i have been making this new album.
although there is no noise of it out there yet,
i swear it is brewing.
i have been patient with the sounds inside.
not rushing…….but now there is a rush of clarity.
straight to the heart,
up to the head,
and out of my fingers and mouth.
in the next three months,
i am gonna finish what i started,
one year ago, alone in the snow,
on my loving 4-track.

the vision and mission statement,
has made itself known now.

i am so eager to share……
thank you for your patient ears…..


65 Responses to “input…”

  1. alx says:

    Ciao Melissa!
    I can’t wait to hear new sounds, words and visions from you…
    Hope to see you in Italy as well for the next tour.
    A presto!

  2. snyman says:

    The new album is greatly anticipated. Best wishes and I hope to hear and see you around the States in due time.

  3. DOMINIC Gauthier says:

    Like ERIC asked above, I would like to know me too about your possible reunion with the PUMPKINS!!!!


    HELLO-LOVE XXX<3<3<3XXX;);):)


  4. Alice says:

    oooh can’t wait to listen to your new stuff!
    happy belated birthday btw!

  5. Mark the M.W.D. creator says:

    Hey, hey Melissa 🙂 Don’t hurry, make great album and make me deaf and blind for other one more time 😉

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  8. To the Hindenpeter says:

    HOW DARE YOU!!!!

    NO SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!







    I mean it, dont ever assume things about our ears…. EVER!

    Right, now our ears demand respect, Mr Moose dosent want to come out to play, so leave our ears alone.

    The earth mixes itself like a giant bunsen burner, the hotter part in the center, the cooler edges at the top, and overall it has been unnaimously agreeed that im wearing a texas cowboy ranger shirt….. i disagree but im outnumbered, and as we all known the majority is always right.

    Political debate, so lets wind this up


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  10. InfiniteComplex says:

    I cannot wait to hear the new album. I can’t tell you how much your first album means to me – it struck such a chord and was an inspiration during the biggest and most amazing time of change I’ve ever experienced.

    However, waiting is also good even when it keeps you on a knife edge…I’d rather wait years for something you as the creator/artist feel is perfect than listen to something rushed out to meet an artificial or imposed deadline.

    Thanks for your music. 🙂

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