live …

… and learn.


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  1. Starbelly says:

    i suppose I’m always living… and so, i suppose I’m always learning…

    I keep on listening

  2. Martijn Biskie says:

    we lookin’ forward to the new album

  3. Mark the M.W.D. creator says:

    Ohh I think I’ll be so busy soon. I am starting a study about september or october and probably I’ll get a job on mechanic position in an air factory. So I’ll be study and working in the same time. Yeah… I’m learning and learning all the time

  4. bmoloney says:

    That picture with “teacher up”, “student down” made me laugh for some reason!

    rock on!

  5. MissGrunge says:

    Oh well…I CAN T BELIVE THAT YOU ARE MELISSA.Aaaaaaaaaa…but I try…well learn and learn and learn…it s a hard life…yeaaaaaah!PEACE!

  6. MissGrunge says:

    Oh well I still can t belive that you ARE MELISSA:but I try and try and I hope that you are ok and that you have a most beautiful life.really…okey.I m boring,well PEACE and well learn learn learn…I will,and it s a hard life yeah!

  7. frances_farmer says:

    For what is that? And one wuestion again – which is best cheap bass guitar that I can buy? I’m playing electric lead guitar and also bass, but I don’t have bass yet and I don’t have much money.

  8. Nathan says:

    well well i gues im still looking forward to your new album!!! i realy can’t wait.
    keep well and safe

  9. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Salut MÉLISSA,exist-il une addresse postal de ton FAN CLUB? Car je voudrais T’envoyer des paroles de chansons que j’ai écrit(en anglais).Je sais qu’il y a ce BLOG pour te rejoindre, mais je ne veux pas que tous VOIENT le fruit de mon TRAVAIL. Car mes textes ne sont pas tous droits réservés,”all right reserved” if you see what I mean!!!
    J’écoute toujours ton premier CD Auf der MAUR par ces temps de pluie courant dans la région de MONTRÉAL.
    Your SONGS MELISSA, are my ray of SUNSHINE by this cloudy times!

    J’ai très hâte d’entendre ton prochain ALBUM!

    I just can’t WAIT for your new rays of MUSIC MELISSA!!!

    THANKS! for everything!



  10. MdMb says:

    You MUST publish a book with your photos, Melissa. I just love them.
    I think I’m always learning something, or at least, I try to do so. Some people say happiness and knowledge are complete opposites, because once you learn how twisted things really are, you get more and more worried. I think there’s something right bout it, but still, if we don’t learn how to change things we don’t like, we’ll never be happy. Did I make any sense? I hope so.
    I’m exactly one month away from turning 25 and I don’t like it at all. I feel 25 is a huge number and I’ve accomplished nothing so far. It feels weird.
    Anyway…I hope you’re fine, having fun and learning a lot!
    “Intelligence should be our first weapon…” (The Jam – “Running On The Spot”). I’ve listening to this song a lot lately.
    Take care.
    Huge hug!

  11. The Rhetorical Letter Writer says:

    Dear Melissa,

    You should’ve included photos of a “Droppin’ Mad Knowledge” amp and/or a “Super Ill Mentor” four track.


    The Rhetorical Letter Writer

  12. enxofre says:

    nice shot, sd20! i must stay at smena 8M… anyway, take care and come to have a tea*

  13. panda cookie says:

    What is that in your pictures? I’m curious.

  14. Tempest says:

    Getting closer…..

  15. Doctor Rock says:

    when you live in the dark places and confinement and lack of money that I have done ever since I was a child you have nothing else to do except learn things, and paradoxically when you learn to do alot of things that other people don’t know how to do they come to dislike you and believe there is something wrong with you.

  16. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    I’m so lunatic that i forget to comment your beautiful pictures MELISSA. I see the reflect of you on the picture of educator series.
    Teacher up, student down make me think of a sadomasochist relationship. 😛 Haha!
    Sorry my ignorance of the technicalities of music creation make me say foolish things.


  17. kim says:

    i love your photos! you can really capture beauty and creation and wit in your work, both as a photographer and as a musician!

    hugs xx kim xx

  18. DorotaAusPolen says:

    it is good to know just as good as not to althrough I always prefer to[know] -I must love the world-

    piipiiipiii world cup news germany playing against poland tonight at 8pm greenwich time history repeating while we are trying to forget it german fans are wearing t-shirts saying: ” in 1939 we took over poland in 30 days in 2006 it will take 90 minutes” …and I say “it’s just a game that we play it’s a world away from your everyday pain and you suffering it’s just a game…everyday pain”(R. Murphy)
    And do not fuck around this terrible war, please! I know so much about this I had only war inside of me during the last year of a high school- from raw hisorical facts to sublime poetry-yes, ignorance is evil…live and learn,bitte, do what she says… .Danke! Aufwiedersein!

    P.S. and yes they will kick our asses I guess

  19. KevinHogg says:

    I enjoyed your images of retro equipment. The heirarchy symbolisim is appropriate even with current technologies. Teaching by example is the best teacher of all. The Artist struggles by being both teacher and student in the same person.

  20. flör says:

    hi, melissa!!
    i created a fotolog for you, i loooove your music and your photos

    check it out is


  21. To the Hindenpeter says:



    Show an amp displaying tourettes as the name will you. The heavens will strike down apon ye, bringing furious anger upon flatpoint high in the form crashing thunder and skyshaking lightening


    But you can redem yourself, we can all repent and renew. Start again, a freshman as it were to help undo the careless damage that has been caused. But you must hurry, the rapture has begun. the skys weep and the concrete donkey rumbles into action, it will charge down the unjust indiscriminatly.

    After the rapture, as we all know, will come the cold, where there be-eth warmth, cometh cold…. searing cold. HYPOTHERMIA infact and all in all, its your fault, his fault, her fault, its fault EVERYONES FAULT (but us) you have the warning, but will any of you prepare….. i think not.

    Principal Blackman will be waiting.

    The world will be purified and what will be left will be the mannitees…. huge hulking mannitees, with the strength of an ape, and not one small shread of remorese.


    From the sea they will flop, and to the apartments they will enhabit, but they wont stop at the apartments, oh no. Soon they will be in your favorite shops, in your favotite resturants, buying your favorite foods, smoking your favorite pipes.

    No escape, no escape at all.

  22. RambleonM says:

    Trop Bon et trop inspirant !
    Je ne peux m’empêcher d’attendre impatiamment le nouvel album et la prochaine collection de photos

  23. RambleonM says:

    Je veux ajouter une question
    A quand les prochains concerts???

  24. James Baker says:

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    I send you warm regards and wish you continued success.

  25. tarot says:

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