crooked, broken and crawling.
deprivation of light and love,
leads to desperate behavior.

i am blessed to always feel the light,
even in the darkest night.

i wish for universal reflectors.
every inch of this human world needs more.
we must share our light and our love,
whenever we can.
someone near you needs it.

transformation occurs.


4 Responses to “MELT”

  1. Tempest says:

    Melissa, this is one the best photos yet. I eagerly await the completion of your metamorphisis and transformation.

  2. TiaraGurl says:

    come visit NYC soon!!!!

    IS channels ever going to come out-I will help sort negatives!!!

    love love love

  3. IconicDreams says:

    SO did They call you to play bass on the new Pumpkins album?

  4. elektrariata says:

    que tal melissa! te saludo en espaƱol pues se que lo dominas. soy tu reciente admirador por todos tus talentos y belleza fisica pero mas por la musica (soy musico). estoy en espera de tu nuevo disco y mi pregunta es si tienes en mente algun dia venir a mexico a dar un concierto?

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