will you play bass in Smashing Pumpkins I know it’s mabey secret but I’m Pumpkins fan also (and Hole). I have other blog and adress is I would really like you to visit my blog, but I know that you probbably won’t even read my comment. Kiss and bye till the next time.

  42. opiatedsherpa says:

    Wicked… just found your Blog today. Love it. I was fortunate enough to see you at Leeds ’04… wow! Definitely one of the more memorable shows. Can’t wait for the new album!

  43. To the Hindenpeter says:

    Greatest Sorrow..

    Greatest sorrow in the marvel universe, from here to eternity the void is complete and the hole gaping… no more will the spectical reign. CALL THE DOCTOR!!!! CALL THE DOCTOR to Dig me out of this deep dark dungeon d’of dispair dand desecration, dammit, WHY!!!!!!!!

    The hot rock is no more, the fires extinguished…. no hands on the bad one, the woods felled and the one distinguishing beat silenced….

    Sleater-Kinney is no more

    But moving away from this horrific news to more comical things such as Englands obvious exit from ye worlde cupe, the thousands of mixed emotions exploding in a brutal display of beer, french kissing the winners, mocking the loosers with the canadian people at the helm…. the joy and inevitable loss, the spawn of mother earth desending on a small space to fight…. sounds familier dosent it…… yes, you know it does.

    Well, you see overall…. we cant be bothered so go away and we’ll come back with a longer one in the near future.

    You cant get quicker than a “RICH AND KATY” fitter.

  44. Mel says:

    Summer is almost over
    Canadian seasons
    But I shouldnt complain about the cold as global warming is going to over correct it.
    Oh well
    Human nature: We always want something we don’t have

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